car rental companies & theme parks

did you know that some car rental companies do not allow pets or will charge an extra fee for pet hair?

Some Hertz, Dollar Rent-A-Car, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, National Car Rental, and Thrifty Car Rental do not allow pets to ride in their vehicles. If pet hair is found in a vehicle, they will charge an extra fee of $75, 250 or more.

This is what Hertz says: Domestic pets are allowed in vehicles (excessive pet hair or soiling caused by animals will result in an extra cleaning charge).  What is considered excessive pet hair or soiling???

Why are car rental companies discriminating against pets riding in their vehicles now?  Seems to me in an area that is as pet friendly as Carmel/Monterey and other places where people travel with their pets, that car rental companies should allow pets to ride in rental cars. They could do like hotels/motels and designate certain cars to allow pets to travel inside them.

Obviously, responsible owners do not allow pets to jump inside the car with wet and sandy paws, destroy the seats, chew the carpet or damage the car in any way.

Some car rental agencies seem to like pets.  Look at this from Payless about the Disney Resort. You would think that they allow pets in their cars.  Plus, if Disney allows pets why doesn’t Hersheypark? I recently called Hersheypark, waited for 20 minutes and then found out that pets are not even allowed in their campground. Sheeeesh.

Now on the Disney site, it says that pets are NOT allowed except in their campground.

All three of the official hotels at Universal Orlando (Portofino Bay Resort, Hard Rock Hotel and Royal Pacific Resort) are pet-friendly. While they don’t have a size limit on the pets, there is a pet fee and they my limit the number of pets per room and in the hotel overall. It’s best to call in advance and make sure they know you are bringing your pet(s).

None of the Disney resorts allow pets, except for some designated campsites at Disney’s Ft. Wilderness Campground, for which there is an extra charge per day. There is a centralized kennel (Best Friends Pet Care) on Disney property near Port Orleans Resort where you can keep your pet when you are in the theme parks. Reservations are strongly recommended, as it frequently sells out. Substantial daily fees apply and you’ll need a car to reach the Pet Care Center.

More about the campsites…

I can understand why pets are not allowed in busy theme parks with lots of lines of people on hot summer days, rides, food, music, costumed Mickey Mouses running around and so on.  Most dogs do not do well in large crowds.

You would think that if car rental companies are opposed to pets, then RV rental companies would be, too.

But Cruise America says that they love pets.  Did not find any other national company.

might not want to let your dog drive your car… 🙂

What do you think?  Have you been denied a rental car because of your pet? Did you ever have to pay an exorbitant fee because of your pet?

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5 responses to “car rental companies & theme parks

  1. This is good information to know — thanks for the post — my daughter was rear-ended in my collie mobile (Honda CR-V) about three weeks ago. the person at fault only carried $10,000 coverage and the car he hit was totalled — that car hit my daughter and will not accept liability. so i’m stuck with (a) paying my $1000 deductible and having my insurance cover parts of this or (b) not receiving a rental car comparable to what i drive. my car has yet to be fixed (still waiting on parts) but at least its drivable. I told the people when i get the rental the company will have to allow pets because i pet sit and often i transport pets in addition to my own. she said not to worry about it but i see from your information that i do have to worry about it and the insurance company will have to accept that liability as well because i’m not paying to have the car cleaned if there is dog hair in it. holy cow…….they just don’t make life easy for us, do they????

    • Bonnie, if you keep the dog in a crate/kennel in the car, cover up the seats with sheets and/or other preventative measures, you should be fine.

      I recently rented cars and we were able to not have to pay fees but I did not do the above and will next time. shedding dogs in cars is not what they want and it also depends not only on the company but the local branch of the company. we found Hertz to be MUCH better than Enterprise. I’ve also had other problems with Enterprise and so have many other people, hence class action lawsuits against them.

  2. We have never tried to rent a car with a pet, but we do know that a lot of taxi companies won’t let you get in with a pet (unless it is small enough to be in a carrier!) I guess it makes sense not to allow pets in a theme park. I mean, what would the pets do while the humans were riding the rides? Get tied to a fence somewhere? But it would be nice to allow them in the hotels. It would be cool if someone created a line of super pet friendly hotels that actually CATERED to people with pets! 🙂

    • good points, I left out the fiascos we’ve had with cab companies and also good experiences. Every cab company took cici not in a carrier, but several complained the entire time. One cab driver guy was really helpful to me and did not seem to mind at all. Then there was some looney tune woman cab driver who pushed/hit cici because cici was scared and did not want to get in the cab and when she did, that is what she did because cici got on the cushion not on the floor. I was so mad, I would not drive with her and called and lodged a complaint. the manager did not care at all so we won’t use that company again. Yellow cab was ok. Yes, I think that there are a few pet friendly hotel that cater to pets and owners, mostly luxury ones for $500+ a night. Like everything else in America, money talks. If you have money, you get catered to. If not, tough luck.

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