dogs deserve so much better

Update: Sad news… not only has there been a lawsuit with allegations of a stolen dog, but now the organization’s leader, Tamira Thayne, is being accused of misappropriation of funds and other illegal actions. She has been living on the property. There were 150 rescue reps around the country, now there are 25. Shannon Allen, the national rescue coordinator just quit.  And now it seems that the Good Newz Rehab Center is a bust, going belly up.,0,2898847.story


Tamira from Dogs Deserve Better has rescued about 150 dogs off of chains…  Cici cannot imagine why humans would have dogs at all if they just put them outside on chains and never cuddle with them, play, and enjoy one another.

a happy tail from the road…

Skipper, formerly named “Spike” has been fostered at my house for over a year. Skipper was found on an outer road chained to a tree with another dog “Walker”. Skipper was very skiddish when he came off the chain, very jumpy, he did not like to be pet or have any affection, but in a year’s time he has come a long way and now loves to… snuggle!  Now the dog has been adopted by a grad college student, very responsible, named Hanna.  Congratulations !!!

The nonprofit organization has a network of people around the country who rescue dogs off of chains and dogs who are penned up.

Changing laws

Heather Carpenter, an Orlando Florida Dogs Deserve Better rep, has compiled a basic ‘to-do’ list for changing laws… check it out… there are letters and step by step instructions.

The good news is there are communities across the United States that DO have laws regarding chaining. Dogs Deserve Better favorites are Maumelle, Arkansas; Okaloosa, Florida; New Hanover, North Carolina; Lawton, Oklahoma; and Electra, Texas. where dogs are not allowed to be chained outside AT ALL! Other communities have laws which permit chaining, but only for a limited time.

Dogs Deserve Better is turning Bad Newz Kennels into GOOD NEWS.  On July 15 the property will be open for visitors, the public is welcome. DDB  needs A LOT of volunteers to get fencing up and a lot of work to be done in preparation and they need donations to make this all happen for the dogs…

In California, there are laws that a dog cannot be on a chain for longer than three hours.  This was news to me since my neighbors had their dog Lola on a chain 24/7… have not heard Lola in awhile and am wondering what happened to her. I hope that the people gave her away to someone who is giving her a good loving home.

Tamira suggests if you see a dog being abused or on a chain, to take photos and videos for evidence as many as you can.  Then contact Animal Control (local), SPCA, the police, the proper authorities. including rescue groups in your area. If they take care of the problem, great. If not, make a big fuss. Be vocal and visible. Start a Facebook page. Contact the media. Get a group together yourself. Be a Light. Be a Presence. Make phone calls, write letters, start petitions. Do all that you need to do to Get the Dog to Safety, a new Loving Forever Home, if necessary.

More info/tips:

Happy Dog… may they ALL be…


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2 responses to “dogs deserve so much better

  1. I’m with ya! They DO deserve much better. I’ve always treated my animals like children. Yea, some think I’m crazy but I say they have no compassion. My current pitbull, is my son and I refer to him as such. He is pampered and pretty much runs me and my husband, to an extent. Being his 3rd home and a rescue? Oh yea, he’s getting pampered. 🙂

    • Bless you Brenda !!! needed that lift/smile right now… yes, Cici is my polka dot princess, spoiled rotten to the core and wish ALL dogs could be. thanks.

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