coffee, coffee, coffee

Is anyone in charge here??? Hopefully, the group below is taking charge. Ok, FINALLY, there is someone stepping up to the plate, will have more about this later.

As I watched the two videos below, I was reminded of being in India. On the trains and streets you hear the street vendors yelling “Cawfee, cawfee, cawfee, chai chai chai” selling tea and coffee. In this case, the abuser of the dog Coffee is selling photos of his dog outside Mets Citifield stadium.  As written before, she has no water for six or seven hours at a time, cannot pant/breathe due to a pipe stuck in her mouth and fake nose on her nose, wears clothing, is not allowed to move nor relieve herself for six or seven hours, either. This is animal cruelty. Plus the abuser  has no vendor’s license. None of that seems to matter to the ASPCA, police nor other authorities.

Kay Riviello, one of the New York Animal Rights Alliance America group’s founders has been involved with animal rights and rescuing dogs for 20 years. She went to the game on Friday, May 27, 2011 and two videos were recorded (see below). This documents the above stated abuse/cruelty. In the videos, she also lists numerous violations that the abuser should be charged with by the USDA and other entities. None of the authorities, although the dog is being kept without water, without shelter, without being able to move for 6-7 hours at a time, and the abuser has no license, none of the authorities are doing their jobs and none are enforcing laws already on the books.

This is the NYARAA’s statement:

New York Animal Rights Alliance America went to Citifield, Mets, Flushing, NY, stadium to investigate, research and eyewitness the abuse of Coffee Dog. Indeed it was much much worse than we had even thought. The heat index, the restrictive garments, the prop in the dog’s mouth restricting ability to pant, the inability of the dog to walk around, inability of the dog to relieve herself, the decibel level of the crowd was “overloading and overdriving” in “inclement weather” in violation of NY State Animal Cruelty Laws. In addition, he is a vendor, not a panhandler, as he is soliciting monies from people in exchange for a pic with the dog AND handing out his business card for “dog training.” As if that is not enough, the USDA regulates all “working” and entertainment” animals and of course there is no such oversight here whatsoever. The New York Animal Rights Alliance America will bring pressure to bear on these agencies to end the abuse of Coffee Dog in this dangerous precedent spectacle at Citifield and apparently at Yankees stadium as well.

They have a Facebook page, could not find a website. You can join the group at:


I was disappointed, to say the least, that Jason Long, who brought this matter to everyone’s attention did NOT go to Citifield and did NOT even know what was happening.  This ongoing abuse/cruelty investigation clearly needs LEADERSHIP. It is imperative for the sake of the dog.  Without PROACTIVE Leadership, Jason’s media circus has made a spectacle, fiasco and has IMPEDED Coffee from getting the help she badly needs. Coffee needs SOMEONE to have her back.

I am now convinced that Jason Long is not that person. He has lost ALL credibility with me.  Refused to answer numerous private messages and did not even go to the game on Friday.  What is his REAL agenda here?  Murky.  Do not appreciate people who SAY and don’t DO what is best for the furry ones who desperately need our help. And am angry that they try to GET IN THE WAY of people who ACTUALLY DO THE DOWN AND DIRTY ACTUAL WORK.  This seems to be an endemic debacle within some of the animal communities. These people, in my humble opinion, are WORSE than the abusers. Their egos and agendas trump helping animals.   They know that the animal is being abused and prolong the agony. BEYOND NOT COOL. And these trolls will NOT BE tolerated.

The alliance hopefully will follow through for Coffee’s sake. Cici hopes they will get Coffee away from the abuser as soon as possible and into a NEW home where she can run and play and BE A DOG and not have to work for the abuser and his family.

An animal communicator from Beyond Barking also spoke with Coffee and this is what was said… this says it was a followup chat but cannot find another one if there was a previous communication.

One comment:

Coffee is in so much pain, why can’t her owner see that… what’s the big deal in letting her lie down under a tree or a shaded area IF she absolutely MUST do her job… put a bowl of water out for her… and let her greet people, NOT have a pipe in her mouth so she’s ALLOWED to pant…


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6 responses to “coffee, coffee, coffee

  1. Kay Riviello

    Thanks so much for acknowledging our efforts. I will most definitely follow up and intend to have this dog removed from this spectacle of abuse!

  2. robin cuahonte

    as i said on kay’s page, why have the “authorities” not taken coffee’s temp? why has someone not verbally, minimally, or physically made an inquiry into how the pipe is held in coffee’s mouth.

    lastly, and emotionally~ why has someone not beat that “owner’s” ass and taken that dog!!!! too much time is passing. action is needed now. we must do something for poor coffee. i’m really going to put my thinking cap on and see if i know anyone who knows someone or whatever, of influence in ny or this country. something must be done!!!!!

    • Robin, I know how you feel… I’ve been crying my eyes out for a week now about this dog. Please don’t do anything rash that could make things worse for Coffee. Perhaps with all of this media circus, the abuser knows he is being watched and cannot harm her the way he has been. If so, that is a good step in the right direction. Thank you for caring.

  3. Jo

    Celia … Hey … Kay did a marvelous job … but there is still ONE big problem that I have tried over and over and over again to drum into everyones heads … you HAVE TO HAVE A TIME AND DATE STAMP … I told Jason from day one he needed to get that kind of video showing the dog sat for hours on end …not just photos … I told Kay the same thing …. a good attorney will blow holes in her video … could have been edited …. could be her friends giving testimony …. which they are …. could have been paid off …. unless you have proof in the form of a video that can not be doctored everything can be explained away … there is more on the video too but I wont point it out for fear of compromising what I feel is is a good job and what I feel is more than I have seen Jason do … I started having feelings that he was in it for publicity after he told everyone that he was going to check on Coffee until the NBC NY news story was going to air … instead of going he kept posting about it .. and stayed home so he could see himself …… I felt he was only in it to get on the news and nothing more … I still feel that way … as for Kay …she got off her butt and did something … but until someone gets a video with date and time … there is no proof that she is sitting there for that long without breaks ….

  4. Diane

    I recently “unliked” the “Stop Abusing Coffee” page because I took this and posted it on the page explaining that there are valid concerns regarding Jason and the purpose of his page. He deleted me…I tried again to comment but he keeps deleting me. I was beginning to notice that he was alllllll talk. And there were more people in the comments that were truly involved! I have now joined the New York Alliance page and am happy to do so. Thanks Kay..for doing a great job so far!

  5. Diane

    I’m banned from commenting on the “stop abusing coffee” site, because I questioned what actions they are taking…actions that they had promised. Just thought I would mention that they have stated that they “dont have enough time or money” to go the games to protest coffee’s treatment. My question would have been…have they even gone to one? They organized a protest…and never followed through. They are just asking all who read their page to share photos so that they can continue “monitoring”. ??????????????????

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