lost pet, sequeal to sequel

Gee, duh wonder why I would write about this topic, huh…

but first a short rant and sequeal to the sequel…

found out that the roommate deliberately misled us to go in the WRONG direction to look for cici so that we would NOT find Cici, growl… and the SPCA charged me $103 to get Cici back, for what? not feeding her, not taking care of the few scratches she had on her body and above her eye and not taking her out to go potty. Nice job. Not.

Other roommate and I are considering getting our own place and moving outta here asap. Last night the loser acted like everything was all rosey, cannot have your cake and eat it, too… Cannot harm me and my dog and then expect me to let you pet her and play with her again. No can do. Crossed a BIG line.

Cici and I went shopping yesterday together. Took her because I could not leave her alone in house with loser. It worked out great actually. She licked everyone in the store, and got exercise. Imagine, me driving one of those carts (because I cannot walk much due to pain in legs, arthritis), and am like a bumper car driver, poor cici got really good at getting out of my way, turning with me when least expected, squeeeeal… oh no !

ok, now, sleeping with my bed hog the last two nights and this morning never felt so great. Again, thank you all for your prayers and support.

In a few ways, the horror of the last few days has been a blessing in disguise. Cici is now licensed, got her rabies shot, and I also found out about her microchip this morning. Yes, she has a microchip. But the previous owner who had put her in a horrific situation had it inserted. And I worried about her info being incorrect and how would I update it. A few years ago when Cici had been run over and had three surgeries I had asked the vet who did the surgeries about the chip, but there was so much going on, plus $3,500 to pay, that I never did anything about the chip.

Pet insurance will be covered in another blog post. Best Friends sent out an insurance bulletin. An insurance company they will benefit from if / when we sign up for it.

Have also heard mixed info about microchipping in general. Some say that the microchips cause cancer.


pros and cons


And others insist that the chip is completely safe.  Happy for your feedback.  Does your pet have a microchip? Do you know with what company and how they operate, what services they provide?

Well, guess what, I have the microchip number now, the phone number of the company and the company name so I called them. And found out that her microchip was never registered with the company. Yet she has a microchip number?  All I have to do the agent said is register her online with the correct/my current info for $16.99. That is the fee for life. And the first year you get amazing benefits…If I had the service, it would have saved me A TON of grief.

Hindsight is 20/20, you know.

Ok, so the company is called Home . If her chip had been registered, all I would have needed to do was call them and transfer the ownership and update the info, for free, no matter how long ago the chip had been installed.  Here is their spiel.


They say that their microchip is the only one that does not migrate around the pet’s body.

These services are included free with the cost of registering the microchip the first year. The $16.99 a year fee after the first year covers these services:

Rapid Lost Pet Alerts

When your pet goes missing, the HomeAgain lost pet network is on the lookout for your missing family member. We send out rapid Lost Pet Alerts to members of our Pet Recovery Network within a 25-mile radius from where your pet went missing.

24/7 Emergency Medical Hotline

HomeAgain is committed to protecting your pet with 24 hour pet emergency services. Call our ASPCA veterinarian-staffed pet emergency hotline for help anytime a medical emergency strikes!

Travel Assistance For Found Pets

HomeAgain knows just how far lost pets can travel. Our pet transport services will cover up to $500 to fly your found dog or cat home when he’s discovered over 500 miles away from home.

Good deal?

another company


how to find a lost dog


looks like a cool kids book, Jack Russell detective taking a bite and sniff outta crime


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