does your dog drink responsibly?

Cici is not a big fan of peanut butter. So it should not have surprised me that she spit out the peanut butter packed pretzel treats, I ate them 🙂  she drank the Bowser Beer with her kibble and seemed to enjoy it. She looked at me at first like what the heck is this? There is a chicken and duck one and a beefy hearty blend of this no hops beer for dogs. When I first heard about beer for dogs, I thought, what root beer for dogs. But the company seems to be responsible and the beer is different, fun and refreshing. Or so Cici told me.

She’s not a big fan of water so to have another liquid for her kibble is a plus. And since it is flavored with meat, hey, it’s a winning combo.

Am not a big beer drinker myself, or a drinker period. The most I ever drank was in Germany, you have to drink beer there at the English Gardens in Munich. Mandatory with those big gigantic pretzels and/or weiner snitzel. Never ate weiner snitzel but did eat those pretzels. And a lot of cheese, too. The Germans seem to eat twelve times a day and are very much into health and nutrition. But I digress.

What’s in the beer:

USDA beef or chicken.
Malt barley (full of B-vitamins) – just like in your beer.
Glucosamine for joint health.

What’s NOT in Bowser Beer:
Alcohol or carbonation.
Hops, which can be toxic to dogs.
Commercial broth, which contains loads of salt, fat, MSG, onions and meat of unknown origin.

Serving Suggestions:
Straight out of the bottle
Pour it over dry kibble
Flavor the water bowl
Pour over crushed ice for a cold, crunchy treat

Am thinking that whenever Cici and I have a pawty or event for dogs, we will definitely serve up some bowser beer for the pooches.  Just don’t let the mutts drive home.


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2 responses to “does your dog drink responsibly?

  1. Germans eat 12 times a day? That’s funny lol
    Anyways I appreciate your creativity about giving meat flavored water to cici. This is a great idea.

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