a poem for patrick

Please take Food, toys, blankets to a local shelter april 15, patrick’s gift day https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=176072132442069

peaceful protests planned & phone calls, letters, emails being sent…


Kisha Curtis is being tried May 6, 2011. The Essex County Prosecutors Office (for POLITE letters and faxes) contact info:        address: 50 West Market St, Newark, NJ 07102        fax: (973) 242.4901        phone: (973) 621-4700       (The name of the Acting Essex County Prosecutor is Carolyn Murray)New Jersey SPCA:               phone: 1-800-582-5979Mayor Corey Brooker’s office:        (973) 733-6400Gov Chris Christie:              (609) 292-6000          OR contact Gov Christie’s aide: Linda Koenig: linda.koenig@gov.state.nj.us or call 609-292-6000

Curtis is Patrick’s owner who left him to die without food/water.

Patrick Movement pages are forming for many states including California, NY, NJ, Ohio, Pennsylvania, many more pages, check facebook… like, join, adopt, do what you can do for your local Patricks…


Want Patrick story on TV?  Cnn?  Rachael Ray?  Ellen?  local radio, TV, newspapers. Call, write, email, twitter…


Now, went to a poetry workshop yesterday at the Monterey library with Patrice Vecchione. And we wrote. was going to write about  cici but a poem about patrick came with tears…

here it is:

People came one by one.

From home.

At office.

Desks askew with papers.

Sitting on their patios.

Coffee klatsches laughing.

Brewing tea and coffee.

From Starbucks and libraries.

Random acts of kindness.

Borders book stores.

computers clacking.

on their patios.

Gardens left untended.

Food left on stoves.

While watching Oprah.

Dogs barking.

Children playing.

Cats in litter boxes.

Clouds billowing overhead.

In Iraq, Capt. Mike Nichols cried.


Writing on the Internet.

Storms with teary-eyed raindrops

over Newark, New Jersey.

One puppy blossom barely survived.



Thrown away like trash.

A miracle.

They named him Patrick.

He was found on St. Patty’s Day.

Sparked a worldwide movement.

Pay it forward.

100,000+ rallied in his name.

On Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogs.

Hearts watching every detail.

He gained two pounds.

Wagged his tail.

Ate a meal.


Licked his caretakers.

I hug Cici close.

Rub her pink belly.

She smiles, bright and goofy.

Soft fur like feathers.

Patrick, poster child for untold millions.

A blessed pibble.

Never forgotten.


a dog named Patrick





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2 responses to “a poem for patrick

  1. I am just glad he is getting the love he never had.

  2. Thanks for sharing your poem. Patrick deserves so much!

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