the cat’s meow and doggie shoes

Did you ever watch the TV show Shark Tank on ABC?

I watched part of it on the TV and then watched the rest of the video on my computer.

Lo and behold… I found out that a former client who I wrote one press release for a few years ago was on the show asking for $100,00 and she got it from Ken Harrington.  I always root for Barbara, oh well.

 Rebecca Rescate

also found out that Kevin O’Leary HATES cats…  (he is very negative too)

From the press release I wrote:

Toilet training a cat is a decades old trick that is made simple and easy with The CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit. Cats of any age can learn to use the toilet as long as they are in good health.

please write to Rebecca and recommend that she hire me immediately to help her publicize the citikitty training video kit, teaching cats how to use the potty.

Another interesting woman on the Shark Tank show has created a line of shoes called OneSoles, Dominique McClain Barteet asked for $500,000 and got it… She has created these comfy looking shoes in different styles and sizes, heels and low heels, casual and elegant and you get three tops, so it’s like three shoes for the price of one ($109 with three tops). And she even has shoe tops where you can put a photo of your pet on it…

To order a custom picture top, specify your size and either mail or email your favorite photo and they can customize it on your shoe top!

What about a Patrick shoe top, can we do that???

Although Cici would also look adorable on a pair of black and white shoes with her polka dots.

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