Give a Gift From Patrick weekend

URGENT:  Foster homes needed in NJ, Greene County asap, due to storm,

Thank you John and Coty from ThePatrickMiracle facebook page

You are the best!

To All: Rainy day coming here in New Jersey. Perfect day to write the Judge who will be handling Patrick’s case and let your feelings be known. Capt
May 6, 2011 / 0900 hours
New Courts Building
West Market Street
Newark NJ 07102
…Honorable Judge Sherry Hutchins-Henderson
Defendant : Kisha C. Curtis

from France The Patrick Miracle Communauté de soutien

Now please go to your local shelter with a gift of your time, donate food, volunteer whatever and tell them that Patrick sent you… and if they don’t know who he is, tell them.


Time: ‎9:00AM Friday, April 15th to Sunday, April 17, 2011

It is the Blog the Change today… See what other causes pet bloggers are supporting…


It is the regular Saturday Blog Hop, no bunnies were harmed with this hop so please adopt a bunny rabbit for Easter from your local shelter, adopt a dog, adopt a cat from your local shelter,  thanks to Life with Dogs, here’s the code… Hop Hop Hop…


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7 responses to “Give a Gift From Patrick weekend

  1. It’s wonderful that our dear Patrick is mobilizing such an intense force, spreading the word so massively about humane care of animals and what we can do to help! Thank you for sharing!

    Thanks for blogging the change!

    Kim Thomas from

  2. puploveca

    Stopping by on the pet blog hop – I love that picture of Patrick in the bunny ears!!

  3. My youngest daughter and I went to our local shelter today and donated all sorts of stuff to them. They had not even heard of Patrick. I showed the lady in charge a picture of him when they first found him and she almost got sick. We donated 104 lbs. of dog food, a box of dog bones, toys for the dogs, some towels, 2 blankets, some bowls for the cats, some cat food and treats for the cats. We wound up getting paper work to volunteer there this summer. She and I wanted to take all the cats and dogs home. We felt so good after we left as the people at the shelter were so happy with our donations.

  4. Here are a few responses from people in California who have given to their rescues and shelters in Patrick’s name: (I believe that there will be a posting of many more photos and comments from around the world/country on the new Patrick Movement blog).

    Gina Stephens I’m on my way to our local shelter this weekend to donate some food. I will definitely tell them precious Patrick “sent me!”

    Anna Bougas Hey Celia! I sent my “Gift from Patrick” to Luvabulls Rescue in Ohio.

    Lily Wissell i was so happy when i left East Valley (in Van Nuys Ca)… they were touched by patrick and knew of him, but i was sad that i was the first to show up there…. it was already 2:00… hopefully more gifts came in after ♥


    Lisa Angelini Well CeliaSue – coming from YOU, I’m humbled!!!!! Yes, darlin – I’m currently culling through the pages acquiring images of the “gifts from Patrick” along with their efforts that folks have posted and crediting our CHAMPION of the event!!! You folks do so very much – a place to celebrate and see the big picture. The wall posts get lost and just don’t cut it ♥ Thanks again, darlin ♥

    Wow… Lisa is an Angel… cannot wait to see our progress…

    Everybody on board the National Movement for Patrick choo choo train !

  6. So many great events going on to help animals. And I am so thrilled to read of all that is being done in honor of Patrick. Thanks for what you do and for helping spread the word too!
    Peggy from

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