dessert for dogs

Cici is a certified chow hound and piglet.  And boy does she enjoy her treats, bones and cookies.

She has been sampling some great dessert treats and cookies for dogs handmade by Puptrition and wolfing them down. The nice thing is that they are all wheat-free treats and have some veggies hidden inside for my veg-free dog. The treats are made with non wheat flours, too. Wheat, corn and soy are common allergens for dogs. Fresh eggs, banana, sweet potatoes and carrots are used in the recipes along with unsweetened applesauce. Dogs digestive systems are very different from ours so all of that is taken into consideration in the making of these treats.

Cici just loves the different items from carob brownies for dogs, carob chip cookies, and these yummy bone shaped crackerlike peanut butter bones.  Carob unlike chocolate is safe for dogs to eat.

Ingredients:  Oat Flour, Brown Rice and/or Rye Flour, Flaxseed Meal, Applesauce, Peanut butter, Egg, Olive Oil

Sheri Felten also makes dog meals with fresh meat, chicken and turkey.

Check out the website at:, or email:


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2 responses to “dessert for dogs

  1. Those dog treats sound delicious! Our Mama made us homemade dog treats once. We think the treats she made had babyfood and dried milk in them. They were good, too!

  2. Thank you for the wonderful review of my treats. Cici is a very smart dog indeed. She can taste real quality and enjoys it. With all the reports about commerical dog foods and treats being unfit for animals as well as humans, it’s any wonder they make the billions of dollars they do.

    On the other hand, dog owners are becoming more educated about their pups health and are being proactive about it. Wholesome real food makes total sense. Doesn’t your pup deserve the best?

    Thanks again Cici- you will always be one of our favorite taste tasters!

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