cruising with your dog?

Recently, I received a press release from a cruise line. I routinely wonder why people send me stuff I am not going to utilize. They do not bother to learn what I write about. I am listed in Cision’s Media directory (used to be Bacon’s) and a lot of lazy PR people (not all are lazy) send me stuff that goes in the trash. This time I decided to write back and asked them if they accept dogs as passengers figuring I’d never hear back. I did hear back and they are checking on their policies and will get back to me.  Did a google/yahoo search and found this. If your dog is a service dog, yes, they can come aboard, ship ahoy matey !

really useful, practical tips like:

What you will need when cruising with your service animal.

1) Vaccination Status and Rabies Vaccination Certificate or Blood Titer Test. Documentation showing your service animal is current on all vaccines, especially rabies.
2) For their protection your service dog must be on medication for heartworm and an anti-flea and tick medication.
3) Department of Food and Agriculture – Certificate for Interstate or International Movement of Small Animals form. (You can obtain this from your veterinarian)
4) Animal License from your city of residence.
5) Certificate/diploma/license, etc. that shows your dog has been trained as a service animal, if available.*
6) Copy of your Passport and Drivers License.
7) Information about your service animal’s microchip.

Fax copies to both your travel agent and the cruise lines. You will also need to produce these documents upon arrival and at every port where you disembark. Prepare 3 complete packets – one for your purse or carry on, one in your suitcase, and give one to the ship for their records when you board.

* Certification is not required in the USA, in order to allow people to train their own dogs if a program dog is not available. The International Association of Assistance Dog Partners (IAADP) has information on the minimum training standards to pass the Public Access Certification Test, which will help you determine if your dog is ready for full public access rights as an assistance dog.

Supplies to bring along for your service animal.

Don’t forget to bring along your service dog’s normal food rations. Put each day’s serving in a ziplock bag. Bring a food and a water dish for the cabin, and a collapsible water bowl to bring with you when you are on deck or away from the cabin. You can obtain them at most camping supply stores. They fold and stash easily inside a large purse or carryall. Don’t forget to bring an extra leash or harness, and collar, as well as your dog’s favorirte bed, and toys.

Seasoned travelers also recommend bringing a bag of mulch. Cruise ships have been known to place different types of filling in the potty box, and no one wants to waste time on a cruise training a dog to go in an unfamiliar situation. Just empty a layer of mulch on top of the box and your dog will have a familiar spot to do their business.

Prepare for motion sickness by obtaining your veterinarian’s advice on what medication to give your service animal.

You may not leave a service dog unattended in your stateroom. It is a good idea to bring a kennel that has a door on it, that can be closed and locked, for those times when you want to leave your service dog alone.



my goodness, I probably should not be talking Titanic and cruising but find this fascinating. Had no idea.

did you know?  There were dogs aboard the Titanic.


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  1. Cathleen

    I so wished that cruise lines would offer a 3 day type cruise a few times a year that allows “pets”. That would be so great!!

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