hide and seek

Cici thought it would be fun to sleep in a new way this morning. I think she is bored. And it started raining again.  Good thing we’re probably going to the Bay Area Pet Expo tomorrow, leaving today just for the heck of it.  Can you tell where she is?

oh, there she is, peekaboo, hiding underneath her dog bed on the chair !  🙂

now she is massacre-ing the chair pillow, maybe she suddenly hates beds and pillows, won’t take her to bed, bath and beyond anymore 🙂

don’t have to be concerned with her sleeping with me anymore, she has revolted and been sleeping alone in her chair, is my dog mad at me?  Maybe Cici doesn’t love me anymore 😦  she hasn’t been very cuddly either. Maybe it’s that time of the year for her to go kwackers.  It is supposed to rain like a flood and/or snow today and tomorrow.

Help !


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2 responses to “hide and seek

  1. Kristine

    That’s weird. Who knows what is going on in that doggie brain? Sometimes, I just don’t even bother to try to understand. But I do know my dog despises rain and often behaves a little odd in nasty weather. I am sure she will go back to snuggling with you soon.

    Hope you have a good time at the Expo!

  2. I’m sure she still loves you! Maybe she’s got a tummy ache or not feeling well? I hope she’s back to her snuggly self soon.

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