Pet Food Revolution

love Jamie Oliver and his Food Revolution, saw an episode last night where he dressed up as a tomato and other outrageous stuff in Los Angeles. The LAUSD blocked him from going into any of the schools / kitchens, what are they hiding? UGH…

He did a demo with a cow showing people what the disgusting pink slime crap is that is fed to kids… leftover scraps from cow meat goes into a bucket, ammonia is poured over it and then it is minced or something and that is what is fed to kids, mystery slime…

and he made a comment that made me ANGRY. He said people can feed that garbage to dogs because they can eat it. NO WAY.  I wrote to him and told him there is NOT a chance I would feed that to my fur baby… She deserves better, too.

In fact, I find that attitude reprehensible. People have an idea that dogs and cats, hey they’re just a dog or just a cat, NO RESPECT, Jamie Oliver, for the animals. Our pets are four legged friends who deserve kindness, too. And better diets than the crap given to them from the grocery stores/pet stores.

In the 90’s I did some research about cat food since my cats kept throwing up. I almost threw up when I found out what was in most commercial cat food.

Ok this is graphic and disgusting so if you do not have the stomach, see ya later.

what do you think that they do with the millions of dead dog and cat carcasses from shelters across the country. Yes, indeed they send them to rendering plants. And the rendering plants turn DEAD DOGS AND CATS into dog and cat food. I kid you NOT.

Not to mention all of the other shit like feces, pus, hairs, and stuff, yummy.  From that moment on, I stopped buying commercial cat food and started feeding my cats Flint River Ranch. My knowledge and research has evolved since then to feeding Cici grain-free foods and organic foods, meat from free range cows, not factory farmed cooped up and bred to die animals who are full of antibiotics, hormones, fear and terror and sickness.

Research done on rendering plants that sell meat to pet food companies found that the rendering plants accept everything from road kill, dead zoo animals and euthanized pets from both shelters and veterinary clinics. One such plant was found to have rendered 11 tons of dogs and cats in one week! Another plant in California reported processing an average of 200 ton of dogs and cats per month.

Foods your dog should not eat

Our animals deserve SO MUCH BETTER than to eat dead dogs and cats.


Here is a list of companies and the pet foods they manufacture. Huge food manufacturers use pet food companies as a cheap and profitable way of disposing of the waste from their human food manufacturing plants.

* Nestle: Alpo, Fancy Feast, Friskies, Mighty Dog, Purina

* Heinz: 9 lives, Amore, Gravy Train, Kibbles-n-Bits, Nature’s Recipe

* Colgate-Palmolive: Hill’s Science Diet

* Proctor & Gamble: Iams, Eukanuba

* Mars: Kal Kan, Mealtime, Sheba, Waltman’s



and Jamie Oliver deserves a swift slap upside the head for saying that dogs can eat pink slime.

Thank you.

This video is not about pet food but it is important to learn this info about Aspartame, Chicken McNuggets, GE/GMO Frankenfood (corn, cottonseed, soy) and other so-called food stuff that is ILLEGAL in other countries around the world.

If the video makes you mad/ill, then STOP BUYING FAST FOOD, COMMERCIAL BRANDS AT GROCERY STORE CHAINS, TAKE YOUR POWER BACK and join the COFFEE PARTY MOVEMENT… Just found out about this on Facebook.

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