the world is watching the live rally for Patrick in NJ online

Kisha Curtis live on TV … Patrick was starved for at least a month according to GSVS doc… she moved to Albany and left Patrick for two days, if you believe her, I have a bridge to sell you…

watch it here:

we want Justice for Patrick….

someone said that Kisha Curtis pled not guilty, left and then she will be tried in a couple of weeks.

Update ~Pics will be posted on various pages (including here).

Keisha entered via the front door (w/her mom) ~ saw everyone assembled. Probably opted for another exit b/cause the crowd had increased.

The plea was “not guilty” ~ next court date is June 2.

Captain Yokum was not there but the arresting officer from NJ SPCA was.

1,200 people all around the world watched the video, Sweden, England, Canada, Scotland, France, Australia, NC, SC, Illinois, Ohio, California, Minnesota, Louisiana, New Mexico and more…


Later today at noon we are having a Patrick rally and adoption event with Animal Friends Pet Rescue (PG) in Carmel in front of the Pet Food Express store on Rio Road.  Public is welcome to attend.

here is what news media said:

also on the Patrick news front, MUST READ:


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2 responses to “the world is watching the live rally for Patrick in NJ online

  1. You do great work keeping us all informed on Patrick. I hope everything works out. I hope his future is wonderful.

  2. Vandigo

    You are amazing, keep this blog going, I read it every update, thank you so much.

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