URGENT: my cici is missing

Update: Cici IS AT THE SPCA, Thank you all for your prayers and kindness. she is fine and be home around 4 pm today.

it is 7 am, she is still missing… not at emergency vet clinic, and police do not have her either, animal control opens at 8 am, spca at 9 am…

here is her post on craigslist…


please pray for my Cici, she is missing, scared, possibly hurt, it is easter sunday around 11 pm, it is dark, cold, she has been gone since about 4-5 pm, pls pray, thanks. we are in seaside, california … near to Monterey, pls thank u. if anyone is in this area and has seen her, please call me at 702-225-8206.  i called the police and posted elsewhere online, facebook, twitter, etc.


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6 responses to “URGENT: my cici is missing

  1. Diana

    oh no!!!!!!! I hope you find her soon!!! OMG!!!

  2. Cathleen

    OMG! I am so sorry…even thought I am in Los Angeles and will keep an eye out. Praying and sending safe and loving thoughts to you and Cici

  3. OMG this is horrible. I am so very sorry to hear and I hope you find her very soon.

  4. What terrible news. I hope she is now safe!
    Nubbin wiggles,

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