seriously? I spearheaded a campaign… wow…

Seriously, that was her BIG STATEMENT that people were all anxiously awaiting ALL DAY. Are you kidding me.

Yes, I am guilty of empowering people … Rachel shuts people up… She terrorizes people. She hurts people for daring to speak and ask a simple question. I gave them a place to RAISE THEIR VOICES… After all, this is AMERICA. Not Rachel world.

This investigative reporter is on the job finding out more about serial cyberbullies, interviewing lawyers and other legal experts, stay tuned. But meanwhile, you can read all about what I’ve found out so far.  Most important thing is not to engage the cyberbully. They get pleasure out of hurting people, are big on power, control and love attention.


The Patricks law page aint about Patrick, so his name should come off that page as Jestine so brilliantly points out in the above link.

After reading all of the comments that have come in from people who I’ve given a forum to speak out in public because Rachel Wolf has tried to deny them a chance to speak taking away their First Amendment rights, I am with Brandy and going to also send her a slander cease and desist letter to remove my name from her blog. Now someone told me that she has been posting her blog on Twitter. HALT CEASE AND DESIST, Rachel Wolf.

Also please read A bully is a bully is a bully. Thank you all for your support and kindness.

Rachel Wolf has done this all before, folks, read the comments by Cathy and Jeff and others. One gal posted and noticed that HERE one is allowed to speak while over there, RW’s blog and facebook page, you are banned and deleted if you gather the courage to speak.

No one knows how to reach RW, she is in hiding. why is that???  Know them by their fruits. Is she kind? No. Is she compassionate? No. What has to done for Patrick or any animals? NADA … can anyone find anything that she has done Positive for Patrick or any animal???

And what the heck does BRANDING have to do with any of this??? Patrick is NOT a brand. He’s a living breathing fur baby and so are all of the other fur babies we want to help that RW wants us to take our focus off of. Enough of giving her any attention at all. She is not deserving of it.


All Rachel did was back me up and agree that all that I said about her was TRUE. And all she did was slander me and make insinuations about me that are untrue.  And apparently this is her M.O., Modus Operandi, she has done it before (see the comments).  She seems to get her jollies off accusing people and acting like a petty tyrant.  ENOUGH!  HALT CEASE AND DESIST, Rachel Wolf.  NOW!

Dear Elephant in the Room:

The truth is that you hate me for giving you a taste of YOUR OWN MEDICINE.

1. The funny thing about the truth/facts is that they speak for themselves. All that a person has to do is actually READ my blog post and see that there are several LINKS to other blogs that wrote about Rachel Wolf BEFORE I DID. So much for the accusation that I spearheaded a campaign against her.  Plus, a bunch of people created Movement pages before I said one word. Hello.


I witnessed firsthand Rachel Wolf publicly shaming, insulting, threatening and bullying people for NO reason. Calling nice people names, publicly humiliating them FOR WHAT. They were simply asking her questions. Innocent questions. A LEADER would have welcomed people’s enthusiasm, initiative and creativity. A LEADER would have enjoyed that people wanted to jump in and help. A LEADER would have not tried to control everyone.  A LEADER would have brought people together not split them apart and get people bickering. A LEADER would have created PEACE, been gentle and understanding and shown some compassion for the fact that SOME if not MOST of these people probably have NOT EVER been involved in a movement before EVER in their lives.  A LEADER would not have bossed everyone around and bullied them.  People were terrified, afraid of her and her proclamations, they did not know what to do. And there were NO ANSWERS.

I sent an email and got NO RESPONSE back so I published her email to me.

I HAVE ZERO TOLERANCE for people who appoint themselves God and publicly humiliate people and call them names.

I have worked for NUMEROUS non-profit organizations including Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, Animal Foundation and Head Start. All make money and are successful. And they LOVE having people volunteer their time, energy and know how important it is to JUMP ON and INTO the Limelight. They don’t hide and skulk around behind the scenes, being all mysterious, insulting people and creating dramas… trying to CONTROL everyone.

People have been coming to me complaining about Rachel Wolf. I read the other bloggers info which cleared up some things for me that I had witnessed. So I let them speak about it in private and then in a blog post. A LOT of people were upset so I spearheaded a blog post and then told people about it because people were confused and did not know why their heads were spinning. Their feelings were hurt. They were being banned, deleted, excused like bad children and exiled. They wanted to help innocent animals. Instead, they were sent away by Rachel Wolf with their heads spinning, cheeks smarting and tummies aching.  I do NOT like people crushing other people’s hearts and spirits. And that is what I witnessed Rachel Wolf doing. Time and time again.

2. This banning and deleting pages and comments for no reason has continued for two+ weeks distracting everyone, people’s work has been interrupted with having to start their pages from scratch again and again and again.  Everyone walking on egg shells.

That’s it.

No, I did not call Rachel Wolf back. Why so she could berate me and tell me that I’m an idiot?  and yes, I published her email to me because I felt she was trying to manipulate me and I published comments from folks with links.

My feeling from the beginning of all this has been GROW UP…Stop Ordering Everyone Around, Who Died and Elected Rachel Wolf Dictator in Charge of Patrick’s Law. And as had been said a few zillion times THERE IS NO FEDERAL LAW, the laws have to be changed at the local levels.

People are/were EXCITED, JOYOUS, HAPPY to be working together for a Higher Cause and the ONLY ONE in the way of their coming together has been Rachel Wolf.

Being spiritual does not mean hiding one’s head in the sand, closing one’s eyes to the truth and shutting up and going away. It means SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER in this case, a power hungry wolf.

Frankly, am sick of the big bad wolf and all of the drama and baggage she comes to town and to the Internet with. She is not the boss. She is not in charge. And she is certainly not who I want to focus on.

My joy comes in encouraging people and helping out in any and every way I can, to BE A LIGHT AND UPLIFTER OF PEOPLE’S SPIRITS…and sometimes that means SHINING LIGHT INTO THE DARKNESS.

Rachel Wolf has gotten away for far too long dumping her baggage onto others and ENOUGH IS ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

She does NOT own Patrick.  If her heart were in the right place, she would NOT have acted as she has done.

At any time during this whole “campaign” she could have ACTED LIKE AN ADULT and stopped hiding, banning and deleting… but instead she hid out and raged on and plans to continue to do so.  So be it.

Oh yes, one more thing. In the three years that I have written this blog I have NOT made one penny from it… yes, it would be nice if people donated. But this is a labor of love, so be it.

I am DONE.

She accuses me and projects unto me exactly what she has been doing unto others.  Copycat.

I HEREBY DELETE RACHEL WOLF.  Control, alt. delete.


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35 responses to “seriously? I spearheaded a campaign… wow…

  1. DJ

    HERE HERE…..could not have said it better! It’s a shame I don’t feel comfortable enough to “like” Patrick’s Law.

  2. Celiasue,

    I had been in the process of my own response on my blog but as you know I have to be good. Ditto to I couldn’t have said it better. That is exactly everything that I have been hearing from everyone from the beginning. I am still confused by the whole thing. RW never had direct contact with me except to delete me, block me, bring down my page and threaten legal action for having a page that had the world Patrick and Law in it.

    This whole thing reminds me of a scene from the “Life of Brian” .

    There is an argument between two groups of zealots. One is called the People’s Front of Judea and the other is the Judean People’s Front and they get into a big fight over who was the original group and who were the splitters. I guess I am a splitter.

  3. Brandy Langford

    My open reply to Rachel Wolf’s Formal Blog Statement. Since I am not allowed to reply personally, I will respond here.

    RW, Yes, your formal statement was indeed very entertaining. Thank you for mentioning me. But you forgot to mention why you let me go and you also.
    forgot about the messages that I have from the other admins. Myself and 3 other admins were discussing your very rude and degrading behavior at length. If you are going to condemn me, please don’t use half-truths. That makes you a hypocrite. I also find it humorous that you chose to slander my name when I have set back and watched several others call you out on a daily basis and yet there is no mention of them. I guess you didn’t count on me having proof to back my name up! I have copied the section regarding my name and I will gladly share the message that made you decide to “let me go”, simply because you felt that I had no right to request that you speak to me with respect and a non-threatening tone. I signed up to volunteer my time to help you and I don’t think my request for some respect and decency was too much to ask. I will also gladly share the messages to me from the other admins, and yes, they were scared of you. They clearly state that their stomach would instantly be in knots whenever they received a message from you. I also have a copy of the outburst on your page announcing…I mean “quietly” letting me go.

    A cease and desist is on it’s way. Now you may continue on with your competition/ popularity contest as well as your self-serving agendas.

    P.S. I read the open letter on the PA page and I remember it saying ” if.
    you wish to apologize personally, then I welcome that as well”. There
    were no “demands”. This is exactly why so many have a hard time taking.
    you seriously. You bring it all on yourself and no doubt, you will.
    continue to do so.

    Once again, it’s all one sided. At least she is allowed to defend herself! I do not have a movement page or blog, yet she put me as a ring leader. I have posted what happened to me but I also have the proof to back it up but she doesn’t want me to be able to post that and she didn’t bother stating that she was acting like a crazy control freak and removed me as admin simply because I let her know that she needed to remember we were there to help her and not be her punching bags.

    She did the same thing in her statement that she claims everyone else is doing. She spewed lies, half truths, and insinuations that had nothing to do with the issue at hand! Same story different day! I guess it never occurred to her that the “apology” she speaks of would have served it’s purpose, had it it been sincere! This statement that she posted is nothing more than an attempt to gain sympathy and praise for her bruised ego. She fails to understand that the majority of her 49k followers are people who liked the page and never gave her or that page a second thought and the ones that do will see through her facade eventually. I’m sending her a slander cease and desist letter to remove my name from her blog (my brother in law, who is an attorney will handle this first thing tomorrow morning) and then I’m am finished with her and her exploitations. Patrick’s cause will get help and laws will change but I guarantee you that it won’t be because of RW! Notice she did not address anything regarding the FB page she made last year for the Harrison County Animal Shelter!

  4. Vandigo

    I had a small delightful realization last night, she runs the page like a dictator, a communist. I know, mixing politics with this is a bit childish, but its the best way I can sum up what shes doing and how shes doing it. She banned me for simply asking what happened to a thread I was posting in and interested in reading.

  5. Brandy Langford

    Also notice she didn’t address the fact that she had pages shut down and is still having them shut down. She had Wyoming and Washington shut down today!

    • Cathy
      I hadn’t been following the Patrick saga closely, but a friend posted the Philadelphia Examiner story about the allegations against the Patrick’s Law Facebook page moderator. The name Rachel Wolf jumped out immediately.

      I tangled with her after the Conklin Dairy video from Mercy for Animals came out last summer. About five anti-Conklin pages sprang up, one of which was moderated by Rachel. She asked me to co-moderate, and thank god I said no. Maybe I could sense that while I was a volunteer, she would be treating me like an underling. She bullied and harassed some of the people who posted on the page, but the page never got much attention, and she must have moved on. However, we were Facebook friends for awhile until she got into a huge knock-down drag-out fight with one of my friends on my personal page in a post about the BP oil spill. She lashed out with a bunch of fuck-yous to everyone and unfriended me. I had been nothing but polite to her and was not sorry to see her go.

      I hadn’t heard anything more from or about her until this. Even if her motives to work on better laws for animals are good, she entirely misses the point of Facebook, which is a grassroots form of communication. You can’t control the crowd. You can only hope that they find your page relevant and helpful enough to spend time on. If they are inspired enough to create sister pages, that’s amazing. You leverage that inspiration into action by working with them, not by destroying their pages.

      I’m floored that anyone would behave in this childish and petulant manner, but not totally surprised given my previous experience with her. And after reading your accounts, I feel like I dodged a bullet when I turned down her request to co-manage that page.

  6. Becky Timmons

    I have reported her to They actually own the rights to “Patrick” and were not surprised by my complaint. This is their reply to me: Becky: Hi. I am so sorry you had this experience. We are not
    affiliated with Rachel Wolf and this matter is being looked into. There
    are many people who have had similar run ins with this woman and it
    seems very counterproductive. We are working on this. AHS

  7. Barbara Bruce

    Apparently I have too much time on my hands. Was I in the wrong to thoroughly investigate a possible non-profit that I was contemplating being involved with? Couldn’t very well look it up on Better Business Bureau so hell yeah, I took the time and did a little research. If it’s on the internet it’s not private. Tough crap. I am honored to be in the company of CeliaSue and Jestine. These ladies are the REAL DEAL. Thank you again CeliaSue!

  8. Melanie

    Although she has every right to defend herself, but her “Wall of Shame” is indeed slander in itself.. She used my sisters name in it and did not cite one example of how she slandered her. All she did was post a blog on everyone’s wall so everyone could see it. That is all she did, ho is that slander? It was just getting the word out. UNREAL…

  9. Lisa/LiberationNOW

    a link to her statement please?

    • NO, I had it up at first but now I refuse to give her a voice here or any of her minions. She is banned and deleted on this page.

      In other words, as a dear friend said, “RW is a bully, has discouraged many ppl, done nothing 4 Patrick & tainted the whole Patrick scene. MY official statement, hah !”

  10. The night the article came out, Monday, the 11th, I absolutely with no doubt use MY Wyoming state page to share all the links on all the blogs. A well meaning person, posted my letter to Rachel RE: her ” appology” In Patrick’s Law. It was in the notes on my page. I did use My state page to voice all my concerns about the fraud that Rachel is. Why? because I have been blocked from posting on HER page. With in 3 hours, My page was gone. Deleted, reported by her throng of sheep. Now I wasnt mentioned in Ms. Wolf’s blog. Because she would have to answer to the fact that she had my page shut down, not once but TWICE. I think I have been the biggest ” mouth” speaking out publicly against her facade, Yet no mention of me in her blog. Yes there is indeed an elephant in the room.. it’s name is Rachel Wolf. She tried to use her dead parents as a ploy to gain sympathy, yet on her youtube video, she claims she was a
    ” victim of child abuse” be that true or not, how pathetic to try and gain sympathy from blind followers that do not know the real story behind this Wolf in sheep’s clothing. She has changed her webpage everytime someone calls her out, from saying that she owns the trademark, to owned by member of the team, Her first draft* I have a copy* in Founders statement was 12 paragraphs of ” Look at Me” I’m so great” this is all MY idea.
    Well I also have the screen shot of when she FIRST asked if there was a page set up for Patrick. My problem with Rachel Wolf is her deliberate exploitation of this poor tortured dog for her own personal gain and attention. She was not the FIRST to start a page for Patrick, as she would like everyone to believe. John and Coty were with ” Patrick’s Miracle”
    Rachel took THEIR idea and ran with it. She has been self promoting long before Patrick came a long.

    • Vandigo

      She made her youtube page private, sadly, so some of us aren’t able to see her horrendous face and hear her whiny little voice or anything. If you can somehow salvage these videos and post them on another video hosting site, to share with the world, please do.

  11. Martha Steward

    Celia wrote an honest article. ‘We’ who want to see change within our respective states need to….”Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”
    Henry Ford

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  13. Melanie

    How can I contact Mrs Wolf??? Her email is shut down and we don’t have a mailing address for her..

    • exactly RW is in hiding… swampy, RW shuts everyone else down or tells people to shut up and goes away… RW refuses to behave like a civilized human being with anyone… it is all very one-sided. RW’s way or the Lo-way… (either way)… this is your only forum to communicate with her, she had one of her tribe subscribe to my blog. she is way too busy, with time on her hands to help Patrick or any animals. she is MUCH too busy trying to get into everyone’s way. So go out there and DO GOOD despite her for Patrick and the other fur babies who need your help and your voice.

    • Barbara Bruce

      @ Melanie – the answer to your question is in the blog Celia posted after this one.

  14. Melanie

    One more thing she said she started that page 3/25/2011.. Really I thought she had started it way before we know who mistreated Patrick. We found out who was behind his mistreatment on 3/25/2011. If I’m not wrong she started about least a week before that. Does anyone recall her page being up before Curtis was caught, I DO…

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    • somebodies better post this on her page, that she better STOP HALT CEASE DESIST FROM USING MY NAME IN VAIN… attorneys letters are the way not only from me but 3+ others.

      this is what she wrote on pl: Someone keeps posting a link to Celia Sue’s blog, claiming it’s to be helpful. The next attempt will get that person (and anyone doing so) banned. We have no interest in her latest rant. We will not give her any attention, eyeballs or traffic. By visiting her blog, you feed her. If she chooses to continue on her mission of vengeance, that’s on her, not us. She really needs to get a life.

  16. Barbara Bruce

    I cannot believe that Rachel Wolf keeps changing her blog and still does not allow anyone to comment.

  17. Jeannie

    Here I am Celia “feeding you.” I have to echo what everyone here has already said, her manifesto did not address what she has done because she’s done NOTHING!!!! Amy, you are so right! She didn’t mention your name because she would have to address that she took your page down after the NJ Star Ledger article was published, she also shut down the PA page, albeit temporarily. I will reiterate what I’ve said before, Patrick’s Law Trademark Brand has done NOTHING except police, bully, ban, and delete.

    And Celia, thank you for pointing out what a LEADER should be, because she is not. A LEADER should also accept criticism without lashing out at her critics.

    •John J Pershing
    “A competent leader can get efficient service from poor troops, while on the contrary an incapable leader can demoralize the best of troops.”

    • a leader also does not lash out, shame, publicly humiliate, delete and ban people for asking simple questions like where is the info I am looking for and how can I help !!!!

      • Jeannie

        This cause requires strong leadership skills and integrity; someone to maintain peace and harmony, as well as act in a professional manner. “Patrick’s Law Protecting Animals Together (TM)” is not the “team” I want representing animals in need. The team can still move forward with the “vision,” but the founder needs to take a quiet role in this initiative. All I wanted from the beginning is full disclosure. Do I believe we got it with the “official statement?” No. Do I believe the “official statement” was sincere and genuine? No. Do I believe Rachel Wolf is capable of spearheading this initiative? HECK NO! No one will change my mind, and as long as I have the freedom to respond to blogs, I will express my opinion openly and honestly. Thank you for allowing me to comment Celia.

  18. Becky Timmons

    I am just astounded at all the Kool-Aid drinkers over there telling how great she is and how she is such a hero. I’ve come to conclusion that they all suffer from the same mental dysfunction that she does. They’ve found their team. Too bad it’s on the tails of poor Patrick. Sickening!

  19. Becky Timmons

    Just sent a message to Cindie:
    What’s been done by Patrick’s Law? I was banned for asking an honest question. I’m still watching and I don’t see anything happening besides cheerleading for Rachel (precipitated by “People are being mean to me” blog). Is there really something going on that matters? Honest question. I AM an animal lover and I am a volunteer. All I see is a whole bunch of people who are drinking the Kool-Aid. I’m not trying to be mean-spirited. I really care and I want to know.

    Forgot to mention…I admin a page (not related to Patrick) that has 58,228 members right now, 501 (3) (c) that has raised over $53,000 dollars for our cause.

    Let’s see how that goes 😉

    • jbdean

      That’s my whole question, too. Just what has she accomplished for Patrick’s Law? Zilch. Yet she tries to horn in on other movements for Patrick that do all the footwork and then she wants to waltz in and be the Glory Reaper. I just left her FB PL page and posted why. My post has gathered comments such as “petty” and “drama” … so, I guess that when one posts a reason for leaving, they are being petty and dramatic. LOL They just wanted me to slip off the radar, un-like the page and no one would be the wiser. Not.On.Your.Life. 😀

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  21. Jeannie

    One more thing: Do I care Rachel Wolf put me on her Wall of Shame? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!! It’s her right, as it is mine to speak out about what I believe is exploitation of the cause…and Patrick.

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