Patrick’s custody at stake

If you are obsessed, you have already seen the latest updates from NJ SPCA, the Captain…

Patrick’s custody hearing is on June 2. Not sure when Kisha Curtis goes to trial before the Grand Jury.

Here are the updates including a photo… what a gorgeous guy, huh… what a difference two months of tender loving care has made thanks to GSVS Hospital doctors and staff !!!

NJ SPCA To All: Have to share one great thing about Patrick with you. To Patrick every morning is a new adventure and Patrick could actually care less if it is hot or cold, sunny or raining, calm or windy….Patrick bursts outside and loves whatever the day brings, I love that about him…. Capt

The Patrick Miracle
in case you missed this: NJSPCA knew that seeking and supporting a Court Order to keep Patrick at GSVS could possibly restrict regular updates. It was a risk worth taking to make sure that Patrick remained at GSVS and continued his recovery. Tough not to be able to update regularily but am sure the end result will prove that it was a risk that paid off for Patrick. Capt. Yocum

This is a good recount of past events/issues regarding Patrick…including his back story and the reason for the custody battle… Basically, many allege that it is AHS greed. AHS does not have a very good reputation, it is a high kill place. Been some terrible incidents of fraud and adopting out an aggressive dog that was supposed to be euthanized to an elderly woman who was mauled by the dog.

Many of Patrick’s fans want Patrick to be adopted by the GSVS staff member who he has bonded with and who loves him.

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12 responses to “Patrick’s custody at stake

  1. Monique

    ” Many of Patrick’s fans want Patrick to be adopted by the GSVS staff meber”…I think this is a understatement. ALL of his fans want that. ( The few that have an other opinion are sent from…guess who.)

  2. Debbie

    If Patrick got to stay at GSVS and got to be adopted by the person he loves so much, I would sacrifice updates and info. I just don’t want AHS to get their greedy hands on him. They are evil and liers. I’m with you all the way. I only want what’s best for Patrick and going to AHS is not a good thing. We all love him so much and want him loved, happy, and free. Not in a “zoo” or “park” like AHS wants to do if they do that. I don’t know if they would even take very good care of Patrick. He deserves better than AHS.

    • Debbie, I don’t think that AHS would put him on display at the zoo or park, that is a weird rumor… they said that he would be adopted/fostered… that being said, however, I do think GSVS family/staff member is the best choice for Patrick.

  3. michael

    Patrick needs to stay @ GSVS !!! This is a no brainer … Patricks mental state is very fragile and to move him now would be a HUGE mistake !!! He is amongst people he is used to seeing everyday that love and care for him …Patrick needs to stay right where he is until adopted out ! ( Hopefully by someone @ GSVS ) !!!

  4. Deena

    Why does AHS have a say as to where Patrick goes? Once he’s gotten rehabilitated, he should be adopted like other dogs in his situation. If they keep up their shit, Patrick may just disappear one day. Jus say’n.

  5. Wow! What a lil gentleman. He has really turned around! Beautiful!

  6. EmilyS

    I think the GSVS staffer should adopt him IF she is experienced with caring for a dog that was abused, unsocialized and is untrained. Even now his experience of the world, people and other animals is limited. It certainly seems that he has a wonderful temperament (and is certainly resilient)…. but almost all rescue dogs have some issues that require a knowledgeable steady hand. If the staffer in question doesn’t have the necessary experience, it would be perfectly appropriate for Patrick to go into a foster situation for a few months. This just isn’t any dog… attention will always be on him. He deserves to get what HE needs, and not just what the GSVS staffer wants. The Vick dogs are a great model. After the horrendous abuse they suffered, and after being stuck in kennels for months, they went into experienced fosterhomes (some for quite a long while) before being assessed as adoptable. (of course some are still at BF and some will remain there forever). Dogs are resilient… Patrick won’t suffer in the long run if he goes through more than one loving home.

    • good points, thanks. I personally don’t like the idea of him going into a foster home situation but want whatever is best for Patrick. He deserves The Best care possible.

  7. Thank you for letting us see these great pictures of Patrick. I’ve missed seeing pictures and updates on the little guy.

    Stopping by on today’s blog hop – go see my video today called “The Bad Dog Blues.” Love to have your comments!

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