holistic vet for my dog

it was a real fiasco trying to figure out what was wrong with Cici, all the itching and scratching but, after washing Cici in shampoo to wash away the bugs, it made her worse, gave her more bumps and splotches, more itchies, fever, she was a mess, scratching until bleeding, on her face, and I felt terrible. Asked for help to get her to the vet and got advice unlimited instead.

But I was able to get her to this holistic vet late last week and found out that she had a temperature, bugs inside and outside, the vet seemed very thorough and spent time with me unlike the other vet we went to a month ago. And Cici got a shot, some pills, some for me to give her too. She also saw kitty cats and went nutty. And was excited to see all the doggies at the vet plus all the people.

thanks once again to Carie B. for hooking me up with Ashley who drove me to and from, was terrific with Cici, and really helpful in every step of the way.

Am relieved and thankful.  The vet also suggested that I feed Cici a limited grain free diet. She said that no diet, nor topical stuff would solve the issues that she was dealing with. That there are multiple factors going on… diet, rabies shot, seasonal allergies and bugs.

Then on Sunday, she thew up right after I gave her the pills which prompted me to stop the pills until I could talk to the vet. Spoke to the vet hospital and they asked if she was still throwing up. Nope, just that once. I resumed the pills last night with caution. I also read about the anti-flea/bug pill they gave her that lasts once a month. They gave me a six month supply. It’s called Confortis.  After doing research about the potential side effects, seizures and death, am not going to give them to her again.

went to the HOLISTIC Vet because I wanted homeopathic or other non-toxic medicine not drugs with scary side effects. Oh well, she said that she was going to give her a thorough approach to knock the bugs out of her, an antibiotic and an anti-allergy pill. I do not think that she has to have drugs to do that. Garlic has antibiotic naturally, and working on the allergy.

As far as the bugs go, there are a number of essential oils. I just should NOT NOT NOT against MY OWN advice washed her in a people shampoo with peppermint and tea tree oil… duh…

Purification® essential oil blend:  Useful for external parasites, such as fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes.

I found a lot of helpful info on the Young Living Essential Oils blog.

Washing and cleaning wounds:
•    Purification blend is more effective than iodine or hydrogen peroxide.

Allergies to:
•    Environmental-Weed killer, food with chemicals (Effaxaquin very BAD)
•    Apply lavender on the skin if itchy and on the pads of the feet.
•    Cleanse liver with Sulfurzyme, NingXia Red and Power Meal in food.

•    Dogs or cats; essential oils can be applied to tips of ears, also on top of head, naval, along with to the bottoms of their feet, petting and diffusing of essential oils.
•    Good oils for calming are:
•    Lavender, Peace and Calming,  RutaVaLa & or Valor.

Calm dog during bath:
•    Put a drop or two of Peace and Calming in the palm of your hands and brush onto the towel, which will be used for drying your pet. Let the pet smell your hands before starting the bath. If needed also add the blend of RutaVala and give your pet a good loving pet right before bathing.

Fear of thunderstorms or 4th of July noise:
•    Use a small amount of Release. followed by Lavender. First rub the oil between hands and let your pet smell it. Gently run hands over the ears, back and legs and with what is left over, rub on pads of feet.

Fleas on family dog allergic reaction causing hot spots:
•    Mix 2 tablespoons carrier oil with 4 to 8 drops of Helichrysum in a spray bottle. Spray the hot spot area twice a day.

May help to get rid of fleas:
•    Use any of the following essential oils and add to the rinse cycle when washing bedding:
•    Peppermint
•    Lemon-Put on collar
•    Purification
•    Eucalyptus
•    Add 2 to 5 drops of any of the above oils to an 8-ounce spray bottle filled with purified water and mist all over their body once a day.
•    Increase to 10 drops in the water after 2 weeks and use as an insect spray.

For more info including how to order, go to essential oils for pets

for summer sunburn, pests, heat, stress relief, for you and your pets, try the essential 7, https://www.facebook.com/note.php?saved&&note_id=209333125769307

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  1. You say “bugs”? Internatl parasites kind of bugs? What does she have? Poor lil gal.

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