and the saga continues… Obama, can you hear us?


Good News: The White House has not rejected the books… it takes days for approval, need to be radiated etc…. Can’t wait for them to get the 200+ Lost Dogs on their desk!!!


Apparently some people’s Lost Dogs books were returned from the White House.  200+ books were sent including one by the author Jim Gorant.

I called the White House this morning and was told that they discourage sending gifts, in general and cannot confirm or deny whether gifts were received. they also said that the books that were sent back probably did not pass their security protocol, whatever that is or means.

I suggest that people send poochecards with the lost dog book jpg on the front cover to the President to get the message across. if enough people do this, it will have impact.  I also suggest that you write letters to the editor of your local newspaper.  If you do, please let me know. Thanks for all you do.

there is a contact form to send to obama or you could print out the cards and mail them to him. he receives 50,000 letters a day, why not add to the pile?

202-456-1414, call white house

I also sent out a press release today and posted it here:

There are 77.5 million dogs in the United States. Millions of voters of President Obama are dog owners. Two hundred-plus lost dogs were sent to the White House but some of them have been turned away. President Obama has a lot on his plate, especially with the events in Tucson. However, many voters feel strongly that he needs to address this issue, also related to violence in our nation…

I was just was informed about this debacle last night… you might want to send your returned books to these ignorant people… am going to issue another press release about the lessons our children are learning… ie, if/when you are rich and famous and can play football, you can do all manner of despicable cruel things including fight dogs, kill them with your bare hands, drown and electrocute them, and never show any remorse, and voila, you are a hero…

I suggest that if Vick wanted to prove himself, that he l. go on Barbara Walters with author Jim Gorant, Donna Reynolds from BADRAP and Francis Battista from Best Friends Animal Society and tell the American people in detail exactly specifically in all the gory details what he did.  If/when that ever happens, maybe people will forgive him. Chance of that happening, zero.

2. that he donate a BIG chunk of change, millions of dollars of his OWN FREE WILL to the pit bull rescue organizations who took care and are taking care of the dogs he brutalized.  Chance of that happening, zero.

3. Clean up dog poop for the rest of his life. Chance of that, zero.

write to:

add your comments to the 50+ bashing them for being so ignorant that they would name youknowwho, he who shall not be named, as #10… a pet hero, indeed… they owe the REAL HEROES a BIG APOLOGY.

feel free to send this out to your local media, and others, your choice:


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2 responses to “and the saga continues… Obama, can you hear us?

  1. People don’t “get it” – that is – we need to license dog owners – they need to prove they deserve to own a dog. It is not “bad dogs” that are a problem but “bad people” who should not be owners. Vick being one of these. In Winnipeg, Canada there is a “pit bull” ban, no one is allowed to own one in the city of Winnipeg. Counsel believes that will solve the problem of dog bites. Well those bad owners just went out and bought a different breed to abuse and train into an aggressive dog. A local station just conducted a survey to see if Winnipegers agree with the ban and it is still very close. 49% who logged on still believe the ban on pit bulls is the way to go. How do you educate the masses!!??

    • thanks for letting us know about canada… you do what you’re doing, speak up and out… let the news media know how you feel. you can comment on Petside’s site as well as the SF gate. you can send funny poochecards (people are more open to fun/silly messages with their truth)…

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