magical mystery mutt tour

sgt peppers lonely hearts club band, it’s wonderful to be here, you’re such a lovely audience, we’d love to take you home…

Cici is a mixed breed. I was told that she was Dalmatian and ?  Since then, so many people told me that she looked like a pit bull that I did research and came around to the idea that she must be part American Pit Bull Terrier too.

But the whole pit bull designation is kinda mystery mutt because a bunch of breeds are called pit bull.

BadRap had a whole post about it if I can find it.

Generally pit bull like dogs are American Staffordshire Terrier and American Pit Bull Terrier but there’s a whole bunch of others thrown into the mystery mutt mix.

Here’s the bottomline… can you find the pit bull here?


Thank you, Will My Dog Hate Me?, Peggy’s Pet Place and I Still Want More Puppies for putting this blog hop together!

The rules for the Magical Mystery Mutt Tour are as follows:

  • Write a post about your dog
  • Include at least two photos
  • Include height/weight
  • Include personality traits

Supposed to have at least two photos of my dog here as well as her traits as part of the tour, hmmm… I don’t know Cici’s height but her weight is about 52 pounds.

well, she is stubborn, silly and sassy.  She LOVES people and children, loves to play, wags her tail and licks her tongue incessantly and showing off her belly is her floor show.  Goofy as all get out.  A very snuggly cuddler. She is always up for a party (with pizza). An adorable polka dot princess of the mixed breed kind.  Ya think?

Mystery Mutt blog hop code


am still worrying about the code, did I do it right or not this time?  geez…


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20 responses to “magical mystery mutt tour

  1. That face and body is definitely Am Staff/ pitbull. My dog is an Am Staff and also weighs about 52 lbs. Cici definitely sounds like she has a pit bull personality. Does she prefer sleeping under the covers? Does she “smile” alot?
    I don’t know much about Dalmatians, but with that coloring Dalmatian is the only thing that comes to mind!
    Beautiful dog!

    • oh yes she has the American Pit Bull Terrier personality, goofy smiles a lot, loves to sleep period (except when there’s a party going on)… she has one Dalmatian ear (spotty and dotty) and spots all over her skin below her fur. when she is wet, you can really seem her polka dots. To me there are differences between the American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Pit Bull Terrier (these are all actual breeds), their looks, etc. Cici closely resembles the APBT, maybe will do a DNA test some time.

  2. Cici sure is a sweetheart — LOVE the one spotted ear! Thanks for hopping with us.

  3. I would say that is right on. Pit bull and dalmatian. Sounds like she is a snuggly sweetie. Thanks for joining the blog hop today!

  4. Cici is a cutie…love spots! Aren’t these hop fun?

    I’d like to invite you to join in our Super Dog Sunday Photo Blog Hop. Read more here:

  5. AJ

    I definitely see some sort of pit bull in there, the build is bang on and so is the personality you described!

    She is a beautiful, beautiful pup… Love that spotted ear!

  6. Absolutely pit bull something, she is too adorable to be anything else 😉 I love the spotted ears. What a cutie.

    I love that “find the pit bull” test and posted it on my blog as well. All of my friends had a hard time choosing, even the ones that own pit bulls!

  7. Dalmatian and Am Staff are definitely good guesses! I am stumped though, when it comes to thinking of more… 🙂

  8. I definitely see Pitt in there! She is gorgeous!

  9. You give any white dog black spots and the first response from people is Dalmation. (We all grew up with the Disney version.) From my work with vets and shelters, for me there is definite pit jaws physiology. It is not a “mean temperament.” Most pits are loving and loyal and prefer to live indoors on a soft bed.
    Many people can not tell the difference between a pit and a boxer. I’ll be curious to take the Pit test.
    Unfortunately pits have a bad reputation and pit owners seem to let them procreate so shelters have an over abundance of pits and pitmixes, adding to their “undesireability.” Anything too easy to obtain loses its value.
    Cici has a great face and I can tell she has a great home.

  10. In the picture on your blog header, Cici looks like the Little Rascals dog. Have you ever wanted to draw a ring around her eye?

  11. My guess would’ve been Pit Bull for Cici, but I’m admittedly terrible at guessing breeds.

    What I am sure of is that she lives a wonderful life. Look at that sprawl on the bed!

  12. I’m guessing Am Staff. She is a cutie pie isn’t she? I have a feeling she is quite the cuddle bug. 🙂

    • she knows she is a cutie pie, too, we just went for a walk and she had to show her belly off for the neighbors, licked everyone and they oohed and aahhed… and yes, she is quite the cuddle bug, has to snuggle up really close. thinks I’m her pillow.

  13. I would definitely say pitty and dalmation with an extra dose of cuteness. I love the one dark ear and then the one spotted ear and then one spot in the middle of her head! Cute!

    Kirbys’ mom

  14. I love big goofy pit bulls– they get such a bad rap, but a good pit bull is an awesome dog! Dalmations are more aloof and standoffish, but if you mix them with something else, all the good (like their intelligence) wins out. Looks like you got the best of both breeds. I’m with all the other commenters– the spotted ears rule!

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