techie apps for doggie mamas

i cannot believe that i started this blog post bashing Word Press and they actually featured it on their front page Freshly Pressed page as being one of the best blog posts of the day…

I wrote about how I had all of this blog post DONE and then WP wiped it ALL out, WP ATE my blog post and I have to start from scratch… i had saved the draft numerous times, but the last time, it decided I needed to sign in again and got back and GONE were all the saves. boo humbug WP… this is not the first time that WP has done this either… so I learned my lesson, create the blog post on my computer first, then copy and paste it onto WP, so that this cannot happen again. is a new web-based service that removes the risk out of home pet care (or using pet sitters). Often people using a pet sitter worry that a pet sitter will not arrive in a timely manner, will forget to provide care or will forget all the instructions. provides a fully-automated solution. allows pet owners to know, in real time, their pet sitter arrived at their home, and the amount of time the pet sitter spends with the pets. In addition, PETZcheckIN provides the security of back-up plan activation should something happen, and a pet sitter not show for reasons such as car accidents, or other human mistakes.

Pet sitters are great people, but they are, like all of us, human and fallible. takes the human risk factor out of pet sitting, and provides pets with security and safety.

In addition, provides reminder calls, texts or e-mails to the pet sitter just to confirm. The ePETZid at PETZcheckIN provides an easy way to share all the information about a pet.

Pet owners can sign up today, and give it a try for free! Using a pet sitter for the weekend? Give PETZcheckIN a free try, and see how much more secure you feel when you receive the little e-mail that lets you know your pet sitter is giving care to your dog, cat or horse. is owned by checkingIN, inc. This service adds about $14 to your total pet care bill (assuming twice daily pet sitting).

MY DOG, launched at the Apple Store (FEATURES A PET TRAVEL GUIDE!). Dog-lovers will find it helpful, efficient and economical. MY DOG is FREE, and created by a dog-owner when he lost his beloved Dax, (a Terrier Mix). MY DOG holds your pet’s important medical information in addition to offering you the most extensive National dog-service Directory with data about veterinarians, nearby pet hospitals and shelters. MY DOG is the only “pet App” with the capacity to help you find your lost pet.  Please visit

PawTrotter: Need to find a dog friendly business? This can be a challenge especially when you are traveling and unfamiliar with the area. The PawTrotter app has more than 130,000 pet stores, dog friendly hotels, veterinarians, and dog parks. You do not even need to enter an address, the app uses the iPhone’s GPS to pin point your location and find businesses near you. Costs $2.99 on I-tunes.

Developed by a pet-owner  ( for iPhones this makes taking trips easy and stress-free!  Pawtrotter and its unique, interactive “Wheel Navigation” helps pet owners find over 130,000 Pet-friendly places in the following categories: Dog Parks & Beaches, Pet-Friendly Hotels, Pet Grooming & Washing, Veterinarians & Pet Hospitals, Pet Boarding & Sitting, Pet Stores, and more. Pawtrotter also features reviews, addresses and phone numbers for pet-related destinations or businesses.  A pet-owner can quickly call or map them from your iPhone.

Dog owners who like to travel with their best friends can also use, the vacation rental website with the worlds largest collection of guest reviews. FlipKey makes it easy to find pet-friendly travel accommodations around the world with filters and guest reviews, which can be extremely helpful in letting guests know what doggy amenities are available.

Dog-A-Pedia app created by eighth-grader Preston Oakes lists a dog’s average weight, height, color, life span and whether a dog is hypoallergenic, among other things. It also offers photos. Oakes was concerned about the number of dogs euthanized every year. He thought if families did a little more research and found a good match in a dog from the get-go, they would be less likely to abandon it later on. Windows Phone 7 users can purchase the Dog-A-Pedia app through the Windows Phone website,

I don’t know of any dog owner who doesn’t love taking pictures of his or her furry friend. Many times iPhone shots are of dogs doing / being adorable or hilarious and Photobucket’s app makes life easier by streamlining the process.

As the world leader in photo sharing, Photobucket not only gives travelling dogs and their owners the ability to STORE, ORGANIZE, EDIT AND SHARE memories from the road – but the PATENTED AUTOMATIC (ZERO-CLICK) UPLOADER on the mobile app also makes the experience a completely seamless one.  Available for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows phones and more.

This is a great fit for all mobile dog owners – not only do Photobucket’s apps allow you to capture and store memories on-the-go, but you also can share them immediately with friends and family all around the world.

Save Money on Gas: With gas prices rising, consider ways to save at the pump.  Plan ahead to avoid driving more than necessary if you get lost, and use apps that can help you find the best gas prices in your location. has a list of 10 apps, including Gasbuddy (free) which locates nearby gas stations and sorts them by price. Thanks to Kathy Boerner from Hertz for this tip.

Mo’s knows that kids (and adults) learn organically through all they experience via smell, taste, hear, see and touch. The Mo’s Nose App will incorporate many of the five senses, by allowing users to navigate the world with Mo’s canine sense of curiosity and knowingness; thus, turning their phone into a pet-friendly finding tool and Mo-friendly toy.

The Mo’s Nose App is a fun way to search, find, experience, play and learn. To develop this comprehensive national pet directory Mo’s Nose worked with ProKarma, an international industry leader in IT, ranked fastest growing IT Service Company in the US.  Mo is a rescue dog, but he is such a loyal and loving companion, sometimes we have to ask…who rescued whom? (

Peggy Frezon, author of Dieting with My Dog (Hubble & Hattie) available October 2011 is also a pet columnist of “Pawsitively Pets”. Here is her suggestions for “5 Great Phone Apps for Pet People.”

Happy Mother’s day cards from Modern Dog Magazine

It is hopping along blog hop time thanks to Life with Dogs and so here is the blog hop code


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24 responses to “techie apps for doggie mamas

  1. WP ate my blog post once before, too … but I didn’t have the amazingly apropros doggie story to go along with it!


    Great post, btw.

  2. Thanks for sharing this! And enjoyed the early bit on WP losing your post.

  3. mb

    WP has eaten a few of mine as well, I’m glad you were able to reconstruct this one. Well done, congrats on being pressed.!

  4. Dogs are Awesome!!!!

  5. jeanne

    This is a very informative post. Thanks for all the ideas!

  6. Awwww, I love my two doggies.

  7. saltybi11

    Now all they need is a pet mess app! Locates and cleans for you…

  8. I have 3 pit bulls, and sometimes pet friendly place are hard to find. They deserve to have other doggy friends too! You can see my children at my blog’s about me:
    Congrats on being freshly pressed!

  9. Pet check in sounds fantastic. I’m forwarding to my favorite vet to spread the word.

  10. Happy Mom’s Day!! This is very good information for all the “pet parents” out there. After all, our animals are “family.” I am looking forward to more of your posts. I hope you get a chance to check out my new blog. I welcome your comments too! By the way, I hope everyone will consider adopting from a shelter. We need more loving pet parents. Who cares about the breed? All animals are special.

  11. Great post! We may be traveling across country with Dozer to visit family this Summer and it would be great to be able to find pet-friendly places!
    -Mo (

  12. Very cool! Thanks for the info!

  13. looks cool and seems really interesting.

  14. Thanks so much for all of this information. My canine kids – Punkin, Bobo, Pookie and Itty Bitty thank you, as do I.

    Congrats on being Freshly Pawed, I mean Freshly Pressed.



  15. yay for dogs! funnily enough i just did a short post of a dog park in my hometown, at the backdrop of Table Mountain. Truly beautiful, all our doggie people LOVE it, you would too 😉

  16. I’m a dog-lover (with cats >.<) and I love your blog!

  17. Great list of apps. I took advantage of the Mother’s Day card from Modern Dog Magazine right away. Also, thanks for mentioning my Pawsitively Pets column too!

  18. Okay these apps officially ROCK!!! I’m glad I stumbled upon your blog… my pups will be, too! 🙂

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  20. Ann

    I have a dog that might have to get put down and I don’t want that to happen because I love her so much

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