summertime and the traveling is easy

According to a new survey done by of more than 10,000 pet owners worldwide, they found that 60 percent traveled with pets during 2010, and 58% of pet owners plan to travel with their pets during the next three months. 

Pampered pets: nearly 30% of pet owners spend $1000+ on pet travel products & services each year.

Room for improvement? 32% say there’s not enough of a selection of pet-friendly hotels.

Is pet travel becoming the new norm? 57% surveyed travel at least once a year with their pets.

Top dog: Most people surveyed (84%) travel with dogs. About 1/3 travel with cats.

Safety first! 71% say safety is primary concern when it comes to making pet travel plans.  After safety, keeping costs down is 2nd most important to pet travelers. Convenience rank 3rd.

Wake up call! 78% say they’ve stayed at hotels because they were pet-friendly, up 10% from 2010.

Airlines, take note: 58% choose airlines because they are pet-friendly, up from 47% last year

so what are you waiting for, where are you taking Fido and Fluffy this summer?

here is an adorable recycled suitcase made into a doggie bed…

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