Send Google a message about dog fighting app

Thanks to Seattle DogSpot for letting us know that the dog fighting app Dog Wars is still on the market under a different name KG Fighting. Apparently, Google needs to get the message that we will not stop protesting this app.  I just sent the following letter to and a whole bunch of media, too including USA Today and the SF Chronicle.

Feel free to copy and paste my letter and send a letter yourself as well as sign the petition….

Dear Google,

Dog fighting is NOT a game, not a joke, and catering to the lowest form of human behavior and encouraging violence should NEVER be a marketing ploy.

There is a well documented connection between people who abuse animals and those that abuse people.

This is the type of behavior that your DogWars/KG Fighting app encourages.

If you truly want to help raise awareness and educate people, then where is the app for animal rescuers to help people who are saving animals lives?

Your claim that the game is “a satire about the ridiculousness of dogfighting and we believe in the power of a modern media tool to educate and raise awareness of the real horrors” is ludicrous. Every organization and individual that rescues, shelters, and advocates on behalf of dogs say it’s a despicable game that glamorizes dog fighting.

No one has censored your game.  We are asking Google, a privately-owned company, to drop the game. That is not censorship. You are free to develop all kinds of games glorifying violence and torture against dogs that you want, but that doesn’t mean companies have to carry the games or that companies can’t drop the games in the face of massive public protest.  We will continue to ask Google to drop KG Dogfighting from Android Market.

Bad for dogs, bad for people. Bad for Google.

The search tags for the game contradict your so-called good intentions.

search tags: Aggression strength bite run action games better than papertoss or gun shooting – train to dogfight with this interactive app – drugwars iMobsters gangwars vampires hustle angry birds rio rovio and other deadly games have nothing on the mature adult multiplayer fighting role playing action of pitbulls that dogwars has. Puppy MMA ultimate fighting DUFC with ghetto rap music background and hood rat thug 3d rendered and cartoonized graphics – buy weapons, juice your dog, get bling – tamagotchi has nothing on this virtual pet – jersey shore people love this!!!

Your cooperation is appreciated .


Patrick Sent Me !

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One response to “Send Google a message about dog fighting app

  1. I’m glad that people are continuing to protest this horrible, disgusting excuse for a game. Just an FYI, Google didn’t make any of the claims that it was for animal rights, etc… that was all the game creators, Kage Games. Google had nothing to do with the creation of the game or making excuses for it; I wish they would come out and say something about why they are still allowing it in the Android Market, though. I sent a similar letter to Kage Games about their app and all I got back was a cheesy auto-reply about how they can’t go public for fears of their safety and “all will be revealed in time”. Pathetic.

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