every dog needs a little zen now and then

I love love love lavendar and Zen Pawz tagline every dog needs a little zen… ommmmm….

If you’re like me, you prefer organic and natural to chemicals. That goes for me and cici. I much prefer going green, no toxic side effects, beneficial ways/solutions, make my day.

cici tolerates lavendar, cannot say she is a huge fan of anything that smells nice, she like many dogs prefers stinky odors. She doesn’t like me fussing with her, putting any creams, lotions or anything on her. But a nifty spray, no resistance.

Cici is not afraid of thunderstorms, vacuum cleaners or other stuff. She’s been watching the big trucks outside and wagging her tail. They’re digging in the streets, doing something to the water and gas pipes. She just thinks it is fun to go say hi to the guys working out there. She’s just not a nervous dog. Except when I leave her in the yard or tied up outside a store.  Each dog is different. But the point is that whenever your dog and you need a break, these nifty products come in handy.

Have not yet tried the repellent, when summer comes along though, will be happy to have this spray on hand to flee away the fleas when I take cici to the beach.

Zen Pawz aromatherapy provides yummy eco-friendly aromatherapy spritzers and buckwheat beds for dogs…  Nice, delicious and just a breath of fresh spray for your dog.  The charms are nice, attach to the dog collar, to keep the canines calm. Sometimes your dog gets stressed out, going to the vet (not cici she loves the vet, weird dog that she is), when you are tense and under pressure, the dogs pick up on it, so it’s great to have these refreshing solutions on hand.


Every pet needs a little zen every now and then.

Calm your pet naturally with lavender collar charms!
Filled with fragrant lavender flowers, the ZenCharmz clip right onto your pet’s collar to provide the calming effects of lavender. The charms can be worn as needed or all the time for a continuous soothing effect. The lavender lasts for months inside the charm even after getting wet. Perfect for pets who exhibit separation anxiety, are upset by trips to the vet or groomer, thunderstorms or are generally nervous.
The charms come in two convenient sizes (regular and mini) to fit your pet. Adorable fabrics with seasonal themes make these charms unique and stylish.

Aromatherapy Spritzers
An organic alternative to chemical medications and drops.
Use the benefits of aromatherapy to soothe your pet or repel fleas—the essential oils in these spritzers provide natural relief to your pet.*
Chill Out contains 100% organic essential oils of lavender, geranium and chamomile. Spray onto pet beds to freshen and provide the calming effects of the essential oils or spray directly onto a dog’s coat and massage into the skin for a thoroughly beneficial experience.
Buzz Off pest repellent contains a special blend of 100% organic essential oils which can be sprayed directly onto your dog’s coat. This custom blend includes grapefruit, lemongrass, and peppermint essential oils for a natural alternative to chemical pest repellents. The citrus oils and peppermint combine to create a perfect natural pest repellent.
*Spritzers are not recommended for use on cats.

You deserve a break today and so does your dog.  Sniff  me away!




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2 responses to “every dog needs a little zen now and then

  1. Jonesey Harp

    We are avid badrap followers and followed your link.

    We rescued this dog from life on a chain four months ago, we could not help noticing the resemblance. Petey s history was pretty sketchy passing through about four families while being faught and left injured.

    Hes living large now fostering with us. Heres his listing on karma.org…. hes under his “shelter” alias……http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/17634656. His new pictures will be posted shortly he has the same black spots on his ears

    • wow, cici and mikey could be brother and sister, although cici has a lot more polka dot spots, from what I can see from his photo. He is adorable. I am entering you into the bless the dogs contest. Just need confirmation that you either called/or sent a lost dogs book to the white house and you are in! prizes include dog food, treats, collars, bowls, as a way of saying thank you for supporting this important BadRap white house literacy project. If Mikey is anything like my Cici girl, he loves food. So sweet and touching that he let his ‘roomie’ eat, what a boy !

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