and they called it puppy love

They are in puppy love, Cici and Pablo. It is the talk of the neighborhood, true love between the fences. Every morning, Cici sits by the door wagging her tail in anticipation of going to the little park a block from our house so that she can catch a glimpse, perhaps even a run with her favorite boyfriend, Pablo. If he’s there, she wags her tails, runs up to the fence to greet him. He pees his hello’s. They run the length of the fence and back. And Cici looks for a way to get inside his yard. Alas, unless it is normal time of day and the neighbors are home, often times she cannot play with Pablo in his yard. She will go sit on his doorstep wagging her tail, hoping that Carol or Steve will come out and release Pablo to her. She can chase him and wrestle with him in the grass ! OH JOY !

Pablo is a bit older than she is, 5 years old to her 4. He is much bigger in size, too. A big hunk of an Aussie German Shepherd canine with hairy chest and paws. All black and brown fur to her polka dot white Dalmation American Pit Bull fur. They make a very handsome pair indeed.

Steve confided that he wants to get a Great Dane pal for Pablo to play with but they are rare to find. Meanwhile, Pablo sits in his yard and waits for Cici to arrive and brighten his day. Woof !


Well, it’s been sunny and cold but the rain is starting again and it is even supposed to get so cold that it will snow. So much for an early spring.


this video is adorable to the tune of Paul Anka…


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