we got skunked

Cici my sweet adorable dog decided to chase a skunk this morning. I took her outside and she just took off. I thought she ran after a cat. Brought her back and noticed this foul odor and yellow stuff on her upper arm. But they’ve been doing all of this work outside so I thought, at first, that maybe she fell into something. I took the earthbath grooming foam and wiped off the yellow stain and it worked immediately, took out the stain. Took care of the odor, too.

But my roommate noticed that the house still stinks and so did Cici, so now we are onto Plan B, operation de-skunk the dog.

I found numerous articles on the Internet that say that the best way to do this is to wash her off in a mixture of:


1 Qt 3% hydrogen peroxide

1/4 cup baking soda

1 tsp. liquid soap


Mix the ingredients in an open container (do not store in a sealed bottle–it will explode).Using gloves, wash your dog with lukewarm water and the mixture while the mixture is bubbling. Work the mixture well into the fur. Be sure to concentrate on the area that was sprayed. Keep mixture away from your dog’s face and eyes (it’s a harsh solution). (If your dog has been sprayed in the face, try any over-the-counter douche). Let the mixture stand for 10 minutes or so before rinsing off.

Rinse the dog with lukewarm tap water. Take extra care around your dog’s eyes (use a washcloth to cover the eyes if you’re rinsing the head). Use a soft absorbent towel to pat your pet dry.

tomato juice is also supposed to work.

will let you know how it turns out. Right now, my poor Cici is banished to the back yard. Good thing it’s a nice warm sunny day.

skunks as pets?  ugh…



my roommate got me and cici nuts, yesterday and we did not do the procedure correctly, so i had to do it again this morning sans roommate.  Yesterday, i did not leave the mixture on her for 10-15 minutes plus I watered it down because she was crying and I caved.  This morning, she did not cry and I left it on her for 15 minutes. She did shake and wants to come in the house but am going to wait awhile. Thankfully it’s a nice sunny day. But the smell got me really nauseous so I want to make sure it’s gone/done.  Gotta wash bed sheets, blankets, and air out the house, too. sheesh…


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4 responses to “we got skunked

  1. YIKES! Never had to deal with a skunked dog yet. Poor Cici but I’ll bet that she will never chase a skunk again :O

    • thanks for stopping by… I finally got her washed off completely yesterday, but she’s a dog, K, do you really think she’s learned her lesson? 🙂 I have no doubt that if she saw one today, she would chase it… but I will not let her do so… she also had the runs last night from something icky she ate when my roommate walked her yesterday. How many times has she done that? way too many. I tell her to leave it, but she will swallow before I can get my hands in her mouth to get it out. Dogs SIGH love stinky icky things, don’t they? Or maybe your dogs don’t? 🙂

  2. Oh no, skunked! That has happened a few times to our cousin Judah, who lives in the woods, but not to us. We have a fence around the yard and we guess the skunks don’t come in. We hope poor Cici smells better soon!

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