around the world with my dog

Thought it would be fun to find out about dog customs in various countries. Also, if you are traveling overseas with your pets, there are numerous things you should know.

However, in the midst of doing research, guess what I found out?

My dog is banned…

not only in Miami, Denver and Ontario Canada

but also in Denmark, Finland, England and other countries.


Because she is a pit bull mix.

She is also banned or restricted on various airlines…

and on military bases…

not that I have ANY plans to take her on an airline, or to other countries or to Denver or Miami or any military base, but it is crazy to ban dogs when people who abuse animals, people who put on dog fights, race greyhounds, and breed puppies in mills, go scot free. And M. Vick makes millions.


My sweet dog who would never harm a person, would never hurt anyone intentionally is banned but people who kill, maim, slaughter, abuse, neglect, abandon and torture animals (and eventually people) are free to continue their evil ways.

This has to change.

Just found this No Dogs Allowed Post from our friends over at Dog Jaunt, sheesh what a list, doggie prejudice is rampant.

Tomorrow, Kisha Curtis will go to trial in New Jersey for starving, abandoning and neglecting Patrick the Miracle Dog and the Patrick Movement folks are holding rallies and events around the country to raise awareness and to pass stricter laws in every state against animal abuse.  Whether you are attending a rally or not, say a little prayer for Patrick that his abuser is given the maximum sentence. Justice for Patrick.

and in Carmel, supposedly dog friendly, and Monterey, we are holding a rally/adoption event tomorrow BUT despite my sending flyers and press releases way in advance to the media, NONE elected to feature our event in the weekly events calendar, NONE.  I posted the info for the event all over their Facebook pages, but this is crazy, anti pit bull sentiment here, there and everywhere.  Yes, there are encouraging positive signs and articles, but there still is a lot of ignorance and prejudice.

We will still have a great event.  Speak UP for the animals. Thank you.

Just found this out, about the fight for Patrick, making me feel ill, but may Truth Justice and What is Best for Patrick PREVAIL…

the fight for Patrick,

Bringing dogs and cats to Australia…


Clearing customs in various countries…

taking your dog to Norway

Sweden’s dog movie theatre

pet friendly cottages in Scotland

Difference between dogs in England and America

Dogs in France

Dogs in France are allowed in so many more places than their English cousins. It wasn’t unusual to have dogs in cafes and even restaurants. We also saw dogs in the local department store and a museum, and hadn’t realised that we were also staying in a dog-friendly hotel.

Parisian luxury hotel for dogs offers doggie massage, swim in the pool

Dogs in Italy

Dogs in Canada

There is a Canadian dog magazine and a Canadian dog blog

bringing your dog to Canada

If you have a pit bull, you cannot bring it to Ontario.

The province of Ontario does not permit pit bulls to enter the province. For information on Ontario’s pit bull ban, visit the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General website.

There are other countries that ban pit bulls and other breeds (rottweilers and others).

Here is a list of breeds that are banned in many countries worldwide:

American Staffordshire Terrier
Staffordshire Terrier
Pit Bull Terrier
American Pit Bull Terrier
Doberman Pinscher
Dogo Argentino
Dogo de Burdeos
Fila Brasileiro
Mastin Napolitano
De Presa Canario
Tosa Japones

Wikipedia lists airlines that restrict/ban pit bulls.

Now it gets dicey for dogs… in poorer countries, there are problems.

Dogs in Greece

Stray dogs in Athens

Dogs in Israel

Dogs do not seem to fare well in Israel, and are abandoned during the summer.

Dogs in Asia

there are many articles about people eating dogs in Asia and how dogs do not fare well.  Depends upon the country. Now,  Japan is having problems with pets due to the tsunami and earthquake.

Dogs in India

stray dogs, slum dogs, and people eating dogs are what comes up when you do a Google search…

Things to consider in general :


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2 responses to “around the world with my dog

  1. Jen

    Thank you for highlighting the awful plight of pit bulls! I used to have one and he was the gentlest, most loving dog ever. I love to read articles like this that point out the absurdity of banning a breed, rather than cracking down on animal abusers.

    I just found your blog yesterday but look forward to reading more!

  2. Discrimination against a particular breed for the bad actions of a few or based on a “reputation” or “urban legend” is very unfortunate. My best freiend used to have Rotweilers and when we would walk them in town people would literally snactch up their children and small dogs. How rediculous! Now that friend has Pit Bulls and her dogs are very sweet and well behaved. I have seen some very vicous chihuahuas out there!

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