Patrick’s Law/Movement Who?

Update:  NJ just posted this: The Patrick Movement for NJ
Please I ask anyone who is targeting the “Patrick’s Law” page to please STOP we are not doing Patrick ANY GOOD by fighting … Rachel in turn will ask that all the PL people stop reporting us as well…We are all here for the same thing!! .. I ask all state pages to repost this.

After this was posted RW/PL went on another rampage and deleted, banned, blocked and ‘fired’ one of her admins for putting up a pic badge with the word Movement on it.

Read more about serial cyberbullies here…

All good and fine and bullies who threaten others should be outted. We should have zero tolerance for people who abuse others. Personally, I had a meeting, was supposed to yesterday with someone in my community. She flaked and did not have the decency to cancel respectfully. Today, she posted a flyer for her bakery about Patrick. Clearly, not in this for Patrick but publicity for her bakery. We were going to work together in our area but apparently, she chose to go it alone for her own sake not Patrick’s. Too bad.

Correction to the article above: There are 100+ facebook pages, not 60, including England, Canada, France, Italy, and Venezuela.

Wrote in a previous post about the Patrick’s Law / Patrick Movement where there seemed to be a lot of bickering going on instead of focusing on the job at hand, helping animals, giving voice to Patrick and his pals and getting stricter laws passed and enforced.

Below is some of what Cici and I have been able to sniff out with concrete proof to back up statements and found out that 100’s of people have had concerns about Patrick’s Law.  What bothers Cici and I is the diluting and tainting of the power of people coming together for ONE CAUSE in ONE Voice… and making us animal lovers look like the crazy people some people think we are. As we pibble lovers and owners know all too well, this is NOT GOOD for the animals.

New article points out that laws against animal cruelty are at the state level not federal, as well as more allegations about Patrick’s Law… last time we checked Patrick’s Law a few days ago, they were encouraging people to write to the White House, getting people to spin wheels instead of doing the work at the state levels.  Also, they are apparently on another rampage of deleting pages, Wyoming, Pennsylvania and Florida. People need to STAND UP and report her abuses. Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf???


Clarification: There are thousands of people wanting to be involved and to do something. Some were all basically put off and on hold waiting for one woman, Rachel Wolf, who claims to be THE founder/voice ONLY one to speak about Patrick’s Law and to tell everyone else what to do. And seemingly wanting the spotlight focused solely upon herself instead of Patrick and all of the animals abused.

IMPORTANT: Patrick’s Law is apparently planning to sell merchandise with Patrick’s image and name on it. And there are also others trying to make money off of Patrick’s image including Patrick’s Law who will be donating the money to wherever they want to…not to the hospital nor to the American Humane people. In other words, not to Patrick’s care.

Currently on the PL facebook page, “We are coming up on 50,000 followers rather quickly, and we’re just getting started! Also, your patience and trust is greatly appreciated as we are getting this organization, well, organized! 😉 We cannot wait for the day, when you can all proudly sport Official Merchandise!”

Official Merchandise??? I also became uncomfortable the other day when PL was asking for people to get the word out about PL to all the morning/day talk show tv and media not Patrick.

Donate to the American Humane Societies Rescue Fund or your local shelter. And/or please adopt a local dog or cat in honor of Patrick. Start a pet food bank or donate to one.

one of the comments:

You are CORRECT! Rachel Wolf Is a self boasting, self promoting Ego maniac! Two days after she started her facebook site, there were hundreds of people offering to help HER, She deleted all links posted on her page to valuable information, ( gathering the info for her personal web site) when people questioned her she banned them from her page she and her admins delete ALL posts questioning her motives. Many of those people offering help, branched off and started their own state pages in SUPPORT of Patrick’s law. Ms.Wolf DEMANDED that they all be taken down ” OR ELSE” within days FB deleted all pages that had the name Patricks’ Law Movement*State* Due to false claims by RW that she OWNS the phrase ” Patrick’s Law” A search of the trademark data base revealed that that name had not been trademarked. Why would anyone who is only doing this for the benefit of animals have these pages removed? She touts herself on her Youtube channel and website. boasts that she is an actor, singer etc. Interestingly enough, check out the YOUTUBE video “Six Characters in Search of America (2004)
87 min – Documentary – October 2004 (USA)

“Politically Incorrect” meets “Dinner for Five” as three women and three men passionately discuss controversial sociopolitical issues that are relevant to all Americans.

Directors: Jay Jordan Farber, Rachel Wolf
Writers: Rachel Wolf, Jay Jordan Farber
Stars: Jay Jordan Farber, Rachel Wolf
Her views will turn the stomachs of millions.
I am outraged that she is exploiting this innocent victim* Patrick* to promote herself…

WHAT!!! I  thought I read that she was a lawyer (her father was a lawyer)

it appears that she is a lounge singer in Burbank who filed for bankruptcy in January 2011. There are numerous videos of her on Youtube like this:

Cici and I found this Facebook nonsense behavior disturbing and so did many others who apparently were banned and deleted from the Patrick’s Law page for simply asking questions, wanting to help and wanting to start their own pages. Many have created Patrick Movement pages for various states including New Jersey.

According to ThePatrickMiracle facebook page:

  • I make no judgement, nor do I have the details. Without opinion, this is what I understand to have occurred: Due to Patrick’s Law (page) objecting to state-specific Patrick’s Law pages popping up to fight at the state level, and due to the creator of Patrick’s Law insisting that the state specific pages be shut down, the Patrick supporters in each state set up their own pages using the name: The Patrick Movement.

this may explain some more…

and please read the comments here:

If you want Patrick’s story told to the media, call/write Rachael Ray, your local newspapers and tv shows, and national TV shows.

Helpful info:

Cici says: We gotta ALL work together humans and canines…


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  1. Michelle

    When I learned about Patricks story I immediately wanted to help! Raise awareness against animal abuse, be the voice for the voiceless, network, protest, whatever I could do to help. I initiated a FB page called The Patrick Movement -Califonria (for the state of California). I was informed that I needed to change the name to include “Patricks Law” in the title, I wasn’t sure why but I made the change. Within hours I had over 500 “likes” to my page… people wanting to help, spread the word, read about Patrick, see pictures and videos which had been posted… without warning my page was deleted and shortly afterwards I recieved an email from FB saying my page was in violation of some other pages rights?? So I had to start all over. Changed the name to The Patrick Movement -So. California
    All I wanted to do was help spread the word. Im not hear for recognition… I just want to be a voice, a voice for Patrick and all the others who have not been so fortunate… Animal Abuse is something that should not be tolerated. Our laws are not strict enough and I plan to make my voice heard in this regard!

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  3. Jodi

    My daughter did the same thing for Massachuettes as she had emailed Rachel Wolf and informed her that she wanted to help enact the law in her state as well and even created a page for her state. She started contacting her state representatives and officials as her heart was bleeding for what Patrick endured as well as other helpless animals throughout the USA. Not only did Rachel block her from her site but she also had her shut down as well. My daughter also created a Patrick’s Movement page for Massachuettes as she really wants to do something to stop the abuse. I have monitored Rachel’s Patrick’s Law page and she does seem to be in it for the recognition and fame. She was not even aware of the woman who abused Patrick’s Court date nor did she have any information on contacting the DA and Judge to request they give her a harsh sentence. I myself found that information on the Patrick Movement New York page as I am from New York. It really bothers me when someone uses someone or something else’s suffering to further their careers and I wish there was a way that Rachel’s page could be shut down. I am the parent of 2 very beautiful smart loving huskies and would give my life to protect theirs. It seems like the abuse of animals is getting worse and something needs to be done. Rachel should be ashamed of herself for using that as a stepping stone to further her career.

    • thank you ladies for speaking out… am orig. from NYC Jodi… anyone else like to speak up? we’re all ears (and tails)…

      • Lisa

        She put some photos up, not belonging to her, copyright laws permit this for educational purposes and non profit organizations, she was sure to post that with the pictures, however, she actually has to have a non profit organization to use that as fair use. To the right of this page is information about nonprofit organizations she posted herself and it’s obvious she doesn’t have one because as she stated, it costs money and she can’t decided whether to do a 501c3 AND/OR 501c4 .
        This may mean her use of the pictures she posts of Patrick and the profile picture she uses are not under fair use law. Perhaps report that, copyright infringement to get her page taken down.

    • Jeannie

      I too have been blocked from posting on Patrick’s Law. I am also monitoring the page regularly; too many inconsistencies in their stories. Just tonight a page Admin. responded to a question about comments being deleted. The Admin said they are not deleting comments, FB must be marking them as span. Well Admin, we’re not idiots (like Rachel said), page Admins set spam settings. They are choosing which posts are visible, who is banned, and what they say. Patrick’s Law only wants comments supporting RACHEL WOLF!!! Bottom line, that’s what the page is all about…RACHEL WOLF!!! It has nothing to do with Patrick or animal abuse legislation…it has everything to do with notoriety and recognition. What sickens me is that 40,000+ followers are sitting around waiting for her to get her “legal ducks in a row,” when they could be writing the lawmakers in their state, spreading the word, and posting other dog’s stories. Something must be done. I have personally reported the page to FB…maybe if FB gets enough reports the page will come down…??? What she’s doing is a sin. I just keep telling myself what comes around goes around. Hopefully, she’ll get caught but until then I wil continue being a voice for homeless, neglected and abused animals world wide.

    • Oh gosh, we’re so thrilled to have your daughter as part of Patrick’s Movement! She’s an absolute star, delight and works her heart out. Being a fellow MA resident, it heartens me to know our state’s companion animal laws will improve, in large part due to your daughter’s hard work and acumen.

    • Stephanie

      Apparently is the only site that is confirmed and certified to be working with GSVS to keep us updated on Patrick and stem the movements. They are featured as such in any and just about every news story that I’ve read that mentions there’s a fan site. I’ve been reading the “Patrick’s Law” site and while they’re deleting some Patrick movement pages, they’re fans of others. A bit hypocritical, no? As I remember the rant about a week or so ago saying that all individual state pages will be deleted. It’s very interesting to witness. Anywho, I find that the Patrick Miracle page is more dedicated to PATRICK and not glorifying themselves as saints… unlike the Patrick’s law page. One less like for that one!

      and here’s a little update: I found this blog as the Patrick’s Law site posted a status about NOT coming here and that they would delete anyone who posted the link to this blog. So many people responded that they didn’t know what the blog was about and kept asking why the site didn’t want them going there, that the admins deleted the status… fishy.

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  5. jodi todd

    I was also banned from Patricks law, I was there to witness everything that I have read here, and It is all true, my comments were deleted, and I was removed from the page, I posted a comment on the nj spca, gsvs and The patrick miracle’s wall that evening explaining what had taken place, just to let people know……….I felt I was censured, and many others aswell. Thank you for this page, we really need to put a stop to Rachel Wolf!!!!!!!!

    • Joanna Harrington

      I was also done just like you Jodi & I also read everything & saw what was going on & I was trying to help start a page for my state in Missouri only not to see one & pretty much in the comment to me back for wanting to help & I may have read it wrong but don’t think so as it really hurt to know I was being called dumb, stupid & ignorant as need smarts to use a computer & Facebook. I learn very well as all I was asking was for help to get this started…I left that page & the reason I never saw a page for Patrick in my state was she had it taken off as with many others. I have been in contact with the one for my state & I’m now helping in any way I can. I was just wanting to do more besides send my letter to all 50 states daily. I knew after seeing & reading more comments daily on so many pages & so forth Rachel Wolf was not working to help support & care for Patrick & others out there like him. I post any info I got they deleted it…I posted my letter I got from the Missouri State Senator Roy Blunt & they deleted that so anything I try to share with the others that could read & see it it was deleted. I didn’t do anything wrong just wanted to help out as I’m very happy now to have contact with Dianna Buckingham after her reading one of my posts & got a e-mail from her trying to find me. We are in contact now & there is a page up again for my state & I support not only my state but all others as I’m fighting for a cause here & I will be heard & no Rachel Wolf is going to stop me!!!

  6. Sarah

    Rachel Wolf just used the word “Movement” in the lastest FB Note….. I guess that means all the State Patrick movement pages should stop what they are doing for the actual cause and cry trademark infringement… NOT! I have also reported her page. I hope she is shut down. She never posts anything helpful or informative. She spends all of her time patrolling other patrick pages looking for info to either whine or boast about!

  7. Sarah

    Here is another article/blog that wrote about Patrick’s Law but is now stating they have received emails concerning the legitimacy of Rachel Wolf and her FB page.“patrick’s-law”/

  8. Adria Melissa

    Greetings to all,
    I would like to begin by expressing my deepest grattitude and appreciation to the authors of this blog. I run the Patrick Movement for California page and I am proud to say that I am NOT in any way shape or form affliated with this woman or her Fb page although I am a huge advocate for Patrick’s movement. I have been following the PL page since it’s inception and while I have never had any personal dealings with this woman (other than offering to help her a million times with no response) I saw her focus shift before my very eyes. As her Like numbers grew so did her head. She became very bossy and concerned more with celebrity and copy rights rather than Patrick’s progress. People were practicly begging for updates on Patrick’s well being and all she was focused on was trying to make her local news. I will not even get into her continuous quest for celebrity status. I saw her taking advantage of people’s willingness to help Patrick by asking people to donate their services. Now some of the logos that were comprised and donated out of kindness and love for Patrick at no cost to her will be copy written, trademarked and sold for profit. I saw her engage others in petty arguments when the main focus all along should and still be Patrick. All of the drama associated with her and her ill intentons were soon recognized by many. When people began to speak up they were blocked, reported to Facebook and attacked by the followers who are not able to see past her phony star struck facade because of their love and devotion for Patrick…but guess what people this woman has no more connections to Patrick than you or I. She is not Patrick and she is NOT the key to legal reform for animals here in California. She boasts about how she has been an animal advocate for years and how her dad is some big shot attorney, but what change in all these years has she factualy brought about I ask you. Why is she not by now a house hold name in California. If that was truly the case she wouldn’t be pheening to be on the news or the Ellen show and if this is all about Patrick why has she had other Patrick pages shut down. Oh I’m sorry because they didn’t have her permission. The way I see it the more the merrier right, but no she has to be the leader. She has to be the one, the ONLY one barking orders at others. I mean look at the page all you see is celebrity this, news station that. All the drama surrounding this woman is extremely unproductive and it deters from the main goal and focus here.

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  10. Jen Procaccino

    I was also blocked from making comments on the PL page. When I questioned her motives, my comments were deleted.I followed from the beginning and witnessed her ego as well. She hasn’t hepled with anything or posted anything helpful!

    • thank you, the evidence is mounting. proof is in the people who have been banned, deleted and speaking out.

      • Lisa/LiberationNOW

        what really bothers me is a post on PL FB page yesterday. A women made a comment about Ms. Wolf’s mission statement. “To change laws at the State and Federal levels”. The women commented that there are no Federal laws to change, only laws enacted by each State.

        Ms. Wolf actually attacked this women and said WE HAVE DONE OUR HOMEWORK and maybe you should read about the AWA and she posted links to the USDA and AWA websites. Guess Ms. Wolf didn’t even read the links she posted, she is misinformed! ! The Federal AWA does not cover pets owned by private citizens, it’s regulated by the USDA for animals used in research facilities, live animal exhibits, animal transport and animal dealers. It does not cover farm animals, nor birds, fish and rodents. I posted a reply to her comment to this women, and have received no response. It may have been deleted. This really bothers me, why is she being rude to people who have questions and banning them? She should get as much help as possible if her motives are geniune. But are they? And any person who is trying to make money off of Patrick and what happened to him should rot in hell! Thanks for posting all of this information. This was such a tragedy that inspired something SO GOOD, there are always bastards who will use that goodness to their own advantage! Grrrrrrrrr.

  11. Jeff

    I can confirm that Rachel Wolf is, at the very least, a horrible human being. She callously hurt someone I care about deeply (completely unrelated to and predating this movement, so I won’t get into details).

    I would not put it past her to capitalize upon the suffering of an animal to restart her floundering career.

    The cause itself is worthy. Her self-aggrandizement, not so much. She has spent more time promoting herself and shutting down others who would like to help than she has doing anything of actual merit.

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  13. Jeannie

    RACHEL WOLF must be stopped…NOW!!!

  14. Brandy

    Let’s not forget the fit she threw because Bill Maher, who is a huge animal rights activist, liked her page. She wasted valuable time by starting a thread letting everyone know that she didn’t like him and he would be removed along with other pages etc that weren’t approved by her.

    • Jeannie

      You would think any publicity would be welcomed…whether she personally agrees with their views or not. This isn’t about her personal believes/viewpoints, its about ANIMAL ABUSE LEGISLATION!!!!

  15. Marie

    All I can say is when I first started reading about Patrick he inspired me to help so I found Patrick’s Law and then Patrick’s Law just felt scary and not what I wanted at all. She does need to be stopped.

  16. Brandy

    This was just posted by the “lead admin”. Can anyone tell me what the purpose of this would be other than advertising her “trademark? Looks like more wasted time doing something other than focusing on the issue at hand..
    PS.. there were several other posts asking why not just let people order their own etc and they were deleted.
    Jenna Pegelow
    ATTN: For those of you concerned about “official merchandise” (as noted in the Note about Animal Cruelty Prevention Month) – a little clarification… I, myself, have been researching the best way of going about it since SO MANY have been wanting t-shirts to raise awareness to the movement. We are looking into going through CafePress. We would provide the graphics to CafePress. Supporters would purchase their merch online and would ONLY pay for the cost of production TO CAFE PRESS! This way, there will be NO worry of whether or not any of your money is being pocketed. 🙂 Again, we are working on a volunteer basis, out of the love of our hearts for our animals. We have not ever asked for donations from anybody, and have no plans to. We are also very concerned with the current news of people trying to bank off of Patrick’s story and will do our best to prevent that. Thank you! xo, Jenna (lead admin)
    about an hour ago
    Elizabeth Bramkamp likes this.

    Jenna Pegelow Everyone can order their own t-shirts. I am talking about Patrick Law t-shirts. If we allow people to order their own PL t-shirts, they could have ANYTHING put it on along with it. For example, someone could have pictures of dog fighting pu…
    See More
    53 minutes ago

    Tami Clark Thank you for all of the wonderful work you are doing. I do have a quick question though. Why have people purchase tshirts on on Cafepress if no money would be going to help Patrick or other animals? Also why would “Patrick’s Law” want or care to have their logo on said shirts? Would this be for advertising purposes only? Thank you for taking the time to answer and again, thank you for everything, you are a god send.

  17. I just read a comment on the PL page asking about the youtube videos and the bankruptcy claim and asking for verification of the page and who is behind it (that comment has since been deleted)….so I googled ‘patrick’s law scam’ and this came up. I liked the PL page at first but then a dear friend of mine who is big into animals in PA sent me a note asking to not support that page after Rachel Wolf demanded all other pages with the name ‘Patrick’s Law’ in them be shut down. I had no idea what was going on so I went to the page and low and behold…what a MESS it was and STILL is right now. I never posted any comments on the PL page so was never deleted or banned but it is full of people fighting and bickering because people want answers and aren’t getting them. People have the right to question those in charge. The information about her that has come about makes me glad I unliked that page and now keep up to date with my info from the NJ page and the IL page (where I currently live).

    BTW, this comment was made on a post from someone else:
    Deborah Green Fatheree: I did not copy/paste/cut, that was the entire article that you deleted…and you won’t clear up the questions people who have been here since day one (like me) are asking…
    8 minutes ago

    Jenna Pegelow Deborah, I have posted many times, that we will be releasing a statement in our Notes shortly regarding the rumors. By posting that link, you are just continuing to distract everyone from the REAL issue at hand which is ANIMAL ABUSE. That is why is was deleted. I assure you, we will answer the questions coming up.
    50 seconds ago

    I can’t wait to see this ‘note’ that will clear up all the facts, I mean rumors. Shady shady shady business is being had with this PL page. I really hope that people are smart enough not to be duped into anything.

    • M Gegier

      I also initially liked the PL page, and went in regularly, mostly just like the rest of us, to see what we could do to help,to see more pics of Patrick,and of course, updates.We can get ALL of this at GSVS and Popcorn Park. Several of us posted inquiries as we were concerned about too many people saying their info and/or posts were being deleted , and to my knowledge, nothing has been answered. Its an enormous thing to follow, so many pages have popped up and so much of the low-down vile in our society have tried to profit or use it to futher their own cause. I do not see any info about what we can actually do to help, or what steps are being taken to further the cause of fighting animal abuse (except for the same comments that they are “getting our ducks in a row”). It’s been over a month since we learned of little Patricks’ demise, whomever has the legalese or the resources, should have been up and running by now and making strides,but sadly, I do not see any of this. Regretfully, I have to agree, it does seem to be about personal aggrandization more than anything..this is a tragedy if this is the case. Almost 100,000 people are following Patrick’s case, and want to help.This is a powerful force and must NOT be wasted! People historically have short memories, if they see bickering and fighting, they will lose interest and wander off. At this point I want to give everyone a chance, start a page for each state? Sure, we’ll support it..because the more people that are aware and enraged over Patrick’s plight, the more strength we add to the movement to fight animal abuse. Many people do care and WANT to help, but of course there are vultures everywhere who could care less about the issue at hand.How do we sort this out? Where do we go next? If PL is a page to pool resources and have a true movement, we would love to support them. However, if she is a fraud, this needs to be stopped. We are extremely concerned over this!

  18. Brandy

    Now her website states “Patrick’s Law is a Mark owned by team members. It use to say TRADEMARK OWNED BY RACHEL WOLF! Keep up the good work everyone!!!

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  20. Christi

    I was all for a Patrick’s Law movement when I first learned about sweet Patrick. Rachel Wolf is not the only one who was infuriated and wanted to take action, but she seems to think she was. She also seems to think that organizing a movement to enact harsh punishment/legislation against animal abusers is her sole intellectual property. At first I gave her the benefit of the doubt. If someone wants to organize a movement, she needs to be controlling and demanding because there are thousands of people who want to make changes, and this issue to too important to not take seriously.

    That being said, Wolf is just that…. a wolf. There is nothing that has come from her that leads me to believe she is nothing more than a fame-seeking, egomanical ass. Merchandise? Profits going to who or what? We don’t know. She is not someone who has inspired people to unite and rally, but to argue and bicker. Wolf is not the face of change, but the person who will likely make a mockery of this important subject and of Patrick’s struggles.

    Patrick’s Law will come to pass someday (I hope sooner rather than later), but Wolf is not the one to make it happen.

  21. Sarah

    Rachel Wolf posted the following “apology” on the PL page. The funny thing is that none of those she is apologizing to can even respond because she still has this banned from posting. The pages then began posting their responses to RW on their own page and someone copied and pasted one of the responses into the comments of RW’s apology and she immediately deleted it. If she’s so sincere why is she still trying to hide and cover up? The state pages simply asked her to explain how lying about owning trademarks and having pages shut down was “good intentions”! This is nothing more than self-serving damage control!

    Open letter to Patrick’s Family and all those involved in Patrick’s Movement
    By Patrick’s Law · Yesterday
    We would like to apologize for some things that were posted with good intentions, but not necessarily said with grace. We support all Patrick pages. Our hearts are open and we would love to move forward as a community. Can we figure out how to do this together? – from the Entire Team

    • yeah I got an email, below, that she wanted me to keep private… basically it’s the Mercury Retrograde’s fault, her and her team’s rudeness, bullying, threatening, abusing people, and their plans, all very hush hush hush, yeah right, if you believe that, I’ve got a bridge to sell you. she refuses to answer anyone’s questions, just deletes and bans all from the page. has distracted 46,000 from the REAL WORK that needs to be done. what a team player !!! NOT!

      message from Rachel:

      Hi Celia Sue, Been trying to figure out how to have a conversation with you. Your phone number always goes to voicemail. Would really like to clear the air. I saw on one of your pages that you’re a metaphysician and psychic, and that you promote positivity, light, love, compassion, etc. .. that you promote “soulful living” with the slogan that “your soul is calling.” I would ask you to apply that principle now to what has been going on, and see if we can find a way to redirect this viral tsunami and put the energy back to where it should be. I am open to talking with you, and ask that we both suspend judgments, anger or blame. I hope that you are equally open to that discussion. I hope we can work together to find a solution. Please let me know. And I ask you to respect the privacy of this email, as it is from one spiritual person to another. As you know, Mercury has been Retrograde! I’m not blowing smoke at all with this request. Thanks. Namaste!

      Asked her a few simple questions in an email, no answer… blah blah blah… a toxic blip… proof is in the threats, bullying and banning.

      • jodi todd

        Hmmmmmmmmm………….Is RW feeling A bit threatened by all of this………I am also happy to report on “The Pet Stop” New 12 nj, during Patricks appearance ” The Patrick Movement” was Mentioned And NOT PL:)))))))

      • Jeannie

        The next time I falter, I’ll be sure to blame it on Mercury in Retrograde! I guess the Facebook “gliches” can be blamed on Mercury too.

        “At 20:50 UT (Universal Time) Wednesday, March 30th, 2011, Mercury the wise communicator—and universal trickster—turns retrograde at 24°19′ Aries in the sign of the Ram, sending communications, travel, appointments, mail and the www into a general snarlup! The retro period begins some days before the actual turning point (as Mercury slows) and lasts for three weeks or so, until April 23, 2011, when the Winged Messenger reaches his direct station. At this time he halts and begins his return to direct motion through the zodiac. Everything finally straightens out on May 11th, as he passes the point where he first turned retrograde.”

      • only one problem… One must have a heart for “Namaste”

  22. Rachel you are out of control. You didn’t event this Movement it is happening without you, despite how many LIKES you have.

  23. Amy Brigham

    This is an edited* version of transcripts of screen shots taken directly from Patrick’s Law wall.

    The thread is about 200 comments long, I have the entire copy. Just read and make your own assessment. and if you STILL support Rachel Wolf and Patric’ks Law. I dont want you here,, PERIOD! Will probably loose my page AGAIN because the ego maniac will tattle to facebook that im hurting her reputation. GOOD! Ive HAD ENOUGH!!

    Patrick’s Law

    I respectfully urge all page owners who have started a “Patrick’s Law Movement” page to please take your pages down. ONLY FOR NOW. Very temporarily for a few weeks. Next week, email me with your name, state and phone number, and I’ll schedule a group chat for the FB page owners for each State.

    Patrick’s Law I’ll clarify now these are not the “State Ambassador” positions. But these page owners will be asked to coordinate with their State Ambassador as things move forward. Please all take one step back, so we can ALL step forward in unison.

    Patrick’s Law I ask some of you to be my virtual foot soldiers and gentle urge the pages to be team players. I don’t have the time to go to each page – so if you could all jump in and help that would be great.

    *The Patrick’s Law Movement Michigan :We have close to 300 likes, and I’m concerned removing the page may hurt our credibility

    Patrick’s Law

    NJ – You are wrong on several levels. First of all, the language MUST BE IDENTICAL for all 50 States. Attorneys do not write laws. Secondly, you put up the page without contacting me or clearing it with me. You may NOT use the phrase “Patrick’s Law.” That is a violation and I don’t appreciate your uncooperative attitude.

    Since I started this only 6 days ago, I find it difficult to believe you have an attorney who can’t stop what he’s doing. It sounds as if you are not being a team player. Not only can I not endorse what you are doing, I must vehemently INSIST that you stop using the name “Patrick’s Law” and delete all references to my website. You are being counterproductive to what is going on here.

    To Maryland – It is alive on this page. And similar to my response to NJ, if you cannot be a team player, then YOU (whoever you are) did this without my knowledge or permission.

    I urge everyone to STOP. Please don’t force my hand to do a legal Cease & Desist, and get FB involved with shutting down your pages. Please think about the big picture and stop being selfish.

    Patrick’s Law By fragmenting off to 50 pages, folks, it will be chaos and it ONLY HURTS THE CAUSES. This is not a request anymore – this is a DEMAND. Shut down all State Pages Now.

    Patrick’s Law I am betting that most of your “members” came from this page. I will also bet that you can EASILY post to them – “please go over to the OFFICIAL Patrick’s Law page” — once they all shift over – you simply delete your page. This is not rocket science, folks.

    Patrick’s Law And it’s not called a “patent,” it’s called a copyright. And yes, you are infringing by calling it “Patrick’s Law.” You’d have to call it something else.

    Patrick’s Law The fact that these page owners did it initially without consulting – and clearly did it in the last 24-48 hours – speaks volumes, folks

    Patrick’s Law And now they’re focused on THEIR EGOS, rather than on Patrick, the animals, and the real reason for this movement

    (* comments deleted with in 30 seconds)

    *Ingrid Awtrey Law

    Wow! It’s a shame that big egos are getting in the way of what matters the most. Rachel, what is your big concern here? Why do you have a problem people wanting to protect the animals in their home state in Patrick’s name? Are you serious?!

    *Sarah Miraglia damage done. name calling doesn’t inspire confidence. best wishes for patrick and for creating laws to protect animals, but this isn’t the way to get it done.

    *Jeannie Lisak

    I again refreshed my page and the maryland branch seems to be gone..I still do not recall seeing Rachel post any name calling and she was asking nicely…hell I am from NJ too, but One Organization FOR PATRICK…..Rachel why are you deleting my comment when I support you?

    *Robin Mahaffey This is all just so sad. And I am afraid it WILL have a ripple effect on all of the future forward motion for this cause. It will forever have a negative vibe amongst all of the positive that is done. I sure hope people can put a stop to this fighting soon otherwise it will be remembered more for the in-fighting and childish bickering that went on more than the animals it saved. Sorry but that’s how I feel..Not to mention how will anyone take you seriously from now on?

    *Liz Herrell

    ok people need to stop focusing on credit, copyrights etc etc and get down to the real issues at hand. THE WOMAN WHO DID THIS TO PATRICK AND THE LAWS THAT NEED TO BE MADE STRONGER. That is what all these pages are supposed to be about

    *Ingrid Awtrey Law @Betty, I agree, too many leaders can cause problems, but Rachel just proved to the masses that she is not capable of leading something of this magnitude. She just called her members “idiots”. We need someone professional with leadership qualities to the lead the way. Name calling is immature and nobody will take her serious

    ( not deleted) Is this an Admin?)

    Jenniffer Wahler

    I can appreciate that people are inspired and want to help in their own ways. I can also appreciate Rachel’s frustration with people jumping on the bandwagon all willy nilly. She is the one who took the initiative and I think she should be in charge

    Doc Lowery

    No time to read all the comments…here’s my thought (for what it’s worth) …. Rachel (in LA) was the first to jump in….at least the first to come to my attention… my gut tells me she’s in it for the right reason…which is NOT to say …See More

    * deleted*Karen Lee Wow, it seems that what the admins and others were saying yesterday was true after all. You are name-called, threatened, and used swear words just as they claimed you did. This bully type behavior is dissapointing to see.

    Jenniffer Wahler

    And not for nothing but this is not a professional organization. This is a bunch of regular people “trying” to work together for a common cause. And sometimes people ARE idiots and sometimes those idiots can piss off regular people

    *Heather Timmen This conversation should have been handled discretely. I am appalled. The fact that people took the initiative to make state pages shows how much they care and that is an asset. This needs to stop now it is hurting the cause. I will support people that show they can work as a team. Asking others to bully them in to remove pages is childish at best and shows poor form. Everyone needs to pull themselves together and regroup. I need to see amicable leadership, not high school theatrics.

    *Tara Tilton

    Unless you have a patent on Patricks Law what you said is a joke. You can’t tell people to take their group down and you don’t own anything. How much does it cost to “own” your page? ..Just curious?

    *Karen Lee I just googled Rachel Wolf and it appears that Ego is running this show after all. Just one of her many claims to fame it seems. I couldn’t believe the nerve of those people yesterday who was posting that Rachel was a bully and treated her admins badly but today she is displaying the same behavior right in front of our eyes. It seems if you stick around long enough and pay attention you will see this for yourself. Sticky sweet one minute and rage the next. Bipolar anyone?

    and ON and ON and ON….. These are captures screenshot before Rachel went on a deleting and banning RAMPAGE.

  24. I watched a portion of Six characters in Search of America. Is RW the one that keeps talking all the time and runs her fingers through her hair.

  25. Sarah

    She’s the one wearing the black tank top.

  26. jodi todd

    You may have missed another one tonight around 10 pm est…………But of course all comments were deleted, except those that were supporting her!

  27. Lisa/LiberationNOW

    If pictures or this dog’s name end up being copyrighted or trademarked, that will be it for me. Any pictures on the web are up for grabs. Patrick’s story is what motivated a law in his name. Those 2 words (Patrick’s Law) belong to no one, but HIM. You don’t see GSVS, AHS or the NJ SPCA claiming rights to any photos or video’s do we? This is just getting to be TOO MUCH.

    • actually AHS posted a statement on their site saying that NO ONE is allowed to use their photos due to scammers trying to sell the photos. Also, there is NOT ONE Patrick’s law… laws need to happen at the State level not federal (see ASPCA statement)… PL is confusing people and encouraging folks to write the White House, or wait around for their PL statement. It’s all a distraction. Do what’s right for all of the Patricks out there.

    • also, if that’s all it takes for you or anyone to be done, then so be it. People need to not let anything get in their way. I could quit, am sick of all the bickering but won’t. To get stuff done, you gotta rise above and keep on trucking.

      • Lisa/LiberationNOW

        I just mean’t I am done with all the bullshit. I am working with the Patrick’s Movement in my state. I was also banned from making comments on PL page. Today she paid the 275 dollars to make PL her trademark. Something is way wrong here..

  28. Rogue

    I just got an email from the American Humane. They have copyrighted Patrick’s image and name so I don’t know how far Rachel Wolf is going to get now. At least she’s been discredited. It really is dreadful how things like this bring out the worst in people.

    • did you mean Associated Humane? on their website it says, “These pictures are proprietary to the Associated Humane Societies/Popcorn Park. No one has the right to use or reproduce these pictures.”

  29. I saw something mentioned on the PL page tonight about a blogspot article. It was from a RW and PL supporter and it gave her a thumbs up. We have been expecting some big announcement today. But it isnt on her page. Does she have blog. OMG I can only imagine it. She is much of a writer. sorry.

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  31. Brandy Langford

    My open reply to Rachel Wolf’s Formal Blog Statement. Since I am not allowed to reply personally, I will respond here.

    RW, Yes, your formal statement was indeed very entertaining. Thank you for mentioning me. But you forgot to mention why you let me go and you also.
    forgot about the messages that I have from the other admins. Myself and 3 other admins were discussing your very rude and degrading behavior at length. If you are going to condemn me, please don’t use half-truths. That makes you a hypocrite. I also find it humorous that you chose to slander my name when I have set back and watched several others call you out on a daily basis and yet there is no mention of them. I guess you didn’t count on me having proof to back my name up! I have copied the section regarding my name and I will gladly share the message that made you decide to “let me go”, simply because you felt that I had no right to request that you speak to me with respect and a non-threatening tone. I signed up to volunteer my time to help you and I don’t think my request for some respect and decency was too much to ask. I will also gladly share the messages to me from the other admins, and yes, they were scared of you. They clearly state that their stomach would instantly be in knots whenever they received a message from you. I also have a copy of the outburst on your page announcing…I mean “quietly” letting me go.

    A cease and desist is on it’s way. Now you may continue on with your competition/ popularity contest as well as your self-serving agendas.

    P.S. I read the open letter on the PA page and I remember it saying ” if.
    you wish to apologize personally, then I welcome that as well”. There
    were no “demands”. This is exactly why so many have a hard time taking.
    you seriously. You bring it all on yourself and no doubt, you will.
    continue to do so.

    Once again, it’s all one sided. At least she is allowed to defend herself! I do not have a movement page or blog, yet she put me as a ring leader. I have posted what happened to me but I also have the proof to back it up but she doesn’t want me to be able to post that and she didn’t bother stating that she was acting like a crazy control freak and removed me as admin simply because I let her know that she needed to remember we were there to help her and not be her punching bags.

    She did the same thing in her statement that she claims everyone else is doing. She spewed lies, half truths, and insinuations that had nothing to do with the issue at hand! Same story different day! I guess it never occurred to her that the “apology” she speaks of would have served it’s purpose, had it it been sincere! This statement that she posted is nothing more than an attempt to gain sympathy and praise for her bruised ego. She fails to understand that the majority of her 49k followers are people who liked the page and never gave her or that page a second thought and the ones that do will see through her facade eventually. I’m sending her a slander cease and desist letter to remove my name from her blog (my brother in law, who is an attorney will handle this first thing tomorrow morning) and then I’m am finished with her and her exploitations. Patrick’s cause will get help and laws will change but I guarantee you that it won’t be because of RW! Notice she did not address anything regarding the FB page she made last year for the Harrison County Animal Shelter!

  32. Cathy

    I hadn’t been following the Patrick saga closely, but a friend posted the Philadelphia Examiner story about the allegations against the Patrick’s Law Facebook page moderator. The name Rachel Wolf jumped out immediately.

    I tangled with her after the Conklin Dairy video from Mercy for Animals came out last summer. About five anti-Conklin pages sprang up, one of which was moderated by Rachel. She asked me to co-moderate, and thank god I said no. Maybe I could sense that while I was a volunteer, she would be treating me like an underling. She bullied and harassed some of the people who posted on the page, but the page never got much attention, and she must have moved on. However, we were Facebook friends for awhile until she got into a huge knock-down drag-out fight with one of my friends on my personal page in a post about the BP oil spill. She lashed out with a bunch of fuck-yous to everyone and unfriended me. I had been nothing but polite to her and was not sorry to see her go.

    I hadn’t heard anything more from or about her until this. Even if her motives to work on better laws for animals are good, she entirely misses the point of Facebook, which is a grassroots form of communication. You can’t control the crowd. You can only hope that they find your page relevant and helpful enough to spend time on. If they are inspired enough to create sister pages, that’s amazing. You leverage that inspiration into action by working with them, not by destroying their pages.

    I’m floored that anyone would behave in this childish and petulant manner, but not totally surprised given my previous experience with her. And after reading your accounts, I feel like I dodged a bullet when I turned down her request to co-manage that page.

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  34. Karla

    Just an FYI- The ring leader (Jestine Malloy) of the the group that was working to prove RW is a fraud is now RW’s new BFF!

  35. Maria

    lmfao..I never go to the Patrick’s Law page anymore because I found it useless…but since we will be attending the Justice for Patrick rally, I wanted to see if they were having a rally also on the Patricks Law page..lo’ and behold..I can’t find the page anymore..and it’s not on my Likes list either she booted me because a spy went and told her I posted here, or they finally took her page down 🙂 I think the biatch blocked me though for spite.Interestingly, I also noticed that there are other pages popping up with the words Patricks Law in them ( I made sure I liked all of ..but, makes me wonder what’s changing over there. From the coordinator of our rally, apparently there are other rally organizers causing grief with other Justice for Patrick rallies..and that definitely stinks of RW..anyone know whats going on? (I’m sure her page hasn’t been taken down..but a girl can hope 🙂 Causing problems with other rallies is just..pathetic and sad.We should be united on this, but thanks to people like her, we aren’t. It’s OK though, WE’LL show our support and make sure it’s done right!

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