dogs talking

Are you talking to me?  Are you talking to me, Cici?

does your dog talk to you?  are you listening to what they are saying?

I know that dogs don’t talk in words, despite all those funny videos… but they do talk in actions and barks, wag tails, body language, whines, moans, growls, and woofs.

for instance, whenever I put Cici in the back yard and she is ready to come back in, she barks to let me know she wants to come back in the house. Or she barks at times to demand cookies and treats. she also has this funny growl to let me know that she wants to go outside. And she will also go sit by the door or lick my face.

you don’t have to be an animal communicator, pet detective or vet to know what your pet is saying to you. All you have to do is know and love your pet and listen to what they are telling you.

My cat Abundance was communicating to me all the time. And I was learning how to talk to him through visualizing pictures in my mind. And it was working amazingly well. One morning he was annoying me (my human perspective) while I was trying to write on my computer. He used to fall asleep on the printer while I wrote and worked. This one morning though he was meowing and trying to get my attention, and would not quit. Finally, I got the message. He was trying to tell me something. When I tuned into what it could be I realized he was telling me that I had accidently locked his brother Precious into another room with no food, water or cat box that morning. And Precious was still in there. Lo and behold I rescued Precious thanks to Abundance’s insistence that I pay attention !

A few weeks ago, Cici and I did a radio talk show interview with animal communicator Tim Link at his Animal Writes Pet Life radio show online.

You can listen to us gab at :

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  1. Nice story! You’re right: it’s about listening to animals, paying sincere attention to them instead of letting our preconceptions get in the way.

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