ban media who support animal abusers

NBC interviewed Coffee’s abuser owner’s daughter… hmmmmm and the “interviewer” went straight to the guy’s house… such a credible witness, the guy’s DAUGHTER…  you would think that it was Mr. Rogers checking out the neighborhood on NBC.   Here boys and girls, now we come to the poor victim of Coffee, her abuser owner who makes money off of her misery. Now this poor guy is being harassed by crazy animal nuts who think that dogs should not have to earn money to feed their loser owner. After all the guy is a dog trainer (can you imagine Cesar Milan dressing up his dog and panhandling for hours?) and he is just trying to feed his family with the measly $75-400 a day his dog makes. Pish tosh. Nothing to worry about here, folks.  Seriously????


Like the “reporter” Facebook page and let him know what you think of his “investigation.”

the poor abuser only has SIX dogs to abuse. Suddenly Coffee has teeth when in the other photos she did not have teeth, oh she must have been wearing doggie dentures for her close-up on NBC and acted all like a puppy when in other videos she looked TERRIFIED plus she has been BRED to have how many babies… gee… and of course the dog was not wearing the shock collar when the NBC crew, CBS and ASPCA came by. not rocket science, folks.

After all, we all know that an abuser would not dare try to fool anyone… HAH !!!

and of course a daughter would NEVER lie for her father…

the apple does not fall far from the tree

like father like son

like mother like daughter

We can no longer afford to condone the breeding and in-breeding of animal abusers.  For the safety of our children, our community, our nation…



What happens when abusers monster babies have babies? Babies of monsters BECOME BIGGER monsters and these BIGGER monsters become FRANKEN MONSTERS !!!

Killing innocents with their Bare Hands

Committing heinous Crimes Against Humanity

Their Looks Can Kill… Their Hands are Weapons

it is well documented that animal abusers become human abusers. all known serial killers began abusing animals and moved on to killing people. Therefore it is important to END the cycle by banning animal abusers from having children. This way their sordid, despicable and inhuman behavior will not be passed on to children for generations.

In other words, it should be illegal for animal abusers to procreate.

Consider that if an animal abuser abandons, neglects, tortures, maims, harms, and/or kills an animal, what they will do to their children.  In order to STOP the abuse, STOP the reproductive cycle in its tracks.

Save the taxpayers money.

End the abuse of the innocents

Make them pay for their deeds

Sterilize Animal Abusers for Life


The ASPCA is like Social Services. They find NO ABUSE, and then shake their head when a couple of months later the person is dead.

Adding insult to INJURY, NBC, CBS and the ASPCA condone animal abusers and tell the world that it was all just a big misunderstanding… people, you did not see what you saw, you did not hear what you heard, move on… The media and ASPCA should be charged for obstructing JUSTICE and considered animal abusers best friends, all part of the problem in Gotham City… Corruption in NYC, News NOT at 11 p.m.

NBC DID NOT AIR their interview with Jason Long, the ACCUSER of the ABUSER due to “technical difficulties.”  Yeah, sure right and if you believe that, I will sell you a bridge in NYC…

Here is Jason Long’s interview that DID NOT air…

And isn’t it interesting that suddenly videos of the abuser abusing Coffee have disappeared off of Youtube. Just a coincidence no doubt. And what other observers of the abuse must also be crazy animal nuts, too huh…

Something VERY disturbing and FISHY is going on here…

Anyone with EYES can see and here are some EYEWITNESS ACCOUNTS of Coffee’s Abuse:

We train service dogs and DO NOT ever use e-collars. From what I am reading in the media it appears Coffee is being abused. He is being forced to remain in an unshaded area on a hot surface unable to pant, his nasal passages covered, forced to remain in a seated position, not able to lay down or to urinate if needed. I do question the remote device…This is all cruel.

I saw her after a game last year. It was crazy hot and humid and she was wearing clothes and was standing like a statue with that pipe in her mouth. My friends and I felt really bad for her and we thought she must be overheated and uncomfortable. We did not see any water for her.

Saw her one time she was forced to wear child’s underwear, it was about 90 out and she had about 3 scarfs and all that gear PLUS underwear. no water…

Call / email or twitter Sarah Lee on 92.3 and thank her for suggesting that people donate DOG TREATS instead of money and for believing that Coffee is being abused. And ask her to help RESCUE Coffee and the other dogs.!/SarahLeeGETIT

Contact Cesar Millan, Rachael Ray, SAVE COFFEE NOW TODAY !!!



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7 responses to “ban media who support animal abusers

  1. Tiziana Wise

    THANK YOU! I agree WHOLE heartedly!

  2. This breaks my heart. That is no life for a dog! WTH? It angers me that these idiots thing they are doing nothing wrong. My goodness. You are doing a great thing by getting the awareness out. Wish someone would go steal the poor lil guy. So sad 😦

  3. Jo

    First off … let me ask … are you not the same person who a few posts back had said that Jasons going to the press so quickly was not such a good thing?

    Some of the blame for how the media is viewing this is Jasons fault… there were numerous people who told him to get concrete .. solid … evidence before he did that … he ignored many ….. including you and me … that anyone would say they have switched the dogs is as absurd and as bad as saying there was adhesive and she had no teeth …one photo proves nothing … accusations do what? They make an ass out of you and me …

    I did not see in any of this guys interviews where he claimed to have six dogs … this is another misconception unless someone can prove it to me …. where was all the timestamped proof she sat in the sun for hours with no food or water … this … another thing that Jason was told he should do …

    Being someone who has been on the receiving end of false accusations over the abuse of my dog .. I tried to tell everyone involved that making accusations before having solid proof is just as bad as crying wolf because once you do that … you lose credibility … my neighbors who simply did not like me … called animal control on me … said the dog was tied up … something I did not ever and will not ever do to an animal … she doesnt even go outside unless she asks… stays on a comfy sofa …. and is spoiled rotten … but they said she was being starved … neglected … and the list goes on … animal control came out …took one look and got pissed … they told them that from there on out without concrete proof as in videos and photos with SOLID proof they would not take any more calls about such a thing … my point being if and when there is real abuse … beatings … real starvation … etc… they will not take you as being a credible witness anymore …. this is what Jason did to himself … he didnt want to listen…

    That being said … I do agree with a lot of what you said … it is most obvious that the owner took off the shock collar … put on a kool collar …. is definitely using the dog for personal gain … not right …. has obviously lied … and has changed his story in all his interviews … so … while Coffee is in an uncomfortable and not so great situation … Jason has now made the owner out to be the victim and his word (jasons ) is … not so great anymore …

    I do not condone what the owner is doing … not at all in any way shape or form … to call it abuse is loaded …. and questionable … because not one thing that has been shown to prove that … abuse is inflicting harm on someone … be it verbal or physical …. not dressing up a dog in clothes and panhandling … it is sad that no one got an hour or so of video showing the dog sitting there with no food or water …. THAT would have been proof … that can not be argued away … every single thing that was presented before could …

    I always believe in giving people chances … however … I am now questioning jasons motives… his claim is that its about Coffee … however … when people dont agree with him or dont feel that what is being said …. he bans them from his page … claims they have been abusive … I watched him ban one person because she got upset about the fact that all the so called proof … turned out not to be proof … when I said something about him doing such major censorship … he banned me … go figure …now you may say I am saying all this because I am bitter about it …not so,,, because I am saying the same things to you that I said on that page since I joined them … nothing new … I feel that Jasons goal and intentions were good in the beginning .. but I have seen the page change from what can we do for Coffee to how many news stories can we be on .. ….. before …. before getting that proof !! if you dont sit there going awwww poor doggie … awww its abuse … awww she has no teeth .. then you get booted … wow …

    so that is what I have to say … again I DO NOT condone the treatment of Coffee but I do not condone unfounded accusations without making sure you have the whole story because now its not going to work … and Jason is the person that caused that to happen ….

    As for the news … they didnt investigate … they simply called ahead and warned the owner they were going to be there … of course the man is going to fix things in his favor ….

    • thanks, you make a few good points… I still think that Coffee should have been rescued and to heck with all of the media circus… Jason did not ban me and I kept questioning him publicly. I kept telling him not to listen to so-called experts who don’t know anything. And now what???? I do think that Coffee is being abused = subjected to cruel treatment and yes, they need CONCRETE proof-videos of her sitting there for hours on end without water, without being able to move.

      • Jo

        You had some good points too … I am angry that now the press is taking a negative view instead of a positive one … guess he picks and chooses cause I had called him out a few times myself … but when I questioned why he banned someone who questioned him I was put on the chopping block LOL … se la vie ..

        Sad to say that because he didnt get any of that and jumped the gun on the press … they wont get it the proof now … and the owner of Coffee is now getting a fan base …. which he didnt have before …. sad

      • seriously the abuser is getting a fan base, sheeeeesh … animal lovers better STEP UP

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