Dear Kisha Curtis… curious minds want to know

Dear Kisha Curtis,

On Friday, you pled not guilty to the charges against you for abusing your dog now known as Patrick.

Animal advocates rally for Patrick the pit bull as former owner pleads ‘not guilty’ | Science update

At the rally I held on Friday in Carmel, a few people who came by cried when they saw and heard what you did to Patrick. They were horrified.

But in your world, according to your statements and your mother’s statements, a plausible adoption method is to leave a LIVE animal tied up to a railing and SOMEONE just comes along and takes the dog off your hands… wow, how easy and convenient for you. No muss no fuss.  You don’t have to feed the dog and You don’t have to be responsible.

well, years ago, here on Planet earth, I worked at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. And what we did was we took really good care of the animals, fed them, gave them lots of water and treats, gave them medical care, played with them, socialized them, trained them and then once a week we would go to Pet Smart and talk to people about adopting the animals. When someone was interested, we’d put them through a process to see if they were a good match, able to be responsible for the animal for life and willing to do what it takes to be a pet parent. If so, they paid a fee and became pet parents.

So now, I have a few questions and comments. Curious minds want to know.

You appeared to be surprised that people are upset with you. Let’s clarify this. Hundreds of thousands of people (maybe millions) around the world have created 60+ Facebook Patrick pages (The Patrick Miracle has 104,000 fans) and created The Patrick Movement when they read about what you did to Patrick. Because we LOVE animals.

Normal people DO NOT starve animals. Celebrities Alyssa Milano, Julie Benz and Eva Longoria have posted, twittered, petitioned and facebooked for STRICTER LAWS and PUNISHMENT against people like yourself who ABUSE ANIMALS.

Eva Longoria Wants Harsher Punishment For Animal Abusers
Eva Longoria and Alyssa Milano have begun their support for an online petition that will call for more severe punishment of those convicted of animal abuse.

Wanna know why?

Because there is a WELL DOCUMENTED connection between people like yourself who abuse animals who ALSO abuse children and people. Plus, we LOVE animals and cannot fathom how someone like yourself could starve an animal to the point of starvation and near death and be all smiley face in court.  Call us crazy.

So how come your story keeps changing?  In one news report I read that you left Patrick tied to the railing for a week. Today, I heard you say it was two days. Which one is it?

You claim that someone gave Patrick to you but you could not take care of Patrick. Why did you not return the dog to that person since you could not take care of the dog or give the dog to someone else who could take care of it?

If you only left Patrick without food and water for a few days or a week, then how come the veterinarian said that Patrick had been STARVED for months?  Do you leave your child without food or water for a week or months?

Did you actually ASK any of your friends, neighbors, relatives to HELP YOU FEED PATRICK or take care of him?  If not why not.

Did you not know that there are ways that you can feed a pet, places where you can get FREE PET FOOD at animal shelters and sometimes even pet stores if/when YOU ARE TRULY INDIGENT?

Have you ever heard of PETS OF THE HOMELESS?  They’re a national organization that actually help FEED PETS (FOR FREE) of people who cannot afford to feed their pets.

From today until May 15, 2011 there is an event for the Patrick Movement folks to donate pet food and feed pets at shelters (animal or homeless) or become collection sites. We crazy animal nuts actually help feed other people’s pets in addition to our own even those of us with limited means FIND WAYS TO FEED PETS (OUR OWN AND OTHER PEOPLE’S).

What do you know, they have FIVE collection sites in New Jersey, none in Newark, ok. there Has to Be One in Newark, NJ asap.

Your defense seems to be that you chose to abandon an innocent dog WHO COULD NOT TAKE CARE OF ITSELF by tying it to the railing outside your apartment hoping SOMEONE other than you would take care of it… who was that magical SOMEONE (I’d like to meet them) and how come several eyewitnesses said that Patrick looked thin months before and was tied to the railing then, too?  Would you leave your child tied up to a railing and hope SOMEONE would come along and take care of your child, too?

How was Patrick supposed to eat, drink and go potty tied up to that railing? Or did you not think about Patrick having to do those normal things that any LIVING BEING has to do when you tied him up and abandoned him?  Did you EVER think about Patrick?

Did you not notice that Patrick looked like a skeleton, that it is NOT NORMAL for a dog to have their bones sticking out of their body because they have not enough flesh to cover the bones?  If not, why not. Do you need glasses? Would you not notice if your child had not enough flesh on their bones?

Truth be told, YOUR ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN YOUR WORDS… YOUR ACTIONS tell the world that YOU DO NOT CARE ABOUT PATRICK, and YOU DID NOT CARE ABOUT PATRICK enough to FEED HIM, and MAKE SURE that he was taken care of as any regular, average, normal person would do. So that is why we cannot fathom what you did.

If I were in Newark or Albany or wherever you are, and I worked for Social Services, I would BE VERY CONCERNED ABOUT YOUR CHILD(REN) because obviously your priorities are askew, to say the least.


1. Not in a straight or level position: “the door was hanging askew on one twisted hinge”; “her hat was slightly askew“.
2. Wrong; awry: “the plan went sadly askew“; “outrageous humor with a decidedly askew point of view”.  More »

Was food and drink supposed to come magically down from the sky to take care of the dog left tied to the railing? Oh that’s right,, there was that magical SOMEONE who was supposed to some along to feed and take care of Patrick so that you could move and not have to deal with the dog anymore.

Some place I also read that you had Patrick tied up to the railing for months because the dog bit you. Why do you suppose that the dog bit you? If Patrick bit you maybe he was trying TO GET SOMETHING TO EAT (desperate times desperate measures) because YOU CHOSE NOT TO FEED HIM.

Seems like you have food to eat and drink, plus enough money to buy yourself clothes, hair weaves and make-up, what would you do if your mother left you alone as an infant to fend for yourself, no food, no water, tied up to a railing and strange people just walked on by? Maybe you would cry and hope SOMEONE would stop and take care of you. Eventually, you would die alone in agony if NO ONE did.

Patrick was on the brink of DEATH when he was brought to the hospital. Within a few hours he would have DIED. They did not think that he would live through the night. His temperature did not even register. But a beautiful doctor Lisa B. decided that she did not want Patrick to die unloved and uncared for. She wanted him to die fed, hydrated, caressed by loving hands and told he was a good boy.  So she fought to save his life. And to her surprise, he fought, too and survived. That is all Patrick needed food, water and love. And you could not, would not, did not, and refused to give that to him.

So am really trying to understand how someone could either be so cut off from reality and humanity and/ or intentionally how they could inflict such cruelty to not feed an animal for months and then leave an animal to die like that. Hungry, alone, cold, tormented, afraid.

And am thinking maybe Patrick was so hungry he probably ATE YOUR HAIR WEAVE because YOU CHOSE NOT TO FEED HIM NOR TAKE CARE OF HIM PROPERLY…

Why did you not take Patrick to the local shelter since you were unwilling and/or unable to take care of him INSTEAD OF LEAVING HIM TO THE MERCIES OF SOME MYTHICAL NONEXISTENT BEING TO TAKE CARE OF HIM?

Decent, caring normal regular average people want to know how you could be so irresponsible to an innocent animal and expect us to believe your stories.

Anyone who believes you, I’ve got a bridge to sell you in NYC.

PS: Read the story below. This woman saved two pets lives that WERE NOT EVEN HERS during a fire.


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43 responses to “Dear Kisha Curtis… curious minds want to know

  1. Susan

    Well done, my sentiments exactly.

    • Beth De Lange

      Very well done! It explains; is very direct and to the point, I love it!

    • Phyllis Sodroski

      Excellent! Just lovely to read her mother knew about it as well. Kisha’s not stupid or illinformed. She is an inherent abuser. Please check out what happened to “Hope”, “Star”, “Beemer” and “Justice”. These actions are more than sickening. May those who abuse and neglect animals spend eternity in the flames of hell. Let’s network, advocate, educate society to protect those whose only crime was being born.

  2. Brandie Dodson

    Perfectly said, I don’t think anyone could have phrased this any better.

  3. Well done, CeliaSue and a much needed, open letter to Ms. Curtis! You spoke eloquently for us all 🙂 Patrick’s Movement ROCKS!!!

  4. Kimberly S.

    Yes ~ US inquiring minds do WANT to know !!! The sad part is, I know you (Kesha) don’t know me but I would help anybody feed their animal and I am only one person so there are others out there that feel the same. But you know what, you do have a good excuse >> YOU DON’T CARE !!!

  5. Dianne K

    Very well said and I HOPE TO GOD….that she gets more than a light sentence.She needs prison time for her horrendous actions.
    Her excuses for not being able to feed Patrick was lame.She fed herself and was dressed to the nine’s…but to stop feeding her dog …NO EXCUSE…

    • I edited out the last sentence… let us keep it clean, I know you are angry as I am, too but we are taken more seriously when we are professional, no name calling, no fowl language allowed here, thanks !

  6. Karen Lewis

    Any respectable animal lover ALWAYS takes care of their animals FIRST, and then, themselves. The same thing goes for a mother, the mother always puts herself at the bottom of the list. Her family is always taken care of first, and many times she goes without. We animal lovers, on the same hand, go without so our four legged children are taken care of. This gives us all a feeling of content, just knowing our four legged children have been cared for. It seems to me , you Kisha have your own priorities, YOU are first. What kind of a person could do this to a animal or child? You need to get a grip on your priorties. SHAME on YOU !

  7. Katherine Turcotte

    What this woman did is incomprehensible. That is torture what that dog had to endure and she was all ‘smiley faced’ and looked like someone needed to knock the smile off of her face. I have had dogs for many years, I would go without food before my dogs would have to. I have worked with Pit Bull rescues that literally ran an underground railroad system for these poor dogs that became victims at the hands of their abusers. Lawmakers need to crack down on animal abuse, stiffer sentencing and not just a slap on the hands. I hope she gets the maximum sentence where maybe by spending time in prison she will get an idea of what it is like to be restricted in her movements and life, maybe there she will have time to realize what she did was WRONG and UNACCEPTABLE. Prayers for Patrick~ we love you!

  8. Christina

    The Judge looks pretty smart to me. Believe me, things like demeanor, attitude, conduct and what one wears in the court room is never ignored by a Judge. He will have noticed her and made a mental note.

    • alas this is the usa not the uk… how did u see the judge ? i have not sheesh america land of the censored media, ok I found it on the star ledger (NJ) website…

      anyway, here’s a word from From NJ SPCA:”Step one in the legal process has been determined today. When the next court date is announced it will be posted here. Patrick will remain again at GSVS. Please do not take everything you read in the press as gospel. We will post facts here as we get them. Also do not be concerned about any statements the defendant made today. Am confident our case is strong. Capt”

  9. Angie

    Very well said!!! I would like to add that I live on a single income and to put it out there so no one can say it must be a good income it is 1600.00 a month. Yet I fed myself, my child, my husband and 11 dogs, 2 cats ,2 turtles and fish…. My animals go the vet when they need to and get what they need…. There is ABSOLUTELY no excuse a person could not feed a single dog! Thank you for writing this open letter as it says exactly what we all feel!!

  10. Diane Bender

    I don’t know the laws in NJ but in Ohio if a person is accused of animal abuse and it is confirmed by the Humane officer, Children’s Services is notified if there are children in the household. Those children are then evaluated and can be removed from the home.
    Though I find the disgusting Kisha totally at fault, what about the people who lived on that floor and passed poor Patrick every day? They are also guilty.

    • agreed about the nameless people who walked by and did NOTHING…

      fantastic that happens in Ohio, should be EVERY state, every country.

      • I think you covered it all…..I hope and pray for justice for Sweet Patrick…he so deserves it after what she put him through. These abusers must be shown that this kind of thing will not be tolerated, anda they WILL be punished. Time for change is way overdue.

    • hillary

      Wow! That would be GR8 if they did that here (NJ), but sadly, don’t think they do. She had the nerve to say her kids are embarassed! Who’s fault is that xxx? What a xxx. She actually seems to think people are going to feel sorry for her. I feel sorry for her kids. You know darn well they’re not well-cared for either. Did you see her mother in court yesterday? She looks like a real xxx and I initially heard she played a big part in what happened to Patrick also.

  11. Julie Conrad

    well stated letter. I hope the judge is smart about this and did notice her smiling, “I don’t care” manner, as that means a lot. Even if all she did was what she claims (leaving Patrick tied up for two days), THAT in itself, is abuse! But there’s no way Patrick was left for only a few days. Ultimately, she is responsible for the dog’s well-being, bottom line. There is absolutely no excuse for her behavior and she must suffer severe consequences. I also agree that the passers-by were also guilty. How could they walk by a dog tied to a railing? I personally would stand there until someone came to get the dog. If it were longer than a few minutes, I would have called police. This country has GOT to recognize animal abusers must receive STRICT consequences. It’s a no-brainer. Everyone knows the mind of an animal abuser is capable of human abuse (which is something that is not ignored) but why wait until that happens to recognize these people need to learn lessons and be examples so other people who may think abusing animals is not a big deal will think again.

  12. Diane

    Well said. My sentiments exactly! Now I hope and pray Patrick stays where he belongs! He deserves a life with a family who will love and spoil him. He has suffered enough. Please let him live in peace. Hopefully where he is now, so just in case anything else happens down the road they can take care of him properly.

  13. Carla

    Thank you for a fabulous letter!!! I was at the rally yesterday in Newark…..What struck me was the stark contrast between the compassion, love, and kindness of everyone rallying outside of that court and the pure evil inside of it. It is beyond my comprehension how anyone could treat an animal like she did. The smirk on her face pretty much sums it all up…she is a selfish, uneducated xxx. The funny thing is she thinks we buy her bs. She was on the news the night before spewing bull upon more bull how she didn’t treat Patrick badly. Can anyone possibly be that heartless not to mention xxx? Someone mentioned social services had taken her kids away. I don’t know if this is true but it wouldn’t surprise me. She needs to be punished..a message needs to be sent that animal abuse will not be tolerated. God Bless Patrick!! God Bless everyone who prays for him.

  14. Joan Oliver

    Please notify me of site updates.

  15. Yvette Butt

    Very well written…..The world is changing…Normal people are not tolerating animal abuse and neglect anymore…i think more people love animals than not….this was a dispicable act to this sick sad lonely little dog….and for the people who knew he was there and did nothing….they should roast too….

  16. michelle

    LOVE LOVE LOVE what you wrote … PERFECT !!

  17. betty murphy

    I don’t think many of us could have expressed truth any better!!!!!!!! I truly believe she does not now and never will GET IT!!!!
    We can only hope she does not walk away “scot free”!!!!!!!!

  18. Barbara Bruce

    Thank you so much for this Celia! The first time she was in court the reporter from News12 said she was the mother of 3. She said in an interview this week that her children were embarrassed (or humiliated, I forget which). Well, I would be too if my MOM did that. She also said her life was ruined and that she’s being harrassed. Are we supposed to understand why she did it? Are we supposed to comfort her and say there there, don’t worry Kisha, we can clean up your messes for you. No, she did something Evil. I will not forget and I will certainly NEVER forgive. I still get so pissed every time I think of her or see that first photo of patrick, all bones, laying on the table, I truly thought it was a picture of a dead dog.

      by Pittie Full Events Plus on Saturday, May 7, 2011 at 7:58am

      The Justice For Patrick team asked me to relay my thoughts and feelings upon being presented with Patrick on March 16th, 2011….

      I was in the back room of the clinic when I heard a loud commotion coming through my surgery suite. I figured it was another stray, injured animal. But the numerous four letter words being verbalized led me to believe that this one was going to be bad. And bad it was. No one is ever ready for the sight of a dog in as seriously dire a condition as Patrick was. My first question was “Are you sure he’s even alive?” But then, in a moment of true phenomenon, I actually saw, before my own eyes, the slow up and down movement of his chest and heard a faint, soft whimpering. To see a living creature reduced to this level was not only beyond painful, but beyond comprehension. One can never grow skin thick enough for such a frightful sight without feeling a knot tighten in your throat and your stomach.

      We all now know of his terrible state: severe malnutrition, severe dehydration, mouth sealed shut by dried saliva on his lips, which we had no choice except to pry open, only to reveal white, tacky gums. His temperature was so low that no thermometer in the clinic could register it. We stood around for a few seconds contemplating what to do with this pitiful little pup. In my entire career, I’ve seen dogs in better condition than Patrick succumb in the face of such severe symptoms. One is always forced to ask the question, “Would it be better to put this poor angel out of his misery?”

      But then a thought came to me….After being so cruelly stuffed into a black garbage bag, probably gasping for air, frightened beyond reason and then thrown down a garbage shoot, 19 stories down, I couldn’t even imagine the fear in his mind or the pain in his bones and I immediately realized that there was NO possible way that we could let him leave this earth in such a miserable way.

      NO!!!!! If he was going to leave this earth under our care, he would leave warm, hydrated, caressed by loving hands and hearing the soft voices of people telling him he was a “good boy”. That’s what pushed me and my staff to try to save him.

      Things were not looking good for this dog who has now come to be known as Patrick. As much as we hoped, his condition was quite possibly the worst that I have ever seen, but if he wasn’t willing to give up on us, then we weren’t willing to give up on him.

      We continued to try to stabilize him over the next few hours and at one point, I had to leave the room for a brief moment. It was at that moment when I heard something that I NEVER would have imagined…One of my techs talking to Patrick, asking “You like that? Want some more?” And it was at that very moment that I knew we had done the right thing. This guy wanted to live. And he NEVER looked back!!!

  19. Tammy Marovets

    I wish these poor innocent animals that have been abused or being abused could turn the roll and chain their owners to a railing and deprive them of food and water for months and see how they would look and feel. Kisha Curtis needs to be locked up for the maximum amount of time and maybe treated like she treated Patrick. I give no mercy for her at all. An angel was watching over Patrick and still is.

  20. Carol Messersmith

    Your letter is quite amazing! Do you think she will read it? Do you think she can even read? She has no feelings or compassion, so I’m sure she won’t get it, even if she knows anyone who can read it to her. But to all of us who have followed Patricks story, all of us who have cried & prayed for Patrick, and all of us who love Patrick as though he was a child of our own, we all appreciate the wisdom & beauty and caring you put into this letter! Thank you so much for writing it so perfectly!!

  21. Elizabeth Nowik

    Such a good letter, but is she really going to get it? She doesn’t get it. She looks and acts so clueless. It worries me that a woman can be so cold to any living creature. I wonder how she is going to celebrate Mother’s Day.

    • Elizabeth, probably she doesnt and won’t get it, (she in a way is besides the point) but I needed to write it to express my heart for MY healing process and am glad it resonates for so many of you, too. I got a lot of healing out of it so far and I pray others will, too. As a dear friend says, there is magic in the telling. Sometimes things need to be said in words out loud or this way. I feel sad that she is so damaged and I feel better. How about you? HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY !!!

  22. Pingback: Animal abuse « Ethereality

  23. You, my darling are a master of words, YOU spoke what WE all have felt but just could not get it all together in words. Kisha is NOTHING and never will be anything. Karma is watching.

  24. Susan

    Well said. She claims she left him tied up on March 5 but she didn’t starve him. Curious how a dog could get in that state in 12 days??? No way! She absolutely did starve him and did not give him water, neglected and mistreated him. Lock her up and throw away the key.

  25. marie

    Love your post on patrick. great info.

    praying for patrick and justice.

    Jersey girl abroad overseas egypt.

  26. Amanda

    I still cant get over the T-Shirt she wore to court! And jenas?? To COURT?? REALLY.. c’mon!
    A Happy Meal Shirt….

  27. I have not heard an update today for Patrick. I am praying that he lives so he can know kindness and love. Kisha is totally disgusting and it is sad that we should have such scum in our world. Jesus, St. Francis and His angels will look after you Patrick and find you a great forever home. You are so loved dear dog. You are looking so much better since the angels found you. Please continue to improve. You are always in our daily prayers Patrick.

  28. Sincere1

    You are spot on…I wish she could read your letter… Sadly, patrick is just one story…as we speak there are so many dogs being tortured and abused…why???? What is wrong with these people??? She needs the book thrown at her…or she should have to work at an animal shelter…supervised and help these dogs and try to understand you dont HARM ANIMALS..we must SPEAK FOR THOSE WHO CANT…dogs dont hit you…they dont start wars, they dont abuse you…they dont kick you…dogs just want to be loved…god didnt put them here to be abused….please ANY TYPE OF ABUSE…call the police…dogs needs our help…if you go on or I cant even sleep knowing the way some people hurt dogs….my dog is like my SON!!! I cant imagine how anyone, anyone in their RIGHT mind could hurt a dog…i hope she gets whats coming to her…

  29. Great Dane lover

    Bravo!!! Well said….

  30. terri leyman

    Excellent article with valid points. Well done!

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