Rachel Wolf’s slander

Excuse me, a legal expert just informed me that lies in written form are called Libel not Slander… it’s been a few years since Journalism Business Law class.



April 14, 2011

Rob R Nichols
5850 Canoga Ave #400
Woodland Hills, CA 91367

Rachel Wolf

Rachel Wolf,

YOU ARE TO HALT CEASE DESIST FROM USING MY NAME ANYWHERE ON THE INTERNET AS OF TODAY APRIL 14, 2011 that includes slandering my name on the Patrick’s Law Facebook page, your blog and elsewhere on Facebook or on any other site from now on unto perpetuity.

Attorneys letters are on their way to you from my attorney and several other people’s attorneys.

What you are doing is called SLANDER and ABUSE.  You have tried to take away people’s FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS.  And you are spreading lies. Everything I wrote about YOU was true, I have concrete proof to back up my claims PLUS YOU yourself said that what I said was ALL TRUE about you.

This is what was on Patricks Law today written by you about me:

Someone keeps posting a link to Celia Sue’s blog, claiming it’s to be helpful. The next attempt will get that person (and anyone doing so) banned. We have no interest in her latest rant. We will not give her any attention, eyeballs or traffic. By visiting her blog, you feed her. If she chooses to continue on her mission of vengeance, that’s on her, not us. She really needs to get a life.


First of all, the blog post someone posted on Patricks Law was NOT EVEN MINE. I do not have time in my life for your games.

Second of all, you wrote a blog post slandering my name at the same telling the world that EVERYTHING I SAID ABOUT YOU IS TRUE.

Third, tell me ONE THING that YOU have personally done for Patrick, the animals, all I see is you slandering everyone, banning, deleting and insulting, bullying and making enemies. And trying to Brand Patrick’s name. Not gonna happen.

You have done all this before and we’ve got CONCRETE PROOF of all your little shenanigans.

You may think it is fun to spread lies, shut people down and spread LIES ABOUT ME, It is NOT and WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

In between your trying to Brand Patrick’s name, (YOUR OWN WORDS) which YOU CANNOT DO, banning and deleting the planet, NAME ONE THING YOU HAVE DONE FOR ANYONE IN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE.


AHS holds the trademark, You GOT NOTHING.

except a dating site trademark just in case.


CeliaSue Hecht
Freelance Reporter/Editor


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10 responses to “Rachel Wolf’s slander

  1. Lisa

    Excellent! I am happy to se someone stand up to her. She was on her page arguing with someone yesterday insisting there is a federal law and suggested they do their homework before they open their mouth. She is an absolute ass!

  2. Pingback: Patrick, the NJ Pit Bull Is Striving While Humans Are Infighting about Future Animal Abuse Laws

  3. Looks like she has her legal ducks in a r0w!

  4. Lisa

    Her slander is called Libel, the written form of defamation.

  5. Maria

    Priceless! We were in the page the other day and noticed her telling everyone to write letters to the prosecutor. One woman quietly pointed out that this is the wrong person to write to because the prosecutor is already fighting for Patrick’s cause, and she suggested perhaps we can write to our local politicians instead? (I thought this an excellent idea,but who am I?) Later, someone points out that this is not even the correct prosecutor, that she believed the prosecutor had a different name.RW responded, that she thought this was the right person, and threw out there “can anyone confirm this?” She doesn’t even know?? WTF is going on here? I am heartbroken,this is a terrible waste of an enormous force of people willing to step in jump in help,write, do whatever it takes..and it is being squandered! I follow GSVS and Popcorn Park regularly for updates on Patrick,but the NJ page is woefully small (most people are probably assuming they’ve already joined a valuable page) so they may not look elsewhere for the Patricks’ Movement pages with more credible resources and information. An entire army is being wasted..this is a tragedy on top of a tragedy.

    • anyone who spends ALL of their time lurking, stalking, deleting, banning, condemning, getting their ducks in a row, dreaming about the spotlight and money she is going to make and trying to drum up PR for herself, DOES NOT HAVE THE TIME TO DO ANYTHING for Patrick, know ANYTHING about Patrick or any of the animals, plan rallies or ANYTHING about animal abuse laws. Yes, I agree it is a travesty and a tragedy that all of her army are being sacrificed for the cause of a big ego. Ask her about May 6, bet she does not know what that date means except there is a rally that she is planning to claim is hers. NOT. I hate to be the one to break this to you gently but SHE DOES NOT GIVE A DAMN ABOUT PATRICK AND THE ANIMALS… If she did, she would not be doing all of the damage that she has done and is planning to do. Yes, it is heartbreaking.

  6. Vandigo

    I have only one thing to say to you. Don’t stop. You are amazing, and doing a bit of good. Get her arrested for cyberbullying, maybe then she’ll shut the hell up and realize that the world is not hers to control. *I still like to compare the way she is running things to communism, getting rid of anything she doesn’t see fit for everyone to see*

  7. Pat

    Way to go CeliaSue…you’re awesome!

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