Pet Food Bank USA 4 Patrick

In honor of Patrick, I am going to start a local Pet Food Bank right here in Seaside, CA. We have an SPCA that helps folks but for people in my neighborhood who are struggling financially it’s too far if they don’t have transportation, too expensive for gas, and if they are ill. So the pets end up at the SPCA or Animal Control and you know what happens. Am sure this is happening elsewhere. In honor of Patrick, we should vow no more starving pets!

It is a good time to Step Up and Start of Donate to a Pet Food Bank in your community. If you need assistance in starting one let me know.

Also, if you are a dog food company, where are you ?  WE NEED YOUR GENEROUS DONATIONS. This is an amazing media/publicity opportunity for you and ,more importantly, how about doing good for all the dogs like Patrick and cats in your community, too.  Rachael Ray Nutrish, Ellen DeGeneres Halo, Hellooooo..

Healthy food companies please be generous and let me know what you are donating.

This blog is honored to be linked to by Peggy Frezon’s  uplifting Patrick post.,

and Lisa Spector, Through a Dog’s Ear,

So far, Clear Conscience Pet has stepped up and is donating healthy dog treats … Cici’s favorite treats… Bison Liver Bark and Beef Bark, yum !

Like them on Facebook…

Thank you.  And Patrick and his Pals thank you, too.

for the latest about the Patrick movement, go here:

Another Saturday Blog Hop thanks to Life with Dogs, catch the code


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4 responses to “Pet Food Bank USA 4 Patrick

  1. Way to go for donating pet food to food banks, and for soliciting more donations. My church has a food bank and I’m going to make a point to bring in donations of pet food there. Thank you for keeping us updated on Patrick, and thanks for the link to my blog too. I hope he feels all our hugs.

  2. How great! I am in the planning stages of opening a pet food bank in my area. We would like to start small and work with some area food banks then as we grow hopefully be able to open in our own location where we can offer other programs to help keep pets in their homes.

  3. Wonderful!! What a great idea to help needy pets and their families! Let us know if you need any help contacting pet food companies – I’d be happy to hel!!

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