Let my Patrick Go (Home)

Ok, Cici says, Silly Humans, What are you all fighting about now… ALL dogs deserve to be loved, pampered polka dot princesses/princes. And especially if they’ve been mistreated, abused, starved, neglected, and/or abandoned, they should get extra special treats and fun in their lives. And if you are a pit bull, you’re more than likely been given a bad rap and been treated badly. So, you need a real, true, loyal companion for life. A nice home. A bunch of bones. And some lizards to stalk, squirrels to chase, and grass to roll around in. Simple. Basic dog 101 stuff.

Why cannot humans behave and STOP fighting over Patrick, she asks me as only a canine can do.

Good question.

I am disgusted and dishartened by the comments made about Associated Humane Popcorn Park Shelter and everyones claim to know “whats best for Patrick” you all need to step back and look at yourselves and what your saying … BASHING the very people who saved him…. SHAME ON YOU! You all make your own judgements as to why they are doing what they are with NO basis….

Now, let’s have a POP quiz about Patrick to see if you truly are a Patrick fan.

who is Patrick?

How did he get named Patrick?

What is the name of his owner?

Where is he now?

How much does he weigh?

When will he have surgery and why?

When will his owner go to trial and where?

Is there a law named after Patrick?

Who is AHS and GSVS?

Where is Patrick’s furrever home?

Good questions, and the last one is the Question of the Day. If you are a faithful and loyal member of the Patrick’s Movement, or an obsessed Patrick fan, follower, pal or miracle watcher, then you know all of the answers to the above. If not, you can catch up here below.

Ok so back to Why are people fighting over Patrick today?


clarifying this situation. It had seemed to me oh no, not another drama about Patrick. Another day, another people drama about Patrick. Now I understand why people are upset. Also, because of a twitter conversation with the Patrick Movement-Maryland, sorry I don’t know your name. I also think Best Friends and BadRap should weigh in on this since they took in many of the Vicktory dogs and had a gag order to deal with for a long time, too where they were not able to talk about the dogs. I used to work at Best Friends and also think that if Patrick cannot be adopted (REALLY HOPE HE CAN BE by the GSVS staff member who has stepped forward), then Best Friends would be a good place for him. Still, it is not a home, I pray Patrick has THE BEST POSSIBLE FURREVER HOME. He certainly deserves all the love, care and training and fun a loving family will give him.

Moving on to our rally on May 6.  Animal Friends Pet Rescue and Patricks Pet Food Bank in Seaside/Pets of the Homeless are hosting a rally and adoption event on May 6, 2011 at noon in the Crossroads Shopping Center, on Rio Road in front of the Pet Food Express. May 6 is the date Patrick’s owner Kisha Curtis is going on trial for abandoning, starving, neglecting and abusing him ( throwing him down a garbage chute in New Jersey on St. Patrick’s Day (hence his name).  He was found by two maintenance workers, brought to AHS, barely alive, a skeleton weighing 20 pounds. He now weighs 36 pounds and just had surgery this week. He was neutered, had his teeth cleaned and also had a hair mass removed from his tummy, that had been lodged in his intestine. He has been lovingly cared for by the good folks at GSVS Hospital.

We are holding this event in solidarity with all of the Patrick Movement rallies across the nation and virtually online on that date.

Pet lovers and the public are welcome to attend. The doggies will be sporting green bandanas in Patrick’s honor. Please wear green, too. We will be providing doggies for adoption, music for dogs, a raffle, information about adoption and abused animals, as well as goodies (baked goods).

If you’d like to donate pet food to Patrick’s pet food bank, adopt a pet, or  to help us at the rally, please give me a call or email me. Thanks for your generous support.  Below is our flyer.

flyer for rally


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6 responses to “Let my Patrick Go (Home)

  1. Pat DeWald

    I think I detect some fear on the part of AHS that they are losing control of Patrick. He has become something of a legend and is stealing THEIR spotlight. I find the majority of their assessment ridiculous. They completely ignore the fact that he is where he is because he was almost dead. The recovery process alone can bring emotional and behavior issues to the surface that are usually just a product of feeling pretty crappy. I’ve snapped at people when I’ve been under the weather, so it’s understandable that a dog would feel prone to doing that as well.

    I do think that the public can go really “over the top” in their minute vigilance. I get it that Patrick has become the symbol of heinous abuse and honest transparency is called for, but he also should be allowed to be just a dog and leave the public part of it to the lawyers pursuing prosecution. I tend to agree with a program that puts Patrick first into a foster home and then a forever home. If this happens to be with an employee of the animal hospital that would be great, but I don’t think it needs to be written in stone at this point as to who this person should be. Their may be many foster homes out there who would be better for him than the staff can supply, who knows that for sure?

    I am a longtime supporter and regular volunteer at Best Friends. While I agree it would be a good place for Patrick, I think foster and adoption are always a better option than a sanctuary setting, no matter how wonderful the sanctuary is. I also agree that a bit of anonymity would be good as well. Were you at the sanctuary when a dog named Dermott was a Guardian Angel? People were fixated on that wonderfully loopy dog. But things got ugly when it was announced that Dermie had been adopted. What? You dare take out Dermie away from us? It got so bad, that the adopter’s sister had to write an open letter on the website defending her sister’s ability to be an exceptional dogmom. And then of course everyone’s worst nightmare happened when Dermie dropped dead from a heart attack about 6 months later. The hate mongers really jumped on that one.

    So I wish for Patrick a loving home with the right humans, away from the spotlight that will just allow him to be a dog. His kind of doggieness, whatever that may be.

    • Yah I just pray for Patrick that he gets the best home for his highest good, and it be a furrever home where can be the best dog he can be. No, I was not at BF then and when I was there in 98, I was a cat person… when Hizzoner was still alive and Tomato. loved those sweet cats. did not pay any attention to the doggies back then. cici has changed me… still love both canines and felines and all animals.

  2. Pat DeWald

    I didn’t start going out to Utah until 2003. It was a cat that lured me out there. After reading an article written by Tomato introducing his office staff I just had to go out and meet Audrey, the head of his complaint department. I wasn’t disappointed. She was a special kitty and I continued to visit her yearly until she crossed several years ago. I divide my time between cats and dogs. Though I consider myself a cat person, I do love to get my doggie dose while I’m out there. And odder still, I manage the Lodge Dog forum on the Best Friends Network. Who knew?

    • cool, still waiting for your guest blog post about healthy pet food. what is the Lodge Dog forum? for lodge dogs? dogs with inns? 🙂 perhaps you can hook cici and I up with some inns? 🙂

  3. Vandigo

    I think if anyone should adopt Patrick, it should by all means be one of the people who helped nurse him back to health. Not only because it is already obvious that they care about this dog and animals in general, but because this person knows what this specific dog actually needs, whereas anyone jumping in to be the savior and give the dog a permanent home does not. The worker knows what kind of foods he eats, what kind of toys he likes, what sets him off, what calms him down, whats normal for him to do, and what would tip this person off to something not being right. At this point, if I was asked to adopt Patrick myself, in place of the person working with him that has stepped forward to, I would decline for the very reasons I just posted.

    Unfortunately, there is no rally in my area *I live in the middle of nowhere, my nearest neighbor is 5 miles away* so I will have to attend the online one, but I can tell you all three of my dogs will be spoiled rotten on that day *like they arent any other day*

  4. EmilyS

    I don’t know that anyone is actually fighting over Patrick.

    A bunch of people are posting on various internet sites and FB. Most of what they’re posting is completely obsessive, hysterical and delusional.

    There are a handful of people who are actually working with Patrick and know what’s going on. Some of them have no clue about how to communicate with people.

    Patrick is no different from any other badly abused dog.. he needs the kind of consistent, kind rule-based household that only an experienced foster can provide. And it needs to be anonymous so everyone can get back to their lives.. or focus on their local shelters where dogs they can actually meet IRL need their help. The best result of the trial would be a court-ordered gag order, as was done in the case of the Vick dogs

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