Prayers for Patrick and GSVS !!!!


On 6/2/2011 at Superior Court of NJ Essex Vicinage Honorable Judge Joseph C. Cassini final order verdict that Patrick is a victim & evidence, so he stays with GSVS pending criminal charges of Kisha Curtis.

Word on the street is that AHS will NEVER get their greedy paws on Patrick, they had the audacity to accuse GSVS for trying to exploit Patrick which is what many people say THEY wanted to do.

wahooooooo, Happy Dance, Party Time !!!!

many are praying that Patrick is going to be staying at GSVS…

here is the latest news from horses mouth, inside court room, Prayers for Patrick
They took a break for lunch. I am going, too. I took lots of notes. Will report back when verdict is read. The State’s case is that Patrick is evidence and considers GSVS is the best place at this current time. So much more to write. Allison


Judge arrived late, team is in place. Capt

Watching and participating on the Prayers for Patrick facebook page… and here are some of the posts… sooo hilarious and some heartfelt…

it’s been an hour 1/4, this may take a while, they have opening and closing arguments, testimony, objection arguments etc.

Finland just chimed in…and someone said that she wishes we could send these posts to the Judge

WHEN are they going to make this decision? This is making me insane – have lots to do today but can’t stop following – am prepping for a HUGE virtual party – EVERYBODY invited… (power of positive prayer!) ♥♥♥

    • Prayers from my Cat,  my Rabbit and my two Guinea pig  ♥

    someone was on their knees all morning praying

others are planning a road trip, Paws crossed or Going Green for Patrick

time goes fast when you are having heart failure, biting nails, clenching teeth, waiting with baited breath, cannot breathe, breathing fast, no fingernails left!

knot in stomach waiting for cyber news….does it make it a cyber knot?

The Judge most likely has a laptop on his bench, can we have a hacker send all these pages to him/her?

it’s been two hours but who’s counting

  • I say we all have a HUGE world wide Puppy shower for Mrs. Scavelli by Send Cards and Puppy shower Gifts to Mrs. Scavelli when this is all over!!!
  • the whole world is waiting for the verdict: people from Chile, UK, Portugal, France, Australia, Finland, Canada and all over the USA are chiming in with prayers… another country heard from:

I have a candle ignited by Patrick in my house and in my heart i love Patrick very very match ♥♥♥♥ with all my love from Spain, I am with you

am about to start pacing up and down the office hallway…

  • by the time the court is over we will all need to go to some kind of support meeting…

people are sharing photos of their cats and dogs praying… and then there was this:



praying too…

This week has literally flown by so fast and now it is already Saturday Blog Hoppers Day thanks to Life with Dogs, Cats at Tails and Tales and Two Little Cavaliers

catch the code,  it’s all new now the way they are doing this… looks great with photos for everybody… hilarious video at Life with Dogs… if you like squirrels and dogs…


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3 responses to “Prayers for Patrick and GSVS !!!!

  1. barb

    Very nice. So glad that patrick gets to stay at GSVS. He is so very loved by everyone. And thats my Little RILEY roarrrrrrrrrrrrring there. He is a big o teddy bear…

  2. Stopping by on the blog hop. I work as a volunteer with the Etowah Valley Humane Society that got about 5-6 dogs from the Cartersville (GA) tornados. Hoss still needs a home….

    Drop into my blog to see my latest video about the tornadoes.

    And, I’ve been watching the trial for Patrick’s custody. I don’t know why humans are fighting in court and spending all that money on lawyers – when they could save many other pit bull’s lives instead.

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