are rabies vaccines bad for your pet’s health?

am now thinking that Cici’s itchies may be due to the rabies vaccination she was given by the SPCA Easter Sunday…  I was reading about how rabies vaccinations are a big scam, unnecessary and yet still mandatory although they stay in the pet’s system for years.

then tonight it suddenly occurred to me that it is not the food but the rabies vaccination that has made her itchies worse. and I found this online…

    • The rabies vaccine is the ONLY shot required by law for dogs and cats in the United States. This is primarily to protect humans from getting rabies from their pets.
  • The Center for Disease Control declared in 2007 that canine rabies no longer exists in the United States. Your dog will not contract rabies from another dog, but only from wild animals such as bats, coyotes, skunks, raccoons and foxes…

Cici is not going to run into any of those any time soon. Ok, she did get skunked a couple of months ago. But does getting skunked mean she could get rabies from the skunk?  The skunk, I found out later, is a neighbor’s pet skunk not a wild skunk.

My polka dot princess had been a little itchy before, but never had reactions from food and changing her food does not seem to be doing anything to stop the itchies.

How prevalent are reactions?   The USDA/CVB 2008 Report states that “Rabies vaccines are the most common group of biological products identified in adverse event reports received by the CVB.”  In 2007, 6500 reactions were reported for the canine rabies vaccine alone…. Small and medium-sized dogs are the most likely…

K9Author  Jan Rasmusen

Do you Know What to Do When Your Dog Has a Vaccine Reaction? Go to Also see articles on preventing reactions.

Consequences for not vaccinating against rabies depend on the Animal Control laws in your area. At the very least, you won’t be able to board your pet, participate in training classes or shows, or use a professional groomer. Many vets will insist on vaccination before boarding or treating your pet. And if your dog or cat bites or scratches anyone, or is picked up by Animal Control, there will surely be a stiff fine and your pet will be impounded and vaccinated (or worse).

there are some homeopathic remedies to give your pet afterwards but most of what I am reading says that you cannot just give any and that you have to bring your pet to a holistic vet… one that I know of is really expensive and i will call the other one, also not cheap.

right now, Cici is acting a little weird and am getting upset.  She also threw up a treat the other morning but she gobbles up stuff all the time without chewing it and eats regularly at the doggie buffet (garbage left on the ground by people).

so now not only did the SPCA charge me $103 to get her back, for not feeding, watering, walking nor tending to her two scratches that could have gotten infected, but also caused the itchies by giving her the vaccine???

please pray for my love bug… thanks.  And if anyone has had experience with this, please let me know too.


send this girl to polka dot princess/diva camp

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