send oprah an audio book for her birthday

Is America tired of Oprah, asked Jimmy Kimmel?  funny… be sure to watch the video…


an article I just posted online:


Some of the lost dogs were featured Friday, Jan. 21 on PBS:  (click link below for the video)


a release I sent out to the media:, who are the real heroes?


There are 77.5 million dogs in America.  Piers Morgan wagered Oprah on who would be first to interview Michael Vick. Some twittered that the winner of the 200 pound bet should donate the sum to worthy pit bull rescue groups Best Friends and BadRap who have and are taking care of a majority of the dogs rescued from the Bad Newz Kennels.

What happens when you are NOT rich and famous
Carlos Olivero was convicted of dog fighting in 2009 in Florida; he was sentenced to 10 years in prison.  Recently, two men were sentenced after Georgia dog fighting raid and were sentenced to five years in state prison and five years of probation.

What happens when you are rich, famous and play football

Now ickVick will be interviewed by Oprah … BUT you can have impact…  the link below, read and do something !

Oprah’s birthday is coming up:

Date of birth: 29/January/1954

so how about sending her the New York Times best-selling The Lost Dogs book as gifts, email messages, twitters, etc. to read or listen to the book before she does the interview.  don’t know the best address, this is what I found online…  She just launched OWN, her new network, so is she still in Chicago???

you can send her an audio version, and/or this sample about Little Red, the cover girl of the audiobook… it is powerful to listen to this…

more about Little Red (not the little red dog)…

Vicktory Dog, Little Red, has come a long way since arriving at BF 3yrs ago:

I created this poochecard for you all to send to Oprah, too, if you want…

I would urge her to play the sample of the New York Times best-selling audiotaped book to the audience. (someone also suggested she make it one of her books for the book club). And tell Vick to CONFESS his crimes (for REAL) to author Jim Gorant, Donna Reynolds from BADRAP and Francis Battista from Best Friends Animal Society. Have Vick admit what he did on national TV directly to the people who have been taking care of the dogs and to America.  No more dog and pony show.  Tell Oprah that Vick should have gotten 65 years in prison !   (warning the link below does contain a gory photo and graphic language, but he goes step by step from court documents, how he came up with th 65 years, powerful !!!

Mail Address:

Oprah Winfrey
Harpo Studios, Inc.
1058 West Washington Blvd.
Chicago, IL 60607

Address Information:

Harpo Studios, Inc.
(Production Company)
1058 West Washington Blvd.
Chicago, IL 60607
Phone: (312) 633-1000

Oprah’s Mansion In California? 1633 East Valley Rd, Montecoto, CA, 93108.

O, The Oprah Magazine 300 W 57th St Fl 36. New York, NY 10019-3741

there is another twitter for the O magazine…

Let me know if you do send Oprah an audiobook, a book or a message and I will enter you in a new contest, the O contest…

fyi, Vick is just one in the 20,000 to 40,000 people that are estimated to be involved in America’s multi-billion dollar illegal dog fighting industry. The operation Vick sponsored was so cruel that many of the losing dogs either died in the pit, or they were electrocuted, hanged, drowned, or shot. Vick and three others (Taylor, Peace, and Phillips) were charged with competitive dog fighting, procuring and training pit bulls for fighting and conducting the enterprise across state lines. Vick was not charged with animal cruelty, a felony in all states.  He got a plea deal.

you would think I’d know how to do this by now (this being my third or 4th time), oh gosh…

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5 responses to “send oprah an audio book for her birthday

  1. Great idea! Here’s something I can completely get behind. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Mary (MaeMae) Nakamura.

    I am new to this, and I am need to send Oprah and a birthday message. I don’t know how she will get it before her birthday. She was born on the same my son was born on.

  3. Mary (MaeMae) Nakamura.

    This is MaeMae again.
    Is there any way possible, I can send Oprah a Thank you Song, which is a video of me playing the piano and singing the song to her? This is a message coming from a common person. Who has really been touch by her.

    • i listed her addresses, send whatever you want to Oprah…I have NO connection to her other than was wanting people to send books to her last year but it was a very LOST Cause since she could not care less about pit bulls, to say the very least. Was frankly disappointed and disgusted by how she treated children and BADRAP and former vick dogs. NO honor NO respect.

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