All in a dog’s work day

Cici won a contest, yay… which is one of the perks of bringing her to work with me every day (at home)… not just on Bring Your Dog to Work Day (today, June 24)…

Cici is my muse and amuses me constantly… my side kick, my pal, my furry companion… she helps me work by inspiring me with real life tales, licks, funny poses and her perspective on life keeps this blog real. After all, it’s all grist for the mill, everything that happens in a dog’s day… this is a typical work day for Cici.

Her Bark is my Command.

Sleep until 5-6:30 a.m.

Growl, bark, lick, or sit by the door until Mom takes me out to the dog park. Do my business there.

Chow time. Gotta keep the energy up for a hard day at the office.

Sitting on mom’s arm until 10:30 or noon, depending on my mood or mom’s need for my perspective.

The mail is here.

Reading the newspaper for ideas and inspiration.

Hit the dog park or yard. Do I get a choice? Nah, I vote for the park. There I can check out the neighbor’s yards just in case there’s anything interesting I should follow up on. Lick children and babies and neighbors. Gotta keep on shmoozing, good pup lick relations. Do my business eventually.

Chow time around 1 p.m.

Good grooming begins at home.

Working on my dog book page and blog.

Daydream, big ideas, wish I were chasing cats and squirrels.  I could get a REAL job if I put my canine tail to work.  With a little help from my friends.

Hit the yard or the dog park. Sniff sniff sniff. Do my business eventually.

Snacks and relaxation while mom watches TV (research).

Look adorable so that I get my fair share of mom’s dinner.

Lick the kitchen floor clean of any scraps that might have fallen.

Find a good place to think so I can plot and plan and improvise our future together. Am not just going around in circles, spinning my wheels, or chasing the pillow.

Scope out the yard or the dog park. Eventually, do my business in just the right spot.

Snoring? Woofing? Sleeping on the job?  I barked didn’t ?

Here it is, the contest won, at least Cici gets some credit around here.

and now she is going shopping….  🙂

and singing whistle while you work…

Nah… Put the Lime in the coconut …Dr. is there something I can take?  Put the Lime in the coconut …



Every week seems to go faster than the one before… and now once again it is Blog Hop Saturday time, thanks to Life with Dogs, Two Little Cavaliers and Confessions of the Plume and grab the code here


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3 responses to “All in a dog’s work day

  1. Love this post, thanks!

  2. Hi there 🙂
    We came over from Saturday Blog hop day and hope to be friends with you 🙂

    Autumn & Jasmine

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