itchy dogs don’t have fleas

Apparently it is very common for dogs to have/develop the itchies. Fleas were ruled out by the vet. So I have been doing research about what to do about my itchy dog. Cici suddenly appears to have allergies and has become itchier than normal, chewing and licking on her paws.  Of course, nothing stops her from rolling around in the grass, eating grass.


Here’s a photo don’t know if you can see the discoloration on her paw but this is NOT normal for her.  She was sleepy and not being very cooperative about taking the photo so may have to take another one later.

She was eating raw food patties and Paul Newman’s kibble. And we ran out and I got Dogswell kibble. Could that be the culprit?

We are experimenting with her food including giving her Mulligan Stew, canned turkey and chicken. She LOVES the food and so far, she is still itchy, it is only a couple of days on this food though.

A friend recommended Ziwi Peak, which looks great, is from New Zealand and is rather costly.

Am also thinking of going back to feeding her a partly raw diet, with patties from Stella and Chewy’s.

She LOVES Dr. Harvey’s and Honest Kitchen, also pricey.  We have tried Thrive, YUM, and not tried the Keen Thrive is grain free, Keen is low gluten.

Have fed her chicken that I make for myself as well as turkey.  No grains work best for her.

And I even started giving her some Bach Flowers Rescue Remedy drops as well as Raw Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with water and Lavendar Essential Oil.

Could be overkill. Am not up for having her do steroids or take an allergy test so that is what we’re doing.

Here’s some articles I found helpful, too.


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4 responses to “itchy dogs don’t have fleas

  1. I had a pitbull breeder & our local pet store suggest feeding raw and or 1/2 cooked meat/chicken to our pit. I was against it at first but tried the 1/2 cooked and it made him itch and loose stools. I went back to fully cooked meat for him. He only eats Taste of the Wild food. Thats the only dry food we’ve found that he doesn’t have any allergic reaction to.

    Good luck figuring out whats triggering yours. Its a “trial and error” kind of thing. Poor lil gal.

    • awww, you are the second person to suggest taste of the wild, she has eaten that before and it was fine. the raw food was fine for her, too… so was Paul Newman’s… driving me nuts… personally I think it is the grass but don’t know how to make her not roll around in it, she loves it…

  2. I’m seeing the same thing happen to my pooch – constant nibbling but no flees! I think it has something to do with the grass as well, all the fertilizing, mowing, etc, can’t be good for him; even though I wait quite a few days before I let him out in yard after work has been done to it. Not to mention he’s half spaniel, so he likes to roll around in poop…not a pretty picture

  3. squeegee

    My dog itched while ON Newman’s organic…constant itchy red paws. I tried saltwater dips, Allerderm, we make extra sure there are no fleas. Although the salt water dips helped/cured previous skin issues, it didn’t help this. just recently, I have eliminated Newman’s and gone to alternating a couple of other organics and have eliminated chicken. Don’t know yet if it was the Newman’s or the chicken, but the itching and redness got waaaaaaay better by the second day and now, a week later, is virtually gone. My other dogs are fine on Newman’s.

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