Media Circus Shows True Colors

Update:   I did finally hear from Jason several times. I think his heart is in the right place, especially after seeing the video from NBC that did not air. Either the abusers are paying people off or NYC is just plain corrupt. Corruption all over Gotham City, news NOT at 11 p.m.  Something is fishy in NYC. Apparently Coffee is still with her abusers/owners even though one of the co-founders of Best Friends told me that the ASPCA have the authority to go in and take the dog away. So that means that either the abuser is paying them off, they are NOT doing their job or ???? Jason thinks she is safe because he thinks that the owners won’t do anything to their meal ticket.  I hope they are right.  And I PRAY that Coffee is rescued soon and has a NEW HOME where she can get ALL OF THE LOVE  and CARE SHE DESERVES…

I still think that Coffee should have been rescued FIRST… and Jason means well but is naive and/or listening to the wrong people. Experts smexperts…

The NBC TV news segment that did air is ridiculous. They interviewed someone related to the abusers who kept evading and looking down PLUS SHE IS RELATED TO THEM. And that dog is NOT the same dog. They did not air the interview with Jason due to technical difficulties which is just B.S.  See for yourself, compare the video of the dog Coffee on the show on NBC and the dog shown on the show where they won $2000. NOT THE SAME DOG.

God please keep Coffee SAFE and ALIVE…

I don’t care if the whole world thinks that I am crazy or wrong or out of line or a B I T C H (as Tabatha Coffey said on The Talk (don’t remember her words, these are MINE)…






i spoke with someone recently who with the Courage of their Convictions, got arrested for helping to rescue a dog who was being abused… Wise or Foolish???  You decide… but I admire people who ACT on what they Believe, WALK THEIR TALK, they are RARE… most people like to run their mouths and when push comes to shove, show their lack of courage and conviction… long on Excuses why they can’t DO anything.

I’ll be the first one to be HAPPY and RELIEVED to know that I was wrong… but I do KNOW the POWER of the MEDIA and it seems that the GLARE of the SPOTLIGHT has DAZZZZZZLED some people’s Brains and FOOLED them into egotistical thinking instead of WHAT IS BEST FOR THE ANIMAL which SHOULD BE the FIRST NUMBER ONE Priority.

Why should these dogs Have to Pay ANYMORE for the Price of their Fame that they DID NOT ask for????

I am here to poke MY LIGHT into the deep dark crevices of People’s TRUE Heart’s Intentions (not what they say but what they DO)…It is amazing what self-proclaimed animal lovers DO when push comes to shove. Ugh.

First case in point, is about Patrick the Miracle Dog, who’s celebrity fame and status has put him in the midst of a custody battle… On June 2, a judge will decide his fate… and I for one am very concerned about the outcome. I know that other people are, too… But how many are questioning the role of the media and Facebook in this??? Well, that is what I am here to point out that perhaps if Patrick was not plastered all over Facebook and the media, his custody would not be an issue. I also know that Patrick’s story has woken up a lot of people around the world and spurred people on to do GOOD…

All I am suggesting is that Patrick’s Fame has been a double edged sword leading to trolls, scammers and other abusers of animals to crawl out of the woodwork clamoring for a piece of the Patrick fame pie as well as awakening GOOD people who have done amazing things like donating to their local shelters, getting animals adopted and working to change animal abuse awareness and laws.

Now the second case that had me sick and crying all night… Coffee… As I said, I do hope and pray that I am wrong about this, but I kept warning before the media circus erupted that Coffee, the Abused Dog at Met’s Games in NYC that Coffee should have been taken OUT OF HARM’S WAY first before any media spotlight was shone upon her abuse.  In my humble opinion.

Alas, I was NOT listened to and Coffee was NOT at the Yankees game on Sunday, according to the Wall Street Journal, so am worried about the story of her abuse plastered all over the Internet and Media that the low lives who have been abusing her, what will they do? how will they react? Is COFFEE IS NOW IN POTENTIALLY A MORE HARMFUL SITUATION THAN SHE HAS BEEN IN???  Or have the abusers just paid off the ASPCA and not worried about a thing. Business as usual.

Do we know what these low lives will do? Well, we have some clues… they have been willing to dress her up, put a shock collar on her, taken all of her teeth out of her mouth and made her sit in the hot sun, rain and all kinds of weather for HOURS a day WITHOUT food, water or being able to BREATHE OR MOVE for FOUR YEARS, making money off of their abuse of her… terrifying her… zapping her every time she dared to move…MAKING MONEY OFF OF HER…

what makes us think that once CAUGHT IN THE ACT IN PUBLIC that they are suddenly going to become paragons of decency and morality and DO WHAT IS RIGHT FOR THE DOG????


That is the sickening Question…


I do NOT give a rat’s behind about doing things the RIGHT way (whatever that is), or about authorities or rescue groups. All I want to know and All I keep asking, IS Coffee Safe and OUT of Harm’s Way Now, Today???  Jason seems to think Yes.

Does the Cheese Stand ALONE, What do YOU Think????


my hope for Coffee:

Media Circus–122493589.html

people have told me to hope for the best… well, ok, but HOPE has to be based on something not just on THIN AIR… or because people do not want to think about it or question anything or are in DENIAL of the TRUTH…

Look at how many people walked by Patrick on that railing and DID NOT CARE ENOUGH TO DO ANYTHING and how many MILLIONS OF PEOPLE WALKED BY COFFEE FOR FOUR YEARS…

so am I now to HOPE that ANYBODY gave a hoot enough to rescue Coffee before the Media Blitz????

I am an optimistic realist not a PIE IN THE SKY believer … Can Fairy Tales Come True??? Absolutely… Do I believe in Miracles??? YES… AND I also know the dark side of human nature from Mother Theresa who said that She Saw the HITLER WITHIN herself and decided to then GO FORTH AND DO GOOD… (am paraphrasing)…

How MANY people do YOU know willing to SEE THE HITLER WITHIN THEMSELVES LIKE MOTHER THERESA????  Yeah, not too many…

Better to point the finger OUT THERE…

I am the first one willing to admit / confess that I DO NOT DO well with Uncertainty… and that yes, I DO MAKE MISTAKES… some horrendous ones… but if there is one thing I learned from my BIGGEST MISTAKE   (my marriage) is that HAVING YOUR HEAD UP YOUR A–HOLE MAY NOT BE THE BEST VIEW/PERSPECTIVE… I was in Fantasy, Delusion, Illusion and wishin/hopin and REFUSED to see what was right in front of my EYES… My friends told me but NOPE I wanted to Believe what I wanted to Believe and I WAS WRONG… DEAD WRONG… and I HAVE PAID AND PAID AND PAID AND PAID AND PAID the Price for being so naive and foolish and just plain stupid…

As I once said in a poem Marriage on the Rocks,

But soon I learned
you just can’t win
An argument
With a mountain.,,

I was trying to PREVENT A DISASTER with Coffee that I could see brewing… and I still HOPE that I am WRONG and that it is not a disaster AND the ONLY REAL HOPE I have is based upon My Belief in the Divine… who hopefully has ANGELS surrounding Coffee as I speak… protecting that poor abused fur baby…

or else there is a Higher Purpose/Good for this Disaster…

Jason, thank you for bringing this to light and again, I HOPE and PRAY you can get Coffee to safety.


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3 responses to “Media Circus Shows True Colors

  1. Thank you for this information. I was not aware that not everything was what it seemed. I too hope Coffee is rescued.

    • I don’t know, that is the Real Bitch of it all… I do not know… like when I went through the ordeal with Cici, the WORST of it was NOT KNOWING…

  2. The world needs more concerned folks like yourself. ~hugs~ Hope Coffee will be ok.

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