Patrick, the beloved dog

Note:  Patrick has gained five pounds, yay…. and giving the staff kisses…he is also receiving healing energy treatments.

Curtis pleaded not guilty but said she left Patrick tied up outside her apt for more than a week while she went out of town and hoped someone would come along and take care of him, what a pathetic excuse

please write, call the media, prosecutors, sign the petition, speak up, change the laws, go to the Patrick movement pages…

sign the petition

Charges Against Curtis, Upgraded to Torture and Torment

from the New Jersey SPCA

from Col. Frank Rizzo of the NJ SPCA: “Please let this serve as an update on the Patrick the Pitbull case against Kisha Curtis. After careful consideration, we have decided to upgrade the charges against Ms. Curtis from disorderly persons offenses to indictable offense 4:22-17 (b)1 – torment & torture. The public must know that we will not tolerate this kind of behavior against animals in New Jersey.”

Just called the Newark NJ prosecutors office & told them I’d like Kishia Curtis charged with a felony. She’s being held in jail on an unrelated warrant. Talked to a woman who was very nice. So if you write please be kind/polite.

Now unless you have been asleep underneath a rock the last few days, you have probably heard about Patrick, the dog who was starved to skeleton bone thin and thrown down a garbage chute in a plastic bag, left to die by his owner Keshia Curtis in New Jersey. He had been living tied up to the staircase in an apartment complex for months. Apparently, NO ONE not one neighbor cared about Patrick enough to do anything for God only knows how long.

By a miracle, a maintenance worker found Patrick (named for St Patty’s day) still barely alive and moving one day before St. Patrick’s Day. The emaciated red pit bull mix weighed about 20 pounds instead of 50. He was discovered in a trash bag at the bottom of a Newark apartment building garbage chute.  Patrick was brought to the New Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and American Humane Society brought him to Garden State Veterinary Specialists where he is currently in the ICU given 24/7 care.

Patrick has an obstruction in his belly but is eating, given fluids and is thriving in their loving care. He even is beginning to wag his tail.

Updates about Patrick are posted here:

Foreign Body/Ultrasound Results
We do not know what the shadow in his stomach really is at this time. A repeat ultrasound yesterday did not show a significant change. This is both good news and bad news. The good news is that he continues to thrive so it is not bothering him. The bad news is that if it does not resolve itself or pass, it will eventually have to come out. We cannot say when, he is still not strong enough for anesthesia. The next step would be to use an endoscope to determine the nature of the foreign body. Only after this procedure could it be decided if surgery were necessary.

Every step he takes toward recovery is being watched by thousands of people. Feeding, playing with his many gifts of toys, wearing a cone to stop from scratching his healing sores, wagging his tail and more are being monitored at the Patrick Miracle Facebook page.

Supposedly, the hooker/porn star Curtis could not afford to feed Patrick but could afford to buy herself make-up and jewelry and clothing.

Outraged, 100,000+ people have voiced their concerns for Patrick and 100 facebook pages were created to rally together for Patrick and to speak out and ask for harsher sentencing in animal abuse cases like Patrick’s. A movement toward stronger animal abuse legislation nationwide is brewing.

A California woman has launched a website called  Please read our update about this,

This story has touched millions of people around the world, even an Iraqi solder who has written letters.

Another group has committed to getting Patrick more media coverage, an event, asking for people to email CNN.

There even is a Patrick badge for your Facebook page,

For everyone who wants to adopt Patrick – go to your local animal shelter and check out all the dogs there. So many pit bulls are euthanized every day, every week, every month, healthy sweet goofy dogs that need love and care.

Pitbulls are being saved “in Patricks honor” and being called patrickbulls… and someone also created a Patricks Pals page for people to advocate for and help other animals like Patrick…

Please pray for Patrick’s full and speedy recovery… and fax or snail mail the NJ Prosecutor’s office, send fax, 1-973-242-4901, To: Carolyn Murray, mention that you would like the the strictest sentencing that the law allows against Kisha Curtis for abandoning and starving Patrick. You can send a fax via email from and other sites.


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15 responses to “Patrick, the beloved dog

  1. 78ruger

    Yes! RUFF!!! RuFF WuFF!!! torture!!! BAD BAD HUMan!!!!

  2. Dana

    Patrick’s suffering hopefully is not in vein. Animal abuse has gone unpunished for way too long. Patrick has brought awareness to the fact that change has to be made. Mandatory jail time, longer than 6 months, which by the way is rarely enforced. Garnished wages for the care and rehabilitation of any animal abused by their owner. National registry for animal abusers, forbidding them ever being able to own another animal. Also stricter enforcement is needed against puppy mills. These people are just as guilty as individual abusers except on top of the abuse they inflict they profit, this must end! More investigators need to be trained in this field. Many people would willingly volunteer their time as investigators, just train us! Keep the pressure on our officials. We need to be the voice of helpless animals!

    • well said Dana! we must speak for those who cannot-ZERO tolerance for animal abuse!

    • Janice Garthe


      I couldn’t agree with you more on all the excellent points you have made concerning animal abusers. The consequences for these heartless monsters needs to become much more far reaching, just as severe as those who neglect or abuse innocent children. And I am right on board with your idea about more investigators being needed. I, for one, would welcome the opportunity to be trained to investigate when there is suspicion of an an animal being abused. Just as important, the public needs to step up here and be much more pro active in reporting a suspicion of abuse to their local law enforcement agency. People need to get their heads out of the sand when they even just wonder if abuse may be occurring. Any sign of abuse or neglect needs our diligence. These animals cannot speak or stand up for themselves, so if we just sit by and continue to wonder if something might be wrong, and do nothing about it, we are just as guilty as the abuser. Kudos for your post and do know there are many of us out here for feel just as passionately as you do about animal abuse and their monstrous abusers. This is the sort of stuff that keeps me awake at night – knowing I’m in my nice, warm comfortable bed, with a full stomach, yet so many animals out there are suffering from starvation and/or abuse. I toss and turn wishing I knew just where they were and wanting to go help them.

      agency, but we have to join hands in getting law enforcement to take

    • I’m with you guys about animal abuse, especially when they play those donation commercials I can’t even watch or even think about it, I get weepy. Although I don’t watch the show, I do pay to the Florida Humane Society and I support those shows about those guys that break into mills and rescue all those poor puppies, who were, for lack of better words. going to be trained, abused, starved and sold to those monsters that use them to kill other dogs. I love all animals (I’m especially fond of whales) but of course those don’t make particularly good house pets! But I do love dogs a lot (I used to work with teams to train search and rescue dogs. And you know something amazing about that, when they do their jobs and they get their reward (usually just a rolled up towel) and they run around and give u “that” look, like “I did a good job… didn’t I, didn’t I” They’re doing what they love to do, please their master and be a good doggy, sometimes putting themselves in danger more willingly and loyal than any person I’ve met… that’s what it’s all about…loyalty to a fault.

      “A dog has one aim in life… to bestow his heart.”
      ― J.R. Ackerley

  3. Laura U

    This woman should NEVER be allowed to EVER own another pet again. I strongly feel also, that she should have mandatory sterilization by the courts. If she would abuse a dog like this…..she surely then would abuse any child. I hope the Courts throw the book at her and she walks in “shame” for a very long time!

    • they are holding a rally for Patrick in NJ. You can Like the Mayor of Newark, Cory Booker, and let him know how you feel about Kisha Curtis. Animal abusers sentencing needs to be a lot stricter but they are not going to do any of that Laura. Yes, it is well documented that serial killers have a long history of abusing animals before they start abusing people. And the courts should take that seriously. They don’t seem to though. That is why it is so important that people speak up about this so that what happened to Patrick NEVER happens again. Unfortunately though, the reality is that what happened to Patrick happens every day to other dogs and cats. Made me cry this morning to see Patrick’s new photos… he’s lookin better every day AND he’s not gaining much weight… keep on praying. thank you all for caring for our boy. I cannot even call her a woman, she’s a monster. But someone had her mother on their website and her mother is crazy, too. Clearly, that woman should have NOT had any children but she did.

  4. This terrible act of pure cruelty shoud have the most powerful punishment that any judge is able to give , the pure hell this dear dog went through beggars belief , but sadly Patrick will not be the last animal to be treated in this terrible way, i am sending Patrick healing as i am a qualified Animal Healer, but i urge everyone to send him your healing thoughts ,together we can make a diference to him and to others. Bless you Patrick, now safe.

  5. patricia Marchetta

    we need strick animal laws and they should have started with “Vick”

  6. Avonlea

    Has Patrick been placed in his furr-ever home yet? How much does he weigh now? I hadn’t seen any updated photos as of today may 22, 2002

    • not that I know of… last I read he weighs 41 pounds (doubled his weight) and there was a cute photo this week, just one, no it was a very short video of him sleeping after playing

  7. Lesley Hall

    God bless this beloved creature and all that cared for him and nursed him back to health. What an AMAZING creature he truly is God’s instrument. For through him mankind will hopefully see the err of our ways and treat even the most innocent of creatures with the respect they deserve. As God once said “Due onto others as you would have unto you” He who hurts even the least of these will forever suffer in the eyes of the Lord! So sweet and so needless an act of cruelty if the owner could not keep him she could have at least dropped him at an animal shelter… there is NOOO excuse and I hope she gets the maximum sentence… and kudos for “Patrick’s law” I hope it passes. Note: There is a REAL Patrick’s Law, not the pages on Facebook.

  8. she also has not gone to trial yet.

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