to rescue or not to rescue, that is the question

Rescuing Animals is not for Wussies Anymore

Maybe it never was.

And the right way to rescue an animal and what Not to do depends upon the situation… and people want easy answers that apply to EVERY situation.. but it just ain’t so.

sometimes getting media and contacting authorities works and sometimes being sneaky, smart and thinking outside the box works. and sometimes it is difficult to know the difference. there were some situations this week that broke my heart. One with a dog named Apollo who had an amazing video. He was in a shelter in South Los Angeles and was scheduled to be euthanized on Friday. I found out about him on wed or thursday. It was a crisis situation according to the postings on Facebook. Numerous people like myself were touched by the video and wanted to help. A group of us spent hours talking, posting, coordinating, and coming up with plans to pull Apollo from the shelter on Friday morning. In the end, what happened was all of our plans fell apart. The shelter gave Apollo to someone, we know not who, they did not screen the person and that was that. No further information.  I am left heartbroken, would like to hope for the best but who knows. Not knowing is HORRIBLE.

According to Donna Reynolds of BadRap, a long time pit bull rescuer and trainer and former V-dog rescuer…

To be perfectly honest, we HATE the crisis marketing that’s becoming so popular on facebook because it’s literally sending dogs to inappropriate homes (and in many cases, right back to die in different shelters) all over the country.

I’ve taken a few of these dogs away from overwhelmed do-gooders and I have to tellya, the dogs were NOT living a quality life despite having been “saved.” They’re being shuffled and re-homed again and again until they disappear off the face of the earth.

Best way to help the dogs is still the old fashioned way … Pull the dogs that don’t get adopted into a legitimate, educated rescue, suss out any behavior issues and match them to an appropriate home.  I don’t know any other way to do it.

And now there is another situation in NYC. Not with a dog in a shelter but a dog named Coffee who has been abused for years, made to sit still for 6-9 hOURS a day, no food, no water, pipe in its mouth, with a shock collar, at Mets and Yankee games to make money for its owner Charlie from Queens (if that is his real name, we found different names on various media articles), there is a father and son and another owner who switch off) who apparently makes more than $400 a day. ASPCA has been contacted, as has the Mets, the stadium and a petition and a Facebook page has been created.

I found out about this situation yesterday and it is making me ill. Apparently the group does not want to act irrationally (like distracting the owner and getting the dog away from him), but want to keep contacting authoriies who are NOT doing anything and contacting the media who are taking photos and also not doing anything. So let’s say that the media give this story LOTS OF attention and the owner gets spooked? His jig is up and what happens to the dog??????

what is going to happen to this dog????   is there a plan in place???  Please am NOT suggesting doing anything illegal, STUPID or RASH…

OK, apparently according to some sources there is a plan in place, I do NOT know what it is, nor do I need to know, just pray that it works and that the dog is safely gotten away from this abuser as soon as possible.

Look at the difference between the other dogs and Coffee and this says the son’s name is Norberto not Charles… they won $2000 on this show…

In the meanwhile, if you want to do something, call the ASPCA Humane Law Enforcement department at (212) 876-7700, ext. 4450. This five year old dog has NO TEETH and she’s being forced to sit there in terror of being electocuted if she so much as moves, the pipe is being taped to the inside of her mouth. This is cruelty and abuse. Flood the damn phone with calls.   ASPCA Humane Law Enforcement department at (212) 876-7700, ext. 4450. Call the Mayor of NYC.  Call the NY Times. Call Rachael Ray.  There is also a link on the NY Mets website where people can send feedback. You can access the link here.

And then there is another situation… a dog was rescued from a shelter and the person who is taking care of the dog has been harassed, slandered, libeled and lied about to the point where she had to file police reports and is suing people. The people trashed her facebook pages, contacted her friends, and questioned her every move. They were mean, cruel and indifferent to the plight of the dog.

What is going on in this world where animals are treated so badly IN PUBLIC and people in NYC walk on by and DO NOTHING, when people who DO GOOD get trashed in public, and animal shelters are so desperate to get animals adopted that they stoop to Crisis Marketing and adopt dogs out to people that they DO NOT EVEN BOTHER TO SCREEN????  Not to mention all of the crazy animal abusers who do horrific things to their animals.

And WHY does Facebook seem to DO NOTHING about all of the trashers, haters, trolls and bullies on Facebook who harass other people?

These are words of wisdom:

The Patrick Movement Tennessee
Reality is, we can not save all abused animals! Until the govt starts enforcing felony charges, we are basically chasing our tail. I think these sites would be more productive by focusing on your local homeless animals and rescue groups. Posting animals ready for adoption, adoption days for local rescue groups, rather than all of the horrible pictures of tortured and abused animals.

Oh yes, there is another situation… if someone has a dog fighting operation on Facebook, a page that promotes dog fighting and cruelty and violence, then people are encouraged to take screen shots, forget about reporting to Facebook, but to report to the police, FBI and Interpol…

Interpol official site – International Criminal Police Organization – ICPO

Contact Interpol

Interpol official site – International Criminal Police Organization – ICPO – Rapid access to official, controlled information.

And if there is a dog on chains, these are the folks to tell… they are also raising money (donations) to buy the old Bad Newz Kennels to turn it into a Good News rehab center for formerly chained dogs.

Dogs Deserve Better, Inc. PO Box 23, Tipton, PA 16684 Toll Free 1.877.636.1408 814.941.7447

Cici and I pray all are safe and smart and DOING GOOD… (not always the right way)…ok, Cici might not be with me if people who love animals followed ALL the rules … she probably would be dead or maimed for life… just saying…


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4 responses to “to rescue or not to rescue, that is the question

  1. It truly is sad when I see posts on facebook about dogs “kill” day. It breaks my heart! I wish I could rescue all of them but I already have a 2 year old rescue pit mix who is still rehabilitating. It takes A LOT of work with a rescue dog. At times I would like another so Titan could have a playmate, but I just don’t have the time to put into two (2) rescue’s. God bless the GOOD people that are rescuing and rehabilitating. We need more people like that in the world.

    Great blog post! 🙂

  2. Belkis Cardona-Rivera

    The group has contacted several rescue organizations and they ARE doing something about it. Authorities have been asking for evidence which we are complying. Everyone has been helpful so please don’t assume nothing is happening and the the media will only be there to “spook” the guy. The media has been brought in to bring awareness to those who don’t see this as animal cruelty. There is a plan in place to rescue this dog.

    • ok that is GOOD news… Communications is a really good thing, you don’t have to tell me or anyone exactly specifically what the plan is but if you are going to tell people about this situation, and get people UPSET, people who care and want to DO SOMETHING, at least have the heart, decency and smarts to tell people that there is a plan in place… Good Fortune with the Plan…

  3. FB can be a positive and a negative. Not every story on there ends up being real and people can act on false assumptions that lack evidence. I certainly don’t want people grabbing my dogs because my neighbor got ticked off and started a FB campaign. It is important that people work to develop documented evidence of animal abuse, not just feed on the “telephone” scenarios of our childhood. There is plenty of real abuse and we all here about it. However, FB can also be used to create hysteria where none is required.

    As for people taking on rescues that they shouldn’t this is part of the hysteria. Taking a pet out of the frying pan and into the fire is not a rescue, but a continued tragedy, which sadly many are unable to rescue. They “feel” they are trying to do good and that must count for something. These situations can prevent animals from getting into legitimate rescue situations.

    It is hard to read about an animal facing death and not to want to move. However, there is a balance between what these FB campaigns can do. Awareness and effort can be channeled in a positive manner. It also can do the opposite. It can create hysteria and cause actions that are counter productive to long-term survival of these animals.

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