what you can do to help Japan

Help the Effort in Japan http://nblo.gs/fryvr


pray/meditate for safety for all, people and animals…

a meditation to help… Let there be Peace on Earth and let it begin with me…

visualize the reactors in Japan cooling off safely…


Imagine Peace…

Young Living Essential oils to protect you and your pets include:







Super C

Also AG Immune by BodyWise

Click this link for more info

Start taking miso, a proven protection against radiation poisoning, they used it during Chernobyl, http://www.8miso.co.jp/english.html

Act now:


dog in Japan leads rescuers to his friend who is hurt, thanks to Life with Dogs for posting this video… pray these dogs are safe …


support World Vets

Paws for Japan Blog Hop

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One response to “what you can do to help Japan

  1. Good links. Good thoughts. Let’s pass it on…

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