a long and winding road…

a pit bully story with a happy ending, yay!   since today is national pet safety day, seems like you should know about how to safely travel with your pit bull… (also check out this post about a wonderful pet travel package including a harness, a must have for traveling with dogs).

Michelle Sathe, a features writer for the Santa Clarita Valley Signal, a Southern California, newspaper, decided that she would take a road trip to raise awareness about pit bulls and adoption issues with a homeless pit bully named Loren for her 40th birthday.  She had been caring for Loren as a volunteer at a no kill shelter, the Brittany Foundation. Together, she and Loren drove to the east coast (29 states) and back in 50 days! a remarkable feat in and of itself…

Their journey together is told in her book Pit Stops

some of the places they went to were downright scary, others inspiring. The people they met, the same. But through it all, Loren was a sweet, calm, loving girl…

Their journey reminded me a lot of mine with Cici. How people responded to Loren and how Loren kissed/licked back, showing off her belly, too.

There is some kvetching/complaining at times when the road gets too long and the journey too deep and lots of food to comfort. At the end of the book is a resource directory of pit bull rescue organizations and other pertinent info.

Her website has excerpts from the book, that you can read.

Michelle had a lot of support for her journey and is planning another trip next summer with a different dog since Loren has been adopted (finally) by a loving person.

Cici and I are considering a cross country trip next summer, too…  but that discussion is for another post.

If you are curious about what it would be like to travel with a pit bully, then be sure to pick up a copy of Michelle’s book.

$1 from each copy of “Pit Stops” will benefit The Brittany Foundation no-kill dog rescue in Agua Dulce, California, where Loren came from and more than 70 dogs currently await their forever home.


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2 responses to “a long and winding road…

  1. Michelle is doing a service to all pit bulls and so is Loren. Dangerous dog legislation has done a real disservice to pit bulls and to other breeds that have been banned. Pit bulls make sweet pets if they are owned by responsible owners. Ban the owners who make dogs dangerous by not training them as puppies.

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