Record Setting Animals of 2011

There was some dumb Guinness list, but I thought that I could come up with a better list than the tallest dog, the smallest cow and the balloon poppinest dog…

1.  Patrick the Miracle puppy with the MOST Facebook pages of ANYONE — 60+ Facebook pages… no one else comes near to that record… Patrick is the dog with the most number of fans around the world, bar none. Say a little prayer for our boy tomorrow is his custody hearing.

2. Lean on me, Cici the bug and bed hog aka polka dot princess has to sit on me … breaks the world record for sitting on me

ok, this is not Cici but an example…and darn cute photos

and speaking of Cici, hah, it’s the polka dot princess’ blog and she can brag all she wants, ok, last night we shared some photos of Cici bashing her cone, to make a doggie friend laugh because they have to wear a cone right now. wanted to give them something to look forward to. after her cone was no longer needed, I let Cici bite it and chew it and bash it around… so here she is, Cici the cone bashing dog…the world record holding cone bashing dog…

3. The Academy Award goes to the four legged furry friend who says I will take a bath over my dead dog body…  I need to give Cici a bath and have been putting it off for days for just this reason… why do dogs hate taking baths? they love water… another mystery of the canine universe. Here is another few: why is Cici barking at the birds every morning now and why is she making a little hole in the dirt to go pee pee in all of a sudden?  our best friends are just so funny, aren’t they?

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