wanted: pit bull owners with children

we’re having the conversation again.  (and wordpress fiascos too)…

Gary Stein from the Sun Sentinel in southern Florida started it. I’ve written to him and apparently he believes the pit bull hype bull, probably has never met a pit bull, wouldn’t know one if the dog licked him, but he asks the readers if they should ban the breed.

I made some comments online, voted (it was 45% for not banning and 55% for banning pit bulls so they could use a lot of input from pit bull lovers/owners esp. in southern Florida) and also emailed him. I spent five long years in southern Florida, went to college there and I am a reporter/editor with a beautiful / adorable pit bull mix so thought I should chime in. You can, too.


email: Gstein@sunsentinel.com

During our discussion, it occurred to me that since dog fighting is a BILLION dollar a year business, that people who fight dogs have a financial incentive to keep up the BAD RAP about pit bulls, Good for Business.  We are dealing with GREED here, media that wants to sell newspapers and dog fighters that make money exploiting and abusing dogs/pit bulls.

Also, Mr. Stein thinks pit bulls are not safe to have around children… the way he put it was, if he had a kid he would not let them play in a house with pit bulls… now doesn’t that sound scary… a house with pit bulls, ooooooo…

and he also said: “I have a hard time believing that the only problem with pit bulls is bad owners.”

yes, because all people make good parents, and all people are good, right.


Seems like some people have all kinds of excuses for their fear of people and dogs. Fine, keep your fear. Just don’t spread it all over the place.


he also thought that I sent the video below of Leo, former Vick dog, now a therapy dog, because Leo is cuddly. Personally, I don’t think Leo is cuddly. I think he is REALLY REALLY good with people as pit bulls are.


I also sent him the difference between a resident dog and a family pet, below.






My Cici attacks my roommate every morning… with kisses and tail wags (my former landlord used to say that she breaks all tail wagging ordinances).

Cici is a real menace at the neighborhood park when she rolls over on the grass and shows off her pink belly, obscene, Keep your children away !

But Cici is really scary at the mall, or out in public, when she sidles up to people and opens up her mouth, uh oh, to lick their feet and show her belly. Man, what a vicious dog.

First they came for the Dobermans, then the German Shepherds, then the Rottweiler, now it is The Pit Bull, will they come for your dog next?


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2 responses to “wanted: pit bull owners with children

  1. What’s amazing to me is that when I hear a story on the news or read a story of a pit bull biting someone – the story is NEVER followed up with the conditions in which the dog lived. Starved, beaten, no water, out in the elements, no human contact, un-socialized, no veterinary care, etc. All I hear is “pit bull attacks a child” or “pit attacks another dog”, etc. no mention of the dog’s history at all.

    A couple of weeks ago, there was a story on our local news of a family evacuated due to a carbon monoxide leak. When the fire fighters arrived, they found a starved pit bull puppy living in the basement. The owners excuse, “no money”. Well, how about this – take the dog to a shelter and and don’t ever get another dog again, period. This emaciated dog still managed to wag his tail for his rescuers.

    Like every other breed – pit bulls are a product of their environment. As far as being trusted around children – you’ve obviously never owned one, have you? Once again the press passes the buck. Don’t hold people accountable – blame it on the dog.

    People are no longer responsible for their actions because of people like you Mr. Stein. You condone bad behavior from people and look for a reason to excuse them. Guns are bad, dogs are bad – but not the people who have guns illegally or starve, torture and fight dogs.

    To say that you have a hard time believing that it’s just the owners that makes the pit bull react in a bad way, only reinforces that you know nothing about pit bulls and very little about dogs in general.

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