the white coats are coming, the white coats are coming

Rainy dogs and Mondays, it is Monday but it finally stopped raining, yay !!!  Gimme a head with hair, long beautiful hair, gleaming, shining, flaxing, waxing, gimme down to here, hair, shoulder length or longer, hair baby there baby, Hair… grow it, show it, long as I can something my hair…

my diva dog Cici was stinky and itchy so I decided to give her a bath, a shower really, with a hose in the back yard. She does not like getting washed so I have to sneak up on her which is not easy to do.

Wanted to try this great new shampoo sent to us by Viva La Spa, called White Coat. It is supposed to whiten, brighten and soften. The color was blue and it has cucumber melon scent fragrance/aromatherapy, coconut, Birch extract. It also has some mystery ingredients. Will let you know what I find out soon.

The bottle is recycled and the shampoo is made in a solar powered building.

Use For: Dingy whites, yellowing coats, faded color coats.

Benefits: White, white coats, bright color coats, soft, shiny fur and long lasting scent.

For more info go to:

Anyway, it lathered up great and her coat is soft and nice and shiny. Not stinky anymore either.  I was hoping for something to soothe the itchies but we shall see. She has been biting her poor pink belly making it redder and redder. Put a tee shirt on her, also some lavendar oil and tell her to stop and leave it. This works but want to try some oatmeal shampoo to calm the itchies, too. I worry about her belly.

The best thing about it is the package it came in with a few other products that Cici does not need (we gave to our neighbor, Pablo has long tangled fur).  It was very girly, with hot pink bows and curly thingies. Very nice package.


Am happy to report that I spoke to Pablo’s mom and they just happened to give Pablo a wash today too and they loved the de-tangling product. And Pablo does not mind smelling girly one bit. He is so cool.


Bring Out the Diva in Your Dog!

Groomed Dog

9 Steps to Spa Grooming For Your Own Dog

  1. Pre-Bathing: Clean Ears (Cleaning, Plucking) and Eyes
  2. Pre-Bathing: Brush out Mats and Tangles – Special Treatment
  3. Bathing – Choose a Shampoo Suited to the Coat Type of Your Dog
  4. Massage Shampoo into the Coat for deep cleaning and stress relief
  5. Drying: Towel Dry by Hand or Use A Special Dog Approved Dryer
  6. Nails: Trim Toe Nails With Care or File with Emery Board, Polish
  7. Hair Clipping?? – Let’s leave hair cutting to the Professional Groomer
  8. Scented Grooming Sprays for Long Haired Dogs or Colognes for Short Coats
  9. Hair Bows for the Ladies or Bandanas for the Guys

Daily Treatments

Brushing, combing, talking, fussing (reposition bows, spritz of cologne) Eye wiping, potty routines,

yeah, right, this is never going to happen.

They also sent us something called Powder Puff Spritzing Spray and the Pink Potion, both of which went to Pablo. Hoo boy that guy is gonna smell like a girl … They are to de-tangle the fur basically.

Supposed to provide us with:

a World Class Spa experience offering a variety of dog spa services and products to keep your pet calm, distressed and looking mah-va-lous!

We were inspired by the great Dog Spas of New York in the ‘50s and ‘60’s, like Poodletown, where Princess Grace and Elizabeth Taylor (RIP) sent their dogs by chauffeur-driven limousines for a day of pampering.

Well, dahling, instead Cici ran off shivering and shaking and getting all in her path wet. And afterwards, went rolling in the grass to get the clean new smell off.

K9 movie star,

have a limo themed dog party,

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One response to “the white coats are coming, the white coats are coming

  1. Deb Van Allen

    Why do dogs hate bath time but love to roll in crap? Anyway, for a skin-soothing experience try using an oatmeal based shampoo for your pooch. Makes a world of difference in calming the itchies!

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