will the real cyberbully stalking PM’s on Facebook please stand up

Attention: ONLY Official and Ultimutt National Movement Followers May Enter and Read My Blog. NO Spies Allowed.

We know you snuck in somehow. Shoo shoo shoo shoo flies. If you do not stand straight curtsy, know the secret paw shake and forget to kiss the Queen’s paw ring, OUT I say OUT ! (Only kidding on this blog, we do not discriminate, ban, delete or make you feel bad and call you names nor harass nor stalk you based on how you breathe, talk or if the Queen is having a bad hair day…

If you MUST visit the Queen, QUICK HOP ON A PLANE and GO TO ENGLAND.  Hurry Hurry the Royals are having a BIG To Do Soon and You Must Learn the Proper Petiquette and Protocols.

Ok, now that that bit of nonsense is out of the way… I am here to say this, as my Official Statement, as it were since I stand accused, so here I must confess my Deep Dark Secret… ta da… are you ready?

I have NO IDEA how to stalk anyone’s Private Messages on Facebook… sorry, if you want me to skulk around and stalk you, I don’t have a clue HOW to do it.  I have no aliases, no admins, and no time for all this BS… Cici and I are recovering from our recent ORDEAL and having a Sleep A Thon, 12 hours a day and night ZZZZZZZZ…

But, I find it morally repugnant to VIOLATE other people’s private conversations so alas I must speak UP.

The accuser who points at me shows us that she is the one doing the stalking of me and others with her proof against me. And if she adds/shows more of the conversation below, that would only be further proof of her stalking us. A criminal offense which WILL BE PROSECUTED TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW.

there is NO proof of my stalking anyone, because I’ve been busy planning a rally, creating a pet food bank and taking care of my puppy with nine lives. Also, making some wonderful new friends. The someone who accused me DOES stalk people online. And is very busy accusing and pointing fingers all the while skulking around and stalking others at all hours of the day and night… in between harassing and bashing people who two weeks ago were her friends. In two more weeks, those she claims to be her good buddies today will no doubt be banned, deleted and banished too.

I have been told that she complained via two blog posts to her 21 followers on blogger and told approx. 900 followers on twitter to get facebook pages shut down… and claims that without her there would be no Patricks Movement… in a sense that is true, everyone saw the abuse taking place on her page that has finally been shut down, thank you to all who got that job done, and ran over to the Patrick Miracle page which brought Patrick to our attention originally and then created a National Movement TO GET THE ANIMALS MUCH NEEDED ASSISTANCE… because it was obvious that NOTHING but name calling, banning and deleting and issuing proclamations (like that one in the Harry Potter movie, Dolores somebody who tortured Harry) was going on over there at her page, and began creating 100+ Facebook pages with people working together in each state and across state lines, creating rallies, posting updates, doing petitions, writing to the Prosecutors, doing a Give a Gift From Patrick weekend and helping other Patricks… ie, people have been carrying on JUST FINE without her and CREATING RESULTS, NOT spending all of their time, skulking, stalking, harassing and HURLING ACCUSATIONS AT EVERYONE ad nauseum ad infinitum… ho hum, same old, lame old.

below is a PRIVATE message between myself and Adria Castro, at 3 a.m. one morning, we were discussing the LA rally on May 6 and other info… It was a PRIVATE conversation…at 3 a.m. in the morning…

would you have a clue how to barge into someone else’s PRIVATE conversation on Facebook?  would you have the audacity to be poking around loitering and listening in on others PRIVATE conversations?

what was she doing stalking us at 3 a.m. in the morning????   totally creeped us both out and WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

here is the proof of her stalking me and Adria at 3.am.

  • Adria Castro
    • They don’t accept emails 😦:( I think
  • Adria Castro

    April 15

    Adria Castro

    • she is psycho
      • Rachel Wolf

        April 15
        Rachel Wolf
        • 🙂 Hi
      • Adria Castro

        April 15

        Adria Castro

        • Good then you you know that your welcomed at our rally 🙂:)

(I did not even know what a PM was until someone told me it was a Private Message).  screen shots, are those like jello shots???

WHO skulks around stalking people and interrupting their PRIVATE conversations at 3 am or any time????

Who has the time, audacity and motivation to poke around, barge into and VIOLATE people’s PRIVATE messages?

You know who I am talking about and you know her page that was just shut down.  I quote the very well said video, soon she will get mad at Patrick the dog too. Crossing the LINE.

Who has the time and energy it takes to find out all of her aliases, admins, and spies to block them all to Kingdom come.???  After the stalking incident, I did learn how to block those I found out about but who can keep up with all of that surreptitious activity????

By the way, in case anyone else wants TO BE DONE and block her, I’ve been told that Kevin King is another one of her fake profiles…She set it up so that it can’t be reported… I saw that there were a bunch of them, God Save Me from the Queen. A little bit of Cici’s DIVINE CANINE PROTECTION please.

I liked the Facebook Glitches page, did not know what it was, then suggested that they  block her and then I unliked that page, too.

Creepier than creepy.

What a waste of time taking energy and focus away from the animals who are abused and need our help.

A big useless distraction and energy drain… As Obama just said in regard to the birthers, we DO NOT have time for this.

If she were not so mean, it would be sad. really really sad. To be made fun of and have made enemies out of people who could have been friends and allies. To not be able to distinguish the difference.


Go look at her blog…I will NOT post a link here and

if you enjoy being bullied and harrassed and told what to do, stay there and worship the Queen

or go to the Patricks Movement blog (link below)

observe the Obvious Difference…

whining, accusing, blaming and bragging with NOTHING to show for it


teamwork, getting things DONE for the animals and Creating Results… and JOIN US !



Write and Petition your legislators non-stop the Week of May 2, 2011. The beginning of Be Kind to Animals Week and leading up to the trial May 6, 2011.  Each state design a petition or letter addressed to that state’s legislators citing that state’s specific issues of animal advocacy.


and Roxanne or someone, please get cici and me to the nearest halfway house for dog mamas and their puppies. Thanks.


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2 responses to “will the real cyberbully stalking PM’s on Facebook please stand up

  1. Natalie

    i looked at the patrick’s law twitter. she apparently posted a few things on her blog but those posts have since been removed but she is still talking a ton of BS on her twitter. i’m curious as to what the blogs said though. i got tired of the drama and haven’t really been following anything except the patrick miracle page and my state’s patrick movement page but apparently she was having drama with a fake FB page and whatnot. funny how drama clings to this woman. bleh. hopefully she stays away from now on since the individual state movement pages are accomplishing more than rachel wolf could ever dream to accomplish. and that’s creepy how she managed to intrude on a PM conversation. i didn’t know that was possible on facebook. creepy indeed.

  2. a little bit more than freaky coming in on a private im. A bit scary too. As always, great blog!

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