fun at the beach

Seems absurd in a way to write about this, revolution in Egypt going on, snow blizzards in the east and yet here we are at the beach…

yesterday it rained after a few weeks of summer-like sunshine. It is now colder… go figure…

On Saturday, cici had a great day, of running at the beach. we have been grounded for the past month, rented a car this weekend, and she was beside herself with excitement and joy at being somewhere else but here.

We hiked along a stretch of beach, a coastal trail, and then went to Asilomar Convention Center nearby.

At the lobby of the Asilomar, we met a lady with a small child who was delighted to see my dog and wanted to say hi to Cici. All was fine until Cici swiped her a kiss and was too exuberant about it and the poor baby fell down on her keister. I was just about to warn the lady that might happen but too late. The lady kept apologizing to me, sweet woman. I felt bad but child and dog are fine.

Am in the process of writing an article for a local magazine, when it’s done and published, will link to it and tell you more. Hush hush until then. Don’t like to jinx stuff like that.

Every time I stopped the car Cici wanted to jump out and go somewhere, anywhere.  We also visited Carmel, her favorite pet food store, Pet Food Express.  I don’t know how but she actually lost one pound, after all the food and treats she’s been eating. Got her some raw food to add to her diet. It is quite expensive, but will give her two patties a day instead of the recommended 12 !  Supplement with organic kibble and people food and she will be all set.

Sunday, Cici was conked out. She enjoyed going to Del Monte Shopping Center and a few errands, but did not want to go out in the rain. After we got home in the early afternoon, she rested and slept the whole rest of the day and evening.

AAA’s magazine Via has a whole section on the Monterey area this month.  Don’t believe a word of it. 🙂



I guess I will have to start blogging more about this area… all in favor, say aye.



Jon Sullivan photographer:


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2 responses to “fun at the beach

  1. Everywhere I look I see pictures of people enjoying warm sunshine at the beach. Then I look outside and see nothing but now.

    I know I should stop torturing myself and look away from the sunny pictures. But I just can’t stop myself.

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