february is love your pet month

Happy February!  I just made that up, Love your Pet month, that should be every month.

Cici is a real celebrity this week.  pardon me while I brag, BOL…



she’s also in the American Dog magazine contest, please vote for her.  Just click on her photo.





she was also retweeted by Rachael Ray magazine…


ok, now thought this was interesting news





So back to the bragging, if you would like to join us in the Love Your mutt week… tell us why you love your pet in a single sentence. Photos are welcome.

All you gotta do is facebook, tweet and/or comment here, why you love your pet.

Tweets can be sent to me at:  @(suemagic) #ilovemypet

the best answer winners will win a surprise gift.  (funny, heartwarming, etc)…


Saturday Blog Hop code


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3 responses to “february is love your pet month

  1. What a sweet picture of Cici lounging on the bed. I did not know that you had rescued her from an abusive situation :O

    • thx, she’s a goofy girl… she just growled at the front door, never does that, don’t know why she did… nothing there.

      anyway, hope this explains my obsession about stopping / outting you know who, starts with a v and ends with ick. 🙂

  2. That was such a great write up on Oh My Dog! Cici is a great breed ambassador 🙂

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