cici home soon aka where do good dogs go, the sequel

Update: Cici IS AT THE SPCA, Thank you all for your prayers and kindness. she is fine and be home around 4 pm today.

cici just got home, only a tiny scratch above her eye, she is a miracle baby, i swear she has 9 lives, starving, peeing like a bandit, fed her like a pig, hot dogs, kibble, treats, gonna go cuddle with her. thx

This was NOT Cici just running away.  She was run over by an SUV and was spooked and scared out of her mind. Happened because of owner of this house is cruel and inhuman, let her go out in the street and was laughing about her getting hurt… PS: Cici and I need a NEW PLACE TO LIVE ASAP. More on that Later.

Many many people to thank who kept me halfway sane:

Kelly at Animal Control in Seaside, THE BEST

Megan at the Monterey County SPCA, WONDERFUL

Carie Broecker of Aloha Pet Sitting, Peace of Mind Dog Rescue, Editor of Canine Coastal Magazine and dog mom/lover in Pacific Grove, YOU ROCK and kept me together this morning when I was falling apart

Jim Fink, who has a HEART OF GOLD in the right place, who walked with me around the neighborhood at midnight and made phone calls this morning, always trying to do HIS BEST and powerful PRAYERS

Lisa Spector’s Calm Canine Music for helping me halfway stay sane, if not for music, cannot even think what

Anna Bougas, Nikhi C my Canadian friend, Catherine Howe Bryant, Taylor and Mark, Lisa Cliffe, Adria Castro and The rest of the gang at The Patricks Miracle and Movement, Amy Brigham, Barbara Bruce, Edie Jarolim of Will My Dog Hate Me, Nanners Mom, Mary Alice of Dog Jaunt, Lori Manning, Tim Link, Kim Garrison, Marie or Nancy DiSimone, you guys are THE BEST PEOPLE ON THE PLANET, sorry, hope I did not leave anyone out, forgive me…

and BLESS YOU kind hearted folks who found my fur baby last night and brought her to the SPCA !!!


PS: Been trying to rest/take a nap, but am way too tired… it occurrs to me that my sweet dog is really a cat with nine lives. She got me to rescue her when she was just six months, from a bad situation, when I did not even want a dog. Then she got hit by a van in Carson City and survived, albeit three surgeries on her leg. And now this Easter miracle… imagine how many dogs get RUN OVER by an SUV and SURVIVE, never mind survive UNSCATHED… and then SURVIVE the wild streets of Seaside.  Trust me, my fur baby is truly BLESSED and surrounded by divine canine protection.


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9 responses to “cici home soon aka where do good dogs go, the sequel

  1. Cathleen

    I am soo happy for you and Cici!!!! I hope she is OK and didn’t get too hurt!

  2. Lisa

    I am very happy she is safe..and I was more than happy to email with you to try to sort out where she might have went. Dog lovers unite, always..

    Lisa C

  3. What good news. I’m so relieved. There should be a half-way house for dogs and their mommas who need a safe place. I’m outraged that someone else put her in danger.

    • yeah, I second that… if you are mad, don’t take it out on an innocent animal, especially a sweet loving one like cici… she loves him soooo much and he clearly hates her. what is wrong with him????? i would be happy to start one (halfway house for dogs and their mommas)… first, we have to get a car… need miracles…

  4. So glad it all worked out for you! I was hoping for a happy ending to this story. Now good luck finding a place to live….

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